Glasgow’s The Scimitars heat up with the blues/rock of “Into The Fire”

The Glasgow-based quartet The Scimitars have a sound that is reminiscent of the best UK-based blues/rock bands of the late 1960s and early 1970s. (Photo by Ashley Baxter,

By John Curley

I first met the lovely and talented Lesley McLaren in March 2007 in New York City when she was playing drums with the Glasgow-based all-female power-pop punkers The Hedrons. Lesley, or Soup as she was known during her time pounding the skins with The Hedrons, is quite the classic rock aficionado. With her latest band, the Glasgow-based blues/rock quartet The Scimitars, McLaren gets to mine her knowledge of and passion for the classic-rock sound.

The Scimitars have a sound that brings to mind the best of the late 60s/early 70s UK-based blues/rock acts. When I heard their new song “Into The Fire,” it reminded me of Humble Pie. In addition to McLaren on drums, The Scimitars include Brian McFie (lead guitar and vocals), Al Brown (guitar), and Davy Irvin (bass). McFie served as Marianne Faithfull’s guitarist on her last world tour.

To watch The Scimitars’ video for “Into The Fire,” click below: 

In addition to the four members of The Scimitars, the video also features McLaren’s younger sister Kay on congas and The Hedrons’ vocalist Tippi on backing vocals. Greg Kane of the Scottish band Hue and Cry did the video and sound production. The video was shot at Berkeley 2 Studios in Glasgow last month. 

I was quite impressed with “Into The Fire,” and I look forward to hearing what McLaren and her comrades in blues/rock come up with next. 

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