Keaton Henson and his ongoing heartbreak

img-henson_085604515371Heartbreakingly beautiful is an immediate way of putting Keaton Henson’s song “No Witnessess.”

The listening experience of “No Witnessess” makes you realize how the individual’s personal history — even in the age of social media — can go mostly unnoticed. Henson’s voice is always on the verge of cracking with an emotive breakdown, and the melancholy pace of the piano accompanies the feel.

“No Witnessess” (see video below) is taken from Henson’s third studio album, “Kindly Now” (out now on Play it Again Sam). Along with the song “Alright” on the “Kindly Now” album, Henson corners the market on valium-sized heartbreak — but his songs take the place of therapist as well as patient.

As a true renaissance man (visual artist, poet, etc), Henson puts it best in the lyrics of “No Witnessess”: “As the sun sets over Hollywood, I have nothing else to do.”

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