Legacy’s ‘Setlist’ includes Jefferson Airplane

“Setlist: The Very Best of Jefferson Airplane Live” is due July 13. (SONY)

By Chris M. Junior

The Legacy division of Sony Music recently announced the upcoming debut of its “Setlist” CD series.

As the name suggests, this is a series of concert recordings, and all of them have been remastered “so it sounds like you’re sitting in the front row,” according to Legacy. The CDs don’t contain complete concerts from a single venue; instead, each one features hits and album tracks that were performed by a given act throughout its career.

The first wave, due in stores July 13, includes 11 titles, among them one by San Francisco’s own Jefferson Airplane. The track listing for “Setlist: The Very Best of Jefferson Airplane Live” is as follows, along with the length of each song:

1. Somebody to Love (4:05)

2. She Has Funny Cars (3:41)

3. White Rabbit (previously unreleased) (2:33)

4. Plastic Fantastic Lover (3:47)

5. It’s No Secret (previously unreleased) (3:27)

6. Feel So Good (11:22)

7. Comin’ Back to Me (7:42)

8. Have You Seen the Saucers (4:19)

9. Good Shepard (7:19)

10. Volunteers (3:35)

11. Crown of Creation (3:25)

12. The Ballad of You and Me and Pooneil (10:27)

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