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Blogged by Mike Greenblatt

A Wealth Of Artistry on 4 New CDs in 4 Genres

Four new CDs, in four different genres, are proving that alt.rock, soul, blues and country are still vital and being made with the kind of attention-to-detail and respect for tradition that empowers the sound. Shawn James, Kat Riggins, Mark Chesnutt and The Pineapple Thief may not be household names but they all bring the goods.


Jeff Buckley may be dead but his record collection lives on in a new site brought to you by Legacy Records and the artist’s mother. Plus, three new artists have something to say and three new compilations are brilliant examples of the might and majesty of Alligator (USA), Stony Plain (Canada) and Ace (England) Records.

Southside Johnny’s summer soul soirées

Those who have not witnessed the power, the glory, the swagger and the soul-cleansing revitalization that is Southside Johnny & The Asbury Jukes best put it on their Bucket List to see this band. Those who have will no doubt want to do it again.