Feeder release racy video for their new single “Renegades”


By John Curley 

The video for Feeder’s single “Renegades,” which is the title track for their latest album and is due out on August 30th in the UK, is quite memorable indeed. The clip features a very beautiful topless woman getting revenge on people who she apparently feels wronged her, including Feeder themselves. Needless to say, the video is quite an eyeful. The video for “Renegades” can be viewed as of this writing at the top of the home page of Feeder’s official Web site at http://www.feederweb.com/

If you are interested in watching the video and are reading this at work, keep in mind that the video does feature a topless woman throughout and, therefore, is definitely Not Safe For Work. And the married guys that might want to watch it at home should also remember that it is Not Safe For Wife. Consider yourselves warned. That’s my good deed for the day.

The topless woman aside, the “Renegades” single is a pretty good, rocking song. Feeder keeps putting out radio-friendly rocking songs and yet, cannot get airplay in America. I will never understand that. 

Feeder’s Renegades album was released on July 5th in the UK. It has not been released in America yet. 

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Feeder’s controversial video for their new single “Renegades” features a beautiful topless woman getting revenge on those who wronged her—including Feeder themselves.

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