“I Will Follow” U2 360°

By Carol Anne Szel

With U2 in the midst of their European 360° tour, and the much anticipated tour of North America slated for 2011, postponed for front man Bono’s emergency back surgery this Spring, was a disappointment for the throngs of U2 fans who snatched up concert tickets in record time.  But this re-scheduled leg of their tour is just a stitch in time for this band who has  seized and captivated  the world’s attention  without the confines of time or circumstance.

In 1980 we were mesmerized by this Irish-rooted band blasted off  just as video was launching.  I recently came across a video for one of my favorite U2 songs, “I Will Follow.”   I was taken aback that it was off their debut album which was recorded 30 years ago.  It’s been played time and time and time again on the radio, and on my cassette recorder, cd player, and now on my iPod.  Time flies and the times change.  But it comforted me to know that in many cases, and certainly in my eyes with U2,  the best often remain the same.  Good music stands the test of time.  Great music forever grows and changes with us.

Waiting for the 360° tour,  looks change, the world changes, but the song remains the same.

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