Kate Nash discusses her new album on XFM London

by John Curley—Kate Nash recently dropped by the Leicester Square studios of XFM London to discuss her new album, My Best Friend Is You, with DJ John Kennedy. It was a really great interview. Nash and Kennedy went through the album track by track, and Nash was very open and honest on many subjects. It was a bit surprising when she said: 

“Loads of stuff happened and it was quite extreme. I was really exhausted and frankly quite tired of it. I was sick of doing gigs. I was like, I don’t like playing these songs, I don’t want to do anything, I want to go home and unpack my suitcase and get back to normal life. I wanted to pass my driving test and get back to normal life!” 

While Nash certainly deserves some points for honesty, admitting that she didn’t feel like doing gigs might not be the best strategy as she prepared to tour for her new album. And it makes me wonder what her mindset was during her less-than-stellar show at New York City’s Webster Hall in April 2008. There were certainly points during that show where it seemed like she didn’t want to be there. Given the poor economy, is it really wise to admit that sometimes you didn’t want to be performing? Because there are many other acts that the ticket-buying public can pay to see if Nash can’t be bothered. 

To hear the interview, go to http://www.xfm.co.uk/artists/interviews/kate-nash-on-my-best-friend-is-you and then click the individual audio links. The music from the album is not included in the interview segments due to rights restrictions. 

Nash’s My Best Friend Is You, her second album, has now been released in both the UK and the United States. Nash is currently touring in America. She will be performing in Brooklyn tonight (Saturday, May 1st). Her US tour ends on May 11th with a show in Los Angeles. For full tour dates, see Nash’s MySpace

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Kate Nash recently discussed her new album on London’s alternative rock station XFM.

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