Herb Alpert’s art stands tall

Herb Alpert's "Black Totems"

By Chris M. Junior

Herb Alpert is a man of many talents and accomplishments, with the public knowing him best as a trumpet player, songwriter, bandleader, producer and the co-founder of A&M Records.

The 75-year-old Alpert also is an artist, and a collection of his sculptures called “Black Totems” can be seen through Aug. 28 at Ace Gallery Beverly Hills.

According to a press release from Ace Gallery, Alpert’s sculptures “bring to mind a small copse of trees after a rain, their proximity to each other invoking contemplative silence,” and that the works “reference the tall wooden totems of the Indian tribes of the Pacific Northwest.”

Click here to read a recent Los Angeles Times story about Alpert, who talks about his interest in art.

“I Feel You,” Alpert’s new album with wife and singer Lani Hall, is due this fall.

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