Katie Melua does live acoustic session for Absolute Radio

By John Curley 

Katie Melua and William Orbit, who produced Melua’s latest album, which is titled The House, did a two-song live acoustic session for Absolute Radio last month. The session is quite good. Melua is an interesting vocalist, kind of a cross between PJ Harvey and Kate Bush. The songs performed in the session, “I’d Love To Kill You” and “The Flood,” both appear on The House

To watch the video of Katie Melua’s Absolute Radio acoustic session, click below: 

The session can also be viewed on the Absolute Radio Web site at http://www.absoluteradio.co.uk/player/Katie-Melua/8210/Live-music.html

Absolute Radio DJ Geoff Lloyd interviewed Melua and Orbit during the session. Melua, who was born in September 1984 in what was then Soviet Georgia, discusses what it was like there after the fall of Communism. (She moved to Northern Ireland when she was eight years old and to England at age 14.) Melua and Orbit also discuss how they came to work together on the new album. To watch the interview, click below:

The interview can also be viewed on the Absolute Radio Web site at http://www.absoluteradio.co.uk/player/Katie-Melua/8209/Interview.html.

The House is Melua’s fourth album. It was released in the UK on May 24th and in America on August 3rd. Melua had planned an extensive tour in support of the album, but has been diagnosed with exhaustion and was ordered to rest by her doctors. As a result, all of her concerts (which included two shows scheduled for this month at New York City’s Hiro Ballroom) and promotional activities have been postponed until after Christmas. 

For more on Katie Melua, go to:

Katie Melua, along with her producer, William Orbit, did an excellent live acoustic session for Absolute Radio last month.

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