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Four New CDs Spotlight Oldies, Jazz, Blues and Soul

Brad Hatfield - For A Change (Cover)

Four New CDs span the gamut of sound from the avant-garde squeaks, squeals and grunts of John Coltrane and the soul-stirring Chicken Mambo of Fabrizio Poggi at The Spaghetti Juke Joint to Brad Hatfield’s bravery and the everlasting contributions of Bert Berns, a man who died way too soon.


Count Basie

Out of the four legendary artists featured in this current installment of “Filled With Sound,” only fusion pioneer drummer Alphonse Mouzon is still alive. Yet Count Basie, Hank Jones and Stevie Ray Vaughan will always live, in my household and in the households of millions, by what they put down in studios and on stages.

Hot New Disks: Jazz, Blues, Rock and the Great American Songbook

Jeff Coffin

Alice Cooper might be fitting fodder for a film, but that’s not the only pleasure I’ve encountered this week. Markus James finds the missing link between Africa and Mississippi. Annie Lennox can croon a tune for real as she interprets some American delectables. And wonderfully eccentric Jeff Coffin (pictured) continues to amaze with his eclecticism.

Indescribable and Uncategorizable, 5 CDs To Salivate Over

Lisa Mills - I'm Changing PR Photo by Darina Neyret

You can’t exactly call Lisa Mills a blues singer. You can’t exactly call Kaye Bohler a soul singer. The same goes for the other three artists encapsulated herein. For instance, what happens when you put a Polish jazz trio with a Swedish saxman? All will be answered in due time.


Duke Robillard

3 New CDs…3 New Gems: a multi-artist re-imagining of Bruce Springsteen’s “Born In The U.S.A.,” a new band, Brothers Keeper, made up of longtime industry veterans, and an old band, The Duke Robillard Band, stretching the blues into various sub-genres be it Memphis, Texas, Alabama or, uh, Rhode Island. Well, almost.

Presley’s New Box, A Female Delbert & a Stirring New Voice


Elvis Presley fans should swoon over a new 10-disc boxed set centering on The King’s return to live performing in 1970 Las Vegas. Delbert McClinton fans should know there’s a female Delbert on the loose! New York Singer/Songwriter Bill Curreri hits the sweet spot on his second album in 40 years. Three satisfying listens!!

Three new CD releases spotlight blues, jazz and samba

Coco Montoya

From an action-packed Seattle bar where guitarist Coco Montoya drives ’em wild to a supremely upscale New York City club where pianist Cyrus Chestnut draws oohs and ahhs to mellifluous samba fathoming the mind of the legendary Antonio Carlos Jobim, this blog’s entries will have you panting for more. Hey, it ain’t rock ‘n’ roll, but I like it!