Art Carter’s music is full of Americana ‘Texture’

By Patrick Prince

slider-Texture-CoverIndependent artist Art Carter’s new studio album, “Texture,” ticks all the boxes for a complete Americana feel, incorporating rock, blues, country and even gospel into one 15-song CD.

“That’s why I named the album, ‘Texture,'” Carter explains, “because of the different sounds and textures on the album.”

Carter’s voice is a cross between the natural wobble of Neil Young and the comfortable croon of Randy Newman (without the acerbic wit). And for all the talk of texture, it is the clean-spirited blues songs on the album — like “Mighty Mississippi,” “Cold Hearted Woman” and “Friday Night” — that Carter finds his perfect spot.

A lot of has improved since Carter’s debut full-length, 2003’s “Unbound” — songwriting has matured and there is a real fit in the way the electric guitar and fiddle of Jason Roller teams up with many of the vocals and harmonies throughout.

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