Kate Nash releases new single, “Kiss That Grrrl”

by John Curley—Kate Nash has released her latest single, “Kiss That Grrrl.” It’s the second single from her latest album, My Best Friend Is You. The video for “Kiss That Grrrl” can be seen above. 

I’m a bit lukewarm about this track. I wasn’t really impressed with the first single from the album, “Do Wah Doo,” either. Both singles don’t fare well when compared with the first two singles from Nash’s last album. Those singles—“Foundations” and “Mouthwash”—are both stellar songs. 

The best song on Nash’s new album, the punky “I Just Love You More,” hasn’t been released as a single. Maybe it will be the album’s third single? Here’s hoping!

 Nash seems to have hit the same sophomore slump that MGMT did. But it has to be difficult to come up with material for a second album when your first album is such a critical and popular favorite. Hopefully, Nash will rebound with her next album.

 Nash is currently doing an XFM Residency program for XFM London’s Web site. She will be doing four one-hour shows in which she will play some of her favorite songs. For more information and to hear the first program, go to http://www.xfm.co.uk/artists/interviews/the-xfm-residency-with-kate-nash

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Kate Nash fails to impress with her latest single, “Kiss That Grrrl.”

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