Heart & Donovan top Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2012 nominee list

By Phill Marder

It’s official.

The 2012 nominees for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame have been announced.

No Monkees…no E-Street Band…no Deep Purple…no Todd Rundgren…no Moody Blues…no Chicago…no Guess Who…no Mary Wells…no Yes…no Rush…no Miracles…no Linda Ronstadt…no Dionne Warwick…no s&#t.

But…we do have some who were on our list of suggestions this past year. They are: The Cure; Donovan; Heart; The Red Hot Chili Peppers (they were coming up, I swear-really); Donna Summer; and The Spinners (they were coming up, I swear-really…no, I mean it).

The rest of the nominees are: The Beastie Boys; Eric B. & Rakim; Guns ‘N Roses; Joan Jett & The Blackhearts; Freddie King; Laura Nyro; Rufus with Chaka Khan; The Small Faces/The Faces; and War.

Overall, I’d consider the entire group one of the weakest set of nominees offered by the Hall of Fame nominating committee thus far…and that’s saying a lot.

Except for The Peppers and the Spinners, I’ve already put forth arguments why the first group should be in. The Peppers and the Spinners would also be on the list, though there are many groups already profiled that should probably go before them. Here’s a brief synopsis:


HEART – Ann Wilson is the greatest female singer in the history of Rock & Roll. She can belt out the heaviest of rock and she’s equally adept at carressing the softest of ballads. Not only does she have an incredible voice, she knows how to sing. She avoids the temptation to try to cram every note she can hit onto every word of the song. There are other great female vocalists in the Rock Era, but none even approaches Ann Wilson.

That folks is just my opinion. But it’s just my No. 1 opinion. Let’s move on to opinion No. 2…Nancy Wilson is the foxiest guitar player in the history of Rock & Roll and her playing ability matches her looks. Of course, if you’re a straight female, I would expect a different outlook on the appearance factor.

Personal view No. 3…The Wilsons set the bar for bands led by females. Fans of the Pretenders may have a strong argument as will followers of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts, the Bangles, the Go Gos and others. But I’ll put my money on Heart.

And finally, opinion No. 4…It doesn’t matter if they’re male or female, the Wilson sisters belong in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

DONOVAN – Nominated last year, he failed to get in. Hopefully, that mistake will be corrected this year.

Of all the artists who made it big in the ’60s, perhaps none represents the “flower power” age better than Donovan. A folkie considered a European clone of Bob Dylan at first, Donovan quickly discarded his guitar/harmonica approach and branched into other areas much as Dylan did by going electric. But the music Donovan created was much more diversified than his American counterpart as far as style and instrumentation was concerned. And while his music was all over the map, his voice proved an anchor. As soon as you heard it, you knew it was Donovan, from his ominous breathing/hum countdown at the start of “Hurdy Gurdy Man” to the “Elec Trickle Banana” of “Mellow Yellow.” From his “Ah, when I look outa my window” vocal start of “Season of the Witch” to his ” “Superman or Green Lantern ain’t got a-nothin’ on me” from “Sunshine Superman,” Donovan made an unmistakable mark on the musical landscape.

No one before or since sounded like Donovan and his recordings, particularly the “Sunshine Superman” and “Mellow Yellow” albums, stand up to any recordings made even today. They remain as distinctive now as they were back then.

Donovan was close to the Beatles, contributing lyric help on several key tracks through the years. In addition, “Hurdy Gurdy Man,” supposedly marked the first occasion the instrumental portion of Led Zeppelin worked together. Jimmy Page, who had played earlier on “Sunshine Superman,” is rumored to have contributed guitar work and John Bonham claimed to have contributed some of the track’s distinctive drum work,  but John Paul Jones, who played bass and arranged the track said Clem Cattini drummed and Alan Parker played guitar and that was it. Given the results of the session – I consider “Hurdy Gurdy Man” one of the 10 best single recordings in Rock & Roll history (I’ll get to that list as soon as I have time) – I sure wish Led Zeppelin had recorded an LP or more with Donovan writing and singing lead.

Later Donovan’s lead vocal led the Jeff Beck Group on its biggest single hit, “Goo Goo Barabajagal (Love Is Hot).” Only fitting from the man who gave us such memorable phrases as:
“Color sky havana lake
color sky rose carmethene
alizarian crimson.”

And he made that a hit!

A major staple of the British Invasion, Donovan placed 17 singles on the Hot 100, a dozen reaching the top 40 with three climbing to the top five – “Sunshine Superman” (No. 1), “Mellow Yellow” (No. 2) and “Hurdy Gurdy Man” (No. 5). Ten LPs cracked the top 30 between 1965 and 1973, including the two-record set “A Gift From A Flower To A Garden.”

His compositions were also covered, The Animals recording of “Hey Gyp” being one of their strongest efforts and “Museum” proving a hit for Herman’s Hermits.
Donna Summer

DONNA SUMMER – She has been nominated a couple times to no avail, but “The Queen Of Disco” eventually will make it. She not only dominated the disco era, she also carried her huge success through the ’80s. Fourteen top 10 singles, including four No. 1s.

Donna Summer is proof that the disco era did produce some fabulous music, though her first success “Love To Love You Baby,” which hit No. 2 in 1975, is best forgotten. It took Summer almost two years to recover from the stigma of that sex tape, but talent won out and she returned to the Top 10 in 1977 with “I Feel Love.”

The next year her “Last Dance” from the movie “Thank God It’s Friday” became a classic, climbing to No. 3, and the floodgates opened. She followed with an unlikely disco version of “MacArthur Park” and it reached the top of the Hot 100 and remained there for three weeks. While the follow-up “Heaven Knows” stalled at No. 4, Summer wasn’t through with dominating the radio.

In 1979, “Hot Stuff” and “Bad Girls,” both more hard rock than disco, were back-to-back chart toppers and while “Dim All The Lights” just missed at No. 2, “No More Tears (Enough Is Enough),” a collaboration with the always hard-rocking Barbra Streisand, gave Summer another No. 1.

During a 14-year domination of the charts, she also posted 12 top 40 albums, closing the 70s with three straight No. 1s.

Still recording and making personal appearances, Summer continues to please her many fans around the (disco) globe. She may not be a bad girl, but she’s still hot stuff and she’s still working hard for her money.

The Cure

THE CURE – Led by lead singer, songwriter, guitarist and romantic favorite – Robert Smith.

Who else should be inducted? Bass player Simon Gallup certainly. He’s been there almost as long as Smith. Lol Tolhurst held down the drums from 1978 to 1984, when he moved to keyboards for close to another five years. In 1984, Boris Williams settled in for a 10-year stay on drums, his replacement, Jason Cooper, lasting since. Perry Bamonte started on keyboards, then switched to guitar, totaling almost 15 years of service. Keyboardist Roger O’Donnell was on hand for two stays, first in the late ‘80s, then again in the mid ‘90s. And not to forget Porl Thompson, keyboardist and guitarist in the original lineup and still present today. While all this was going on, Smith found time to play guitar for Siouxsie & the Banshees.

In 1992, Britain’s New Musical Express declared The Cure “a goth hit machine (19 to date), an international phenomenon and, yep, the most successful alternative band that ever shuffled disconsolately about the earth”. So successful that Smith, or references to Smith, have turned up in some far-out places, South Park, for instance, where Kyle reverently refers to “Disintegration” as “the best album ever!”

Does Kyle qualify as a music critic? Why not? The qualifications are rather minimal – know how to type and turn on a CD player or an IPOD or whatever. “Disintegration” did reach the top 10 in seven different countries, the 1989 release marking the first Cure LP to conquer the US, most of Europe and the Pan Pacific. And Rolling Stone ranked it one of the top 500 albums of all time as it did with the “Boys Don’t Cry” LP.

In spite of a three-year break after “Disintegration,” the follow-up, “Wish,” did even better, topping the charts in the UK and Australia and reaching No. 2 in the States. It hit the top 10 in five other countries, including Germany, where it established the band as a top seller. Never a band to produce hit singles, The Cure, nonetheless, broke Spain in 2008 with three No. 1s and a No. 2, all pulled from the group’s LP “4:13 Dream.”

Red Hot Chili Peppers

THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS – The Peppers released their first album in 1994, but didn’t break through to the bigtime until 2001 when “Blood Sugar Sex Magic” soared to No. 3 on the U.S. album charts, No. 5 in the U.K., No. 2 in the Netherlands and No. 1 in Canada and the Pan Pacific area.

After that, it was nonstop blockbusters, five straight LPs hitting the top of the charts in almost every country that keeps charts, including their recently released “I’m With You.”

They hold the record for most No. 1 singles on “alternative” charts with 12 and have won seven Grammy awards.

Rejected before, this may be the year The Red Hot Chili Peppers gain entrance to The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Just a great band that combines every genre of music to give you a real fun listen that continues today.


THE SPINNERS – I started listening to The Spinners back in 1961 when I purchased the single “That’s What Girls Are Made For.” For a long time, it appeared as if the group was destined for the one-hit wonder rack.

In 1965, they served notice they were still in existence with a minor hit for Motown, but little else happened for them until 1970 when they scored big with the Stevie Wonder-Syreeta Wright composition “It’s A Shame.” This success garnered the attention of Atlantic Records, which signed them as soon as their Motown contract expired.

Teamed with producer-songwriter Thom Bell (also scheduled for an appearance in this series), the Spinners became radio giants, churning out 11 top 20 singles and seven top 40 albums between 1972 and 1979, including a No. 1 collaboration on “Then Came You” with Dionne Warwick, who should have been inducted into the Hall of Fame years ago.

The bias favoring artists on Atlantic Records has been well documented in this blog, but in the case of The Spinners Hall of Fame recognition would be well deserved. Perhaps they would be going in before a lot of more deserving acts this year, but of those nominated this year they rank right up near the top.

GUNS ‘N ROSES – I don’t like the lead singer at all, but if we knew each other he probably wouldn’t like me much either. But fair is fair, and Guns ‘N Roses would be a first-round selection in any year.

This band epitomizes what the Hall of Fame should be about…great success, recorded and live, and great recognition. Guns ‘N Roses had the magic ingredient…star power. This pick is a shoo-in.

As for the remainder of this year’s field:

The Beastie Boys – Have been nominated before and probably will be again if they don’t get in this year. Should they get in? Not this year.

Eric B. & Rakim – Who?

Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – C’mon. Over all the truly great artists we’ve profiled this year? Revisionist history at its worst.

Freddie King – The only blues guitarist not yet inducted?

Laura Nyro – May have more nominations than memorable songs written. Evidently, someone on the nominating committee is determined to get her inducted. Maybe she deserves it. But before Burt Bacharach & Hal David, Bob Crewe, Jimmy Webb, PF Sloan, Thom Bell and countless other songwriting greats?

Rufus with Chaka Khan – In all the years I’ve studied this subject, never once have I seen or heard this group or Chaka Khan mentioned as one that should be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Not once. Just who is on the nominating committee?

The Small Faces/The Faces – Rod Stewart’s already in. To promote the rest of this group before all the truly super groups never mentioned is just…

War – A good, solid band that could be considered years down the road, but not before scores of others who are being ignored.

33 thoughts on “Heart & Donovan top Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 2012 nominee list

  1. “In 1965, they served notice they were still in existence with a minor hit for Motown, but little else happened for them until 1970 when they scored big with the Stevie Wonder-Syreeta Wright composition “I’ll Be Around.” This success garnered the attention of Atlantic Records, which signed them as soon as their Motown contract expired.”

    Actually, it was “It’s A Shame” which was their big Stevie Wonder written Motown hit. “I’ll Be Around” was their first hit for Atlantic.

    Mr X, you are absolutely correct & that error has been fixed. Both great songs though.

  2. The Rock and Roll Hall of fame is a total shame. How stupid can you be not to recognize The Moody Blues, Yes, Rush, Kansas, etc. There are of course artists who have been inducted that deserve to be there, BUT there are to many who have been ignored whose continued lack of recognition by the hall of shame is inexcusable. I’ve boycotted The Hall of Shame until they become truly a Hall of Fame! What they are now falls terribly short of what they should be. Ignorance must truly be bliss! My suggestion is you not visit The Hall of Shame until they recognize what is considered the more musically, lyrics and instrumentation, groups that have combined the rock and classic to give us some of the best music over the last fifty years!

  3. weakest ever why not through Jay Z and little wayne in there nw i understand the beasties they been doing this for over 30 years strain if that doesnt deserve you HOF props i dont know what does as for the rest the obvious but RHCP i know i know old band blah blah blah how guitar players have they had get off smack play good guitar lesson learned there sorry for no punctuation but its and im typing fast lol itl ike anything that has to do with music awarardiness its the old people who dont care or they listen to what their grand kids say horrible horrible However Congrats to the everyone that gets in

    Derek –

    Couldn’t have said it better myself!


  4. Come on…. G & R over Journey, Chicago, or Cheap Trick? Sure, they made a splash, but overall the band was/is a joke when you consider how Axel treated his fans and messed around for 10 years before releasing a mediocre “Chinese Democracy”…..I doubt anyone will want to share the stage with him, especially not Slash (who tryly represented the bands sound)……

  5. Really????How about BLUE OYSTER CULT!!!! On yr feet or on yr knees


    Actually, at my age I prefer to be on my couch


  6. The place is STILL a joke and the nominees STILL stink. Any Hall of Shame, uh, Fame that continues to ignore the Moody Blues, Chicago, Guess Who and Hall & Oates (the biggest selling rock duo of all time, for Gawds sake!) won’t be getting any of my money. As long as the founder of Rolling Stone magazine and his idiot cronies only vote for who they want in, no changes will happen. If we REALLY want to change the voting system, here’s a idea….BOYCOTT THE PLACE!

  7. Until Link Wray is granted entry. the rock HOF is as relevant as the Grammies, and deserves the same kind of derision.

  8. Bruce, you hit the nail on trhe head!

    Ron & Bruce –

    The Moody Blues, Chicago, Hall & Oates & The Guess Who all were profiled earlier in this series. If you missed them, go to “Great Blogs Of Fire” and happy reading.


  9. I refuse to visit the Hall of Fame (shame)
    until the Moody Blues are inducted. I’ve
    bought music for 50 years and I’m not a huge
    fan but damn they deserve to be in!
    Shame on the Hall again!

  10. For the past 26 years, the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has ignored Link Wray.

    Link Wray invented the power chord. Link Wray was the first to use intentional distortion in a recording. Link Wray SET THE TONE for rock and roll guitar.

    Pete Townshend has said if it wasn’t for Link Wray, he’d have never picked up the guitar. Neil Young has said if he could travel back in time to see one band, it would be Link Wray and the Ray Men. Bob Dylan has cited Link as a career influence. Jimmy Page turned into a 16 year old kid in his bedroom playing air guitar when he spun Link’s Rumble 45 in the movie “It Might Get Loud”.

    But hey, I shouldn’t complain right? After all, the ROCK AND ROLL Hall of Fame just nominated such notable ROCK musicians like Eric B., Rakhim and Donna Summer!

    Is it just me, or am I missing something here? Maybe they should change the name of the place to the “Music Hall of Fame”.

    Greg –

    “Rock Era Hall of Fame” would probably be more appropriate.


  11. There’s plenty of unsung rock musicians from it’s early days – people that blazed the trail for nominees and inductees to reap the rewards decades later. These guys deserve recognition by the Rock Hall.

    One such person is Marshall Lytle. Marshall was the bass player for The Comets, who brought rock and roll to the masses with “Rock Around the Clock.” Marshall co-wrote the first charting rock song “Crazy May Crazy” in 1953. Finally, as a Comet, Marshall appeared in “Round Up of Rhythm”, a forerunner of today’s rock video, in 1954.

    And while we’re at it, the rest of the Original Comets – the guys that played on Bill Haley’s “Rock Around the Clock” – the song that brought rock and roll to mainstream culture around the world – are worthy of some sort of recognition by the Rock Hall.

    The Rock Hall needs to finish building its foundation before they can start hanging the curtains.

    Greg –

    The Comets were featured in No. 34 of this series under “Great Blogs Of Fire.”


  12. Absolutely not. Yeah, Heart deserves credit. Joan Jett, ok. Freddie King, absolutely, but Where’s Grand Funk Railroad. Shame on the RRHOF!

    Alan –

    Keep reading…Grand Funk’s comin’ down the track.


  13. Small faces SHOULD be in, I say the Easybeats should also be in before any of these bands/persons on this list. Vanda/Young was one of the best writing duos of the sixties. Hell they should be in for just Friday on my Mind. THEE BEST R&R SONG PERIOD.

    Anyway that’s my opinion and I’m sticking with it.

    I used to be a big fan of the Rolling Stone mag back in the 60’s & early 70’s but as the HOF shows it all just a big sell out.
    Jan should be sitting in a tub of beans.
    Peace, Love and R&R!

  14. I agree with the boycott, and I will continue to do so, despite (as another wrote) being a music buyer for nearly 50 years. Thanks for continuing to promote the Guess Who, Chicago, and the Moody Blues – objective reasons for their omission do not exist. The Hall can go to hell – they’re a joke, and it’s clear that a lot of us who know music realize it.

  15. donovan, laura nyro and donna summer are no-brainers, but beastie boys? the red hot chili peppers? what trailblazing work have they done? sometimes i just don’t understand the panel that makes the RHOF decisions, especially leaving me to wonder why, as more years pass with no nomination, the moodys are becoming the susan lucci of rock.

  16. Why can’t more artists be nominated and inducted? That seems ludicrous to me. No one I know has even heard of Eric B. & Rakim…Rufus & Chaka Khan (I know who this is but before the obvious choices of the artists mentioned here…WTF??). I suggest a name change to the Schlock and Roll Hall of Shame.

  17. Congratulations to The Spinners along with War, so after 3 years of The Ventures, Dave Clark Five, Alice Cooper, Neil Diamond et al these idiots are back to normal yet again, not one Electric Light Orchestra nomination, 15 years overdue and counting, it’ll never happen, book it Danno, but maybe Jeff Lynne will get in as producer under “Musical Excellence” and I cannot accept that scenario, thanks for nothing Marge Raymond along with Paul Shaffer!

    The Rock Hall truly is a piss stain, no joke.

  18. Remember what happened in 2011? All the inductees were artists from the 60s-70s: Darlene Love, Neil Diamond, Alice Cooper, Leon Russell, Tom Waits, Dr. John. Expect that trend to continue in 2012 with the voters voting for their peers, but with one exception. Remember what happened in 2009? Metallica, an 80s-90s metal act was inducted. Keeping all that in mind, here is my final prediction followed by more reasons why, but I’m only sure on 4 of the 5 inductees:

    Thinking like the Rock Hall…


    01. The Small Faces / The Faces
    02. Heart
    03. Guns N’ Roses
    04. Freddie King
    05. War or Donovan or Laura Nyro or Donna Summer or The Spinners



    A lot of star power here! Big names with lots of big name friends who will be voting for them! Steve Marriott will finally be inducted, and Ronnie Wood and Rod Stewart will get second inductions. Hopefully Rod Stewart will attend this time. He missed his first induction in 1994 because an earthquake damaged his house and he had to tend to that.

    Is it possible that maybe the Rock Hall nominated them as The Small Faces/The Faces, but they will induct them separately, and we’ll have 6 instead of 5 inductees next year? It could be what the Rock Hall’s plan is. I’m going to email them and tell them to do it that way. If they nominated Wanda Jackson in the main performers category and then inducted her as an early influence, I think they could nominate The Small Faces/The Faces together and then induct them separately. Ian McLagan, Ronnie Lane, Kenney Jones will join Stephen Stills as the only inductees to be inducted twice in the same year. We’ll get two separate induction speeches and two performances.

    02. HEART

    Heart was interviewed by the Rock Hall this year. Out of all the women nominated this year (Heart, Joan Jett, Chaka Khan, Donna Summer, Laura Nyro), only Heart and Joan Jett are Rock And Roll. Heart came first and they should be inducted first. Plus, Joan Jett wasn’t really that big. Also, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts shouldn’t be inducted before all the artists they have covered: The Arrows, Tommy James and the Shondells, and Gary Glitter.

    03. GUNS N’ ROSES

    Out of all the 80s-90s all-male Rock acts nominated this year (Guns N’ Roses, Beastie Boys, Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Cure), Guns N’ Roses are the biggest, the best, and the most respected by their predecessors. Members of The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Cream, The Yardbirds, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Queen, The Eagles, Fleetwood Mac, Elton John, Metallica, and many others will be voting for Guns N’ Roses (this year’s Metallica). Bon Jovi they are not! The Rock Hall voters will continue to ignore the Beastie Boys and the Red Hot Chili Peppers this year.


    Legendary Blues-Rock guitarist. Need I say more? All inducted guitarists will be voting for him; B.B. King and Eric Clapton included. He is a shoe-in. Chuck Willis and Joe Tex he is not. Elton John mentioned Freddie King in his induction speech for Leon Russell earlier this year. Leon Russell worked with Freddie King. Leon Russell signed Freddie King to his Shelter Records late in his career.

    05. War or Donovan or Laura Nyro or Donna Summer or The Spinners

    A second induction for Eric Burdon? Two singer/songwriters, Disco, and an R&B group. I don’t know what will happen here!


    Three connections to Elton John and Bernie Taupin on the ballot this year:

    Heart, Guns N’ Roses, The Small Faces/The Faces (Rod Stewart)

    Heart are known to be fans of Elton John and Bernie Taupin. They have mentioned it numerous times. Most recently, Ann Wilson’s blog on the Rock Hall site. Heart recorded and scored a number one hit in 1985-1986 with the song These Dreams, written by Bernie Taupin and Martin Page.

    Guns N’ Roses are also known as Elton John and Bernie Taupin fans. Axl Rose gave the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction speech for Elton John in 1994. Elton John and Axl Rose appeared together in concert numerous times in the 90s: Freddie Mercury (Queen) tribute concert and MTV music awards.

    Rod Stewart has recorded songs with lyrics by Bernie Taupin. Rod Stewart and Elton John were both inducted in 1994. Alice Cooper and Leon Russell, who have also recorded songs with lyrics by Bernie Taupin, were both inducted in 2011. Maybe we’ll see Rod Stewart inducted again in 2012, as well as Heart.

    All this is leading me to believe that Bernie Taupin will be inducted in 2012, along with other writers in the non-performers category.


    Cosimo Matassa, Willie Mitchell, Bernie Lowe, Tom Dowd, John Simon, Arif Mardin, Phil Ramone, Quincy Jones, Richard Barrett, Robert Blackwell, Bob Crewe, David Porter, Bernie Taupin, David Foster, Jim Steinman, Carole Bayer Sager, Diane Warren, Wolfman Jack, Casey Kasem

    Kal Mann and Dave Appell
    Bert Berns and Jerry Ragovoy
    Norman Whitfield and Barret Strong
    Burt Bacharach and Hal David
    Henry Cosby and Sylvia Moy
    Thom Bell and Linda Creed
    Boudleaux and Felice Bryant
    Nick Ashford and Valerie Simpson

  19. To not have the Crests and the Brooklyn Bridge in the HOF, when the Beastie Boys are nominated, is…dumb!

    Jan –

    You are correct. And if you keep following this blog, the late, great Johnny Maestro will be coming up soon!


  20. I agree this a very weak list. Personally, I don’t think any of those names are worthy of induction, but then the R&R HOF was put in some really week artists in the past, like Percy Sledge. Great voice, and made one classic single, but the Hall of Fame should be for artists who have contributed a substantial body of great work. Of course, not every player in the Baseball Hall of Fame is the equivalent of Babe Ruth or Willie Mays, and not every R&R HOF inductee can be on par with The Beatles or Elvis Presley, but the some of the recent nominees and inductees are absurd. How about some real worth candidates like The E Street Band, Rush, Yes, and The Moody Blues.Of this years candidates..I wouldn’t have a real problem with The Red Hot Chilli Peppers, Faces, and The Cure.

  21. again no moody blues.its not only a shame but it makes the hall look like total jerks. ive said it before and ill say it again, the hallof fame needs the moodies-they dont need the hof. and hall and oates have also been ignored again… shame shame, shame…….

  22. What can we do as music buyers and fans
    to get these people who nominate to listen to us!
    Put in the Moody Blues!

  23. The Hall of Fame needs to clean house in regard to committee members. The existing committee has really demonstrated their STUPIDITY when it comes to who should be in the Rock Hall of Fame!The Moody Blues, Deep Purple, Journey, Kansas and many other top notch rock groups are slighted for Guns & Roses, Joan Jett, Beastie Boys? Also, the four groups I’ve mentioned were totally superior to the Faces, despite Rod Stewart! My only vote would be Heart, a true and deserving rock group! I have an idea! Just do away with this shameful “Rock Hall of Fame”!

  24. WAR has combined all music genres, including rock to create their own sound. They still stand in the forefront of the music scene with their iconic song ‘LOWRIDER’ being used left and right in commercials, movies, covered and sampled by numerous bands, including the Beastie Boys. (if they get in instead of WAR, I think I will have to shoot myself). Their other iconic, timeless and sociallly concious song,”Why Can’t We Be Friends?” is used by everyone as well and is just as popular today, as it was in 1975 when they created it. As for the rock aspect of being worthy to be on this list, they are more than worthy with their songs, ‘Spill The Wine’, Tobacco Road’ and most other songs with Eric Burdon. Don’t forget ‘Slippin’ Into Darkness’ (which Bob Marley got his riff for Get Up, Stand Up from), ‘Four Cornered Room’, ‘The World Is A Ghetto’, ‘Cisco Kid’. WAR was the last band to jam with the legendary Jimi Hendrix the night before he died. Now you don’t kick it with Jimi Hendrix if you don’t have some kind of rock & roll in you. WAR has finally been nominated after 40 years of great music and they deserve a vote even if you’re not an absolute WAR fan like me.


  26. Phil

    C’mon man! You question the Small Faces/Faces? Try and remember back that the Small Faces (not huge in the states) were hugely popular in Britain and one of the first bands to score many a hit playing legit psychedelic rock. The Faces……were truly one of the great, pure rock and roll bands ever. Plus they actually lived the lifestyle to the fullest. Their influence is undeniable. At their height of fame, they were just as big as the Stones. The writing talents of Stewart, Wood and Ronnie Lane could compete with anyone.

    I do think your list is also deserving, but the Faces not? Geez.


    My only objection with the Faces is that there are so many great bands who had much more success in the United States and England (the Faces were huge in England but not nearly as successful in the States) and have no members currently inducted, and therefore, I believe, should have priority. You point out that at their height they were as big as the Stones, but at their height The Monkees were outselling the Beatles & The Stones and they’re still filling arenas today as are many other great bands.

    And Moptop…don’t forget…the word “influence” is not accepted in this blog. It’s a crutch. Everyone is influenced by everything. Their “influence” may be undeniable, but so is everyone else’s. I’m sure Rod Stewart’s parents had a major influence on him, but I doubt they should be inducted.


  27. A s long as the limousine liberals at the RS are cherry picking who feels good to them for the month and passing over true rock and roll bands who shoul dhave been in the RRHOF then I could care less. G & R come on they have 2 hits songs off 6 crappy albums that get played to death and that qualifies them? No I am not hating on G&R but there are bands more deserving, bands that have more talent in one of their guitar picks more than the whole G&R band together. Just saying

  28. RE: Small Faces. So Rod Stewart’s in. The “rest” of the group that is quickly dismissed includes the late great Steve Marriott, the original lead vocalist / guitarist for the band and arguably the best white soul singer of all time. He has been hugely influential on both sides of the Atlantic over the course of he past several decades. During their heyday, they were scarcely known in the U.S. but hugely popular in the UK. Their musical style encompassed a unique blend of R&B, psych, power pop, folk, and even a bit of Cockney. The “round” LP Ogdens Nut Gone Flake is a masterpiece — a rock opera of sorts that predates “Tommy”. A hopeful sign — at this point, 55% of the poll respondents “get it”.

    Steve -There goes the word “influential” again. Prove to me, Steve, how Steve Marriott was “influential” & just who he influenced. Not just by saying he did – prove it. I can prove they sold few records in the United States compared to any number of other groups – Chicago, for instance. Stands to reason, if a group reaches a lot more people it would be a lot more “influential,” whatever that means. 55 percent of the voters – choosing from a weak group – think they’re Hall of Fame caliber. That’s barely half. Put the Monkees on that list – or the Moody Blues – or Rush – or any number of other great groups and see what their percentage would be. I recall when the “Ogdens” album was released. In spite of being pushed by critics & the round cover gimmick, it charted at a high of #159 in the United States. And that was their highest charting album ever in the United States. You can throw around all the flowery praise you like – “arguably the best white soul singer of all time”? – “hugely influential on both sides of the Atlantic” – Ogdens is “a masterpiece” – But none of this translates into fact. It’s just Steve’s opinion, and while it’s an interesting view a lot more folks have the same opinion about other artists who haven’t been nominated. Get it? – Phill

  29. Thank you for replying. “Proof” as you’ve described it is pretty much unprovable. All I have to go by are the countless artists who have cited Marriott as one who inspired them. The list is considerable, and goes back to Robert Plant (a fan of Small Faces), Paul Stanley, Steve Perry, Rod Stewart himself, and especially Chris Robinson who has praised Marriott on many occasions. SF sold poorly in the U.S. largely because of very bad management. In 4 years they never once toured here. But if sales were the sole criteria, then Velvet Underground would never have been inducted. Yet they were a huge… here it comes again… influence on other bands who followed. Inspiration certainly matters, as much if not more than any other criteria. I think all the groups you noted are more than worthy. The Monkees in particular are way past their due recognition. Part of the “problem” (and frustration that attends it) is the vast wealth of artistic talent that has been put forth over the past 6+ decades, versus the small number of entries that are admitted to the HOF each year. Perhaps expanding to 10 inductions per year would be more reasonable to “clear the backlog”? Before I forget, for a real revelation, I recomend YouTubing Small Faces “You Need Loving” c. 1966. That song alone would provide ample testament as to which contemporary British artist inspired Robert Plant / Led Zep the most.

  30. I have been a Goldmine subscriber since the mid-1980s – a great magazine indeed!! But this is my very first letter/comment.

    Imagine the Baseball HOF without electing a shortstop; NFL HOF not having a linebacker; NBA HOF not inducting a center? The RRHOF’s apparent bias against progressive rock is indefensible. Yes? Moody Blues? Rush? King Crimson? ELP? ELO? NEVER even nominated?? Pink Floyd was a no-brainer. And Genesis seemed to break the progressive-rock dike a couple of years ago, but let’s face it, how progressive was Genesis post Abacab (30 years ago)? Not much. What does the Hall and its board have against these bands? What has YES, Rush and The Moody Blues, in particular, done to deserve never being nominated while Donna Summer (3rd time) and Eric B. Rakim are? Rush still tours in tact in the same line-up 30 years later-selling out shows-recording new music-and the musicianship is first rate. Percy Sledge got in for one song!!

    It’s interesting the MLB, NFL and NBA HOF’s look at statistics-differentiating a career relative to other players’ careers-having an impact on the game- playing at another level-batting average-shooting percentage-completions-catches-wins-losses-titles-golden gloves-mvp awards-all-star teams-but the RRHOF somehow sets record sales, tour grosses, longevity, number of gold/platinum records, ticket sales, quality of musicianship, influence on other rock acts, all arguably the “rock and roll” equivalents of some of the sports halls standards aside. Some suggest instead that progressive rock might not really be rock-that it was not critically accepted (disco was??)-that it may be more rooted in classical music-that it was “pretentious” or had “lofty subject matters”(see Dr. Lauren Onkey’s post on the RRHOF website). How absurd! How is Donna Summer rock and roll? Who has had a more lasting impact on rock and roll-Yes, Moody Blues, ELP, ELO, Rush, or Eric B. and Rakim? How many rock stars have said, “if it wasn’t for Eric B..”-but the Hall does not even give ELP, ELO, Rush, Mooodies and Yes the dignity of a nomination!! I would suggest once nominated, they would go directly into the hall when compared with the other nominees in ANY given year.

    Can you imagine the Baseball Hall of Fame saying shortstops aren’t baseball players because they generally did not hit many home runs? Or that the Football Hall of Fame did not consider linebackers football players because the did not score many touchdowns? Or the NBA Hall of Fame saying centers were not really basketball players because they were generally genetically gifted with height and relied on the dunk too much? Fans know when they see baseball-football-basketball. And rock fans know when they hear rock music. And Yes, Rush, ELP, ELO, King Crimson and the Moodies are rock acts. Long live rock – in ALL its forms. It’s time to include rock’s shortstops, linebackers and centers…

  31. I think Heart, The Faces, Laura Nyro, Joan Jett should be in it. Rufus, Donna Summer..thats not rock and roll! To placate many of us loyal and music loving fans, I propose a secondary categorary fos the hall. Best song that was not done by a rock and roll hall of fame performer. Examples: Time Of The Season, Nights In White Satin, These Eyes/American Woman (Guess Who), Once Bitten Twice Shy (Ian Hunter), Walk Away Renee etc, songs by artists who may never make it (Donna Summer/Madonna/Rufus before the Moodies, The Guess Who etc..blassphemy!). Songs as well as the artist themselves are of paramount importance to Goldmine readers, we are all rabid fans. Please, please put the Moodies, Guess Who, The Monkees etc before Beyone & Mariah Carey (don’t think it won’t happen!).

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