Lily Allen discusses the rainforest and her future in music on Absolute Radio

By John Curley

Lily Allen recently appeared on Absolute Radio where she was interviewed by DJ Geoff Lloyd. In the interview, Allen discussed going to see Fulham FC play in the Europa League Final in Hamburg, Germany; spending time with her grandfather in Hamburg; going to Brazil to see the rainforest and learn about deforestation; and that she will probably take four or five years before she makes another album since she wants to have a child before releasing another album.

To watch Lily Allen’s Absolute Radio interview, click in the appropriate places below:

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Part 2:

Allen also appeared recently on London’s Capital FM and was interviewed by their showbiz reporter Kevin Hughes. In that interview, Allen also talked about going to the rainforest. To listen to that interview, go to and click the individual audio links.

For more on Allen’s trip to the rainforest and to see a video of Allen in the Amazon, go to

For more on Lily Allen, go to:

Lily Allen talked about her visit to the rainforest during a recent appearance on Absolute Radio.

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