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Blogged by Mike Greenblatt

Musikfest returns Aug. 1 with ZZ Top, Moody Blues, Steely Dan

SteelStacks-Photo by Jonathan Davies

If there’s one time every year I look forward to most, it’s Bethlehem, Pa., Musikfest. With more than 300 live acts presented for free (and a few biggies you have to pay for), it’s time to get your kicks walking from stage to stage and seeing the greatest variety of music of any such fest in the country. Ready to join me?!

New releases include gems from instrumentalists, singer-songwriters

Dave Masterson

You couldn’t get music any more diametrically opposed than the new releases of jazzers Noah Baerman and Michael Wollny next to singer-songwriters like Dan Masterson and Seth Adams. Yet the release of these 4 CDs makes for a quartet of gemstone that will tweak the ears, hearts and minds of adventurous music listeners.