Feeder perform live session for XFM London

by John Curley—Feeder recently stopped by the Leicester Square studios of XFM London to talk about their new album, which is titled Renegades, and to perform a live set for an audience of special guests. 

Feeder were interviewed by XFM London DJ Steve Harris. In the set, they performed two songs from Renegades—the title track and the first single “Call Out.” They also played an older single titled “High” as well as a great cover of Nirvana’s “Breed.” 

To listen to the live session and the interview, go to http://www.xfm.co.uk/onair/sessions/an-evening-with-feeder and then click the individual audio links. 

To watch the video for “Call Out,” click below: 

Feeder are one of the many excellent UK bands whose success doesn’t seem to cross over to America. In Feeder’s case, it is especially perplexing because they’ve got a really radio-friendly sound. Rock radio in America should be playing Feeder. I don’t get it. Feeder should be a big band in the States. 

For additional information on Feeder, go to:

Feeder recently performed a live session for XFM London to promote their new album Renegades.

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