Mary, Miracles, Marvelettes – Motown’s missing from Rock Hall

This album, from 1962, shows a different picture of Motown Records than is remembered today, with The Miracles, Mary Wells & The Marvelettes getting top billing at the Apollo over Marv (!) Gaye, The Contours, Stevie Wonder & The Supremes

By Phill Marder

(13th in a series on artists who should be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but are not)

Motown Records became known as “The Sound of Young America.” Its sister label, Tamla, was “The Sound that Makes the World Go ‘Round.”

There was little dispute in the 60s, and I would suspect no more today, that Motown/Tamla was one of the dominant, if not the most dominant, forces in Rock & Roll. Certainly, the Detroit powerhouse is well represented in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, as it should be. Maybe not as much as another label which shall remain nameless (couldn’t resist…sorry). But well represented, nonetheless.

However, three cornerstones of perhaps the most famous label in Rock & Roll have yet to be included, though their credentials dwarf many of those already inducted.

The first is Mary Wells, who was on my list in Goldmine (please see the introduction to this blog if you haven’t already) closing in on 11 years ago now. My assumption is that one day Mary Wells will be an inductee. Unfortunately, she won’t be around to enjoy the accolades, having passed away from throat cancer in 1992.

Mary Wells

Wells practically carried Motown on her back when the label was struggling to get a foothold in the industry. She became known as “The Queen of Motown” but her bitter split with the label killed her career at its peak. Just 17, she brought a song she had written for Jackie Wilson to Tamla Records founder Berry Gordy Jr. Gordy’s main source of income at the time came from several hits he had co-written for Wilson, including “To Be Loved,” “Reet Petite” and the mega smash “Lonely Teardrops.”

The teenager sang “Bye Bye Baby” for Gordy, who signed her and had her do the song herself. It became a hit and Wells was on her way. Her follow-up, “I Don’t Want To Take A Chance,” was a tad more successful, but after Wells’ third effort tanked Gordy made a decision that soon made Wells a superstar. He told Smokey Robinson to write her some hits.

Wells had a Bonnie Tyler-roughness to her voice on her first two efforts, but Robinson smoothed her out on their first collaboration and the result was “The One Who Really Loves You,” which climbed to No. 8. The classic “You Beat Me To The Punch” followed, hitting No. 9 and Wells, Motown and Gordy were well on their way. Another collaboration – “Two Lovers” eclipsed the previous two smashes, climbing to No. 7 and the magnificent “Laughing Boy” made it to No. 15.

After “Your Old Stand By” stalled at No. 40, the relatively new team of Brian Holland, Lamont Dozier and Eddie Holland Jr. took a shot and the result was the No. 22 “You Lost The Sweetest Boy.” Ironically, the flip, “What’s Easy For Two Is So Hard For One,” written and produced by Robinson, trailed, though it settled at a very successful No. 29.

Perhaps challenged by the new upstarts, Robinson responded with one of his greatest works, “My Guy,” which soared to No. 1 and became an all-time classic.

Former Motown sales chief Barney Ales was quoted as saying, “In 1964 Mary Wells was our big, big artist. I don’t think there’s an audience with an age of 30 through 50 that doesn’t know the words to ‘My Guy.'”

Wells was the big, big artist on the label that boasted the Miracles, the Temptations, the Supremes, Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and many other household names. Of course, 1964 was also the year of The British Invasion. The Beatles reportedly named Wells their favorite singer and she traveled to Britain to open for the group, becoming the first Motown star to appear in the United Kingdom. Her impact was immediate. “My Guy” became Motown’s first UK smash, reaching No. 5, preceding the Supremes’ “Where Did Our Love Go” by several months and opening the door for a flood of Motown smashes that followed and never relented.

“My Guy” also was the Motown label’s first No. 1 record in the United States, again beating “Where Did Our Love Go” by a couple months. Previous Motown chart-toppers by the Marvelettes and Stevie Wonder had been on the Tamla label. It also came in the midst of the Beatles’ initial onslaught on the states, when the British invaders posted four No. 1 records between February and June.

She added two more top 20 hits in 1964, both being duets with Gaye pulled from their “Together” album, but 1964 also marked the end of her career as a hit maker. Reportedly unhappy with her circumstances at Motown, she left the label for 20th Century, virtually disappearing overnight. The backlash created by her departing Motown may have torpedoed her career, but more than anything was the absence of classic material the Motown songwriters, especially Robinson, could provide. The greatest singer in the world won’t find a hit without the proper material.

Still, there’s no questioning the impact Mary Wells had on Rock & Roll and the eventual success of the Motown label and its subsidiaries. She might not be here physically, but her music lives on and her memory should be cherished and preserved by The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

The Miracles

The second omission is one of the most confounding by an organization that seems to specialize in goofy decisions. How did Smokey Robinson get inducted without the Miracles?

Robinson certainly deserves solo induction due to his songwriting, producing, solo career and his contributions in many official capacities in Motown’s front office. But if the Supremes got in with Diana Ross and the Vandellas made it in with Martha Reeves and the three other Tops made it in with Levi Stubbs, how could the Miracles, who were much more important, not get in with Smokey?

The 1987 gaffe created quite a ruckus then, but, evidently, not enough to get the injustice righted. Read Robinson’s biography on the official Hall of Fame site and the Miracles are present from start to finish. But check the list of inductees and they’re still absent, both under Miracles and individual names.

While the Temptations set the bar for vocal variety and choreography, the Miracles did their part in backing Smokey on stage, certainly with more flair than the Supremes, Vandellas or Tops. If you weren’t around during their heyday, grab a copy of the T.A.M.I. show and check out “Mickey’s Monkey.”

The members who weren’t Smokey – Ronnie White, Bobby Rogers, Pete Moore and Claudette Robinson – also played an important part in other facets of the Miracles’ success. While Robinson is credited as being one of the greatest of Rock’s songsmiths, he did have help. White, a childhood friend who recorded some duets with Smokey before the Miracles were formed, was listed as co-writer of such gems as “Don’t Look Back,” “You Beat Me To The Punch,” “Ain’t That Peculiar” and the all-time classic “My Girl.” He also is credited with discovering Stevie Wonder, then his 11-year-old neighbor.

Rogers was born in the same hospital as Robinson on the same day, but they didn’t meet until they were teenagers. Rogers and Claudette Robinson were cousins. Rogers also is an accomplished songwriter. Among his Motown writing credits are “The Way You Do The Things You Do,” “My Baby,” “What Love Has Joined Together,” “First I Look At The Purse,” “One More Heartache,” That’s What Love Is Made Of” and “Going To A Go-Go.”

Rogers also is the most important prominent co-lead vocal on the classic “You Really Got A Hold Me.”

Warren “Pete” Moore was also a childhood friend of Robinson’s and a founding member of the Miracles. Besides singing lead on the hit “Doggone Right,” Moore was the group’s vocal arranger and also a prolific writer. His credits include “It’s Growing,” “Since I Lost My Baby,” “Ain’t That Peculiar, “I’ll Be Doggone,” “Ooo Baby Baby,” “The Tracks Of My Tears,” “Going To A Go-Go,” and “Love Machine,” a No. 1 hit for the Miracles in 1975, long after Robinson left the group.

Claudette Robinson took the place of her drafted brother, Emerson, when the Miracles were born and married Smokey, the pairing lasting 27 years. She didn’t make many stage appearances, but sang with the Miracles in the studio until Smokey left the group. The first female contracted by the Motown empire, she was dubbed “The First Lady Of Motown” by Berry Gordy Jr.

From 1959 until 1966, the Miracles were known as just that…The Miracles. They were one of the most popular groups in the world. After the Robinsons departed, the Miracles continued having success, including scoring the above-mentioned No. 1 single.

I defy you to name the Vandellas. But they’re in the Hall of Fame as Martha & the Vandellas. Likewise, the Four Tops. Some could probably name Mary Wilson, Florence Ballard or Cindy Birdsong as Supremes, but, in reality, their role was just to provide backup for Diana Ross. Except for Claudette, though, the Miracles all played a vital role in the group’s success from its outset. So why are they left out while the others are in?

Frankly, Smokey Robinson proved a disappointment. There’s no question he deserves induction, but he should have refused unless his group was included.

The Marvelettes

The third missing Motown link is the marvelous Marvelettes, overshadowed by the Supremes but still worthy of Hall of Fame recognition.

Who had the first No. 1 record on the Motown/Tamla label? It makes a great party trivia question, and few are likely to get the correct answer. After all, when you have The Miracles, The Temptations, Stevie Wonder, The Supremes, Mary Wells, Marvin Gaye and others to choose from, the group that did it – the Marvelettes – is often forgotten. As they have been by the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame.

The above-mentioned gem was “Please Mr. Postman,” the group’s first single later covered by the Beatles. Starting at the top, there was no place for the Marvelettes to go but down, which they did. But not without a fight.

The group had a rare feature with two lead singers, Gladys Horton and Wanda Young, who later married the Miracles’ Bobby Rogers. This abundance of talent helped the Marvelettes make marvelous music, but may have hurt the group as the public had no star to focus on ala Diana Ross or Martha Reeves. Georgeanna Tillman, Katharine Anderson and Juanita Cowart rounded out the original lineup.

The year following “Please Mr. Postman,” 1962 for those who enjoy some facts in their reading materials, the Marvelettes hit the Top 10 again with “Playboy” and followed with “Beechwood 4-5789,” my personal favorite that inexplicably, to me at least, stopped at No. 17. “Someday, Someway,” a terrific song, was buried on the flipside.

Another disappointment was “Strange I Know,” one of the group’s finest efforts which closed the year peaking at No. 49, a flop by Motown standards even in those early years. Cowart left in 1962 and 1963 was a barren year, though “As Long As I Know He’s Mine” was a strong effort popular in some circles. In 1964, the group made what, in retrospect, appears to be a history changing decision. They turned down “Where Did Our Love Go,” which then became the Supremes’ first No. 1. The group continued to flounder until “Too Many Fish In The Sea” (couldn’t resist…sorry) got them back on track – if only temporarily – as 1964 wound down.

The biggest news for the group in 1965 was Gordon’s departure. But the next two years saw the Marvelettes release three singles that became classics – “Don’t Mess With Bill,” which returned the group to the Top 10, and “The Hunter Gets Captured By The Game” and “My Baby Must Be A Magician,” both of which earned top 20 status.

The Marvelettes gave us eight years of terrific records, including Motown’s first chart-topper. Their credentials for Hall of Fame status may not match those of many of their stablemates, but they match or exceed many of those already inducted by the Hall of Fame.

28 thoughts on “Mary, Miracles, Marvelettes – Motown’s missing from Rock Hall

  1. While you make good arguments for both Mary Wells and The Miracles. Mary Wells is not a name that comes to mind instantly when you think of the Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame. The R&B Foundation, yes, Rock ‘n Roll Hall of Fame….not so easily.

    As far as The Miracles, I thought that was a bit of an oversight but the chances of two inductions are slight at this point. Besides, Smokey’s contribution goes so much further than The Miracles, including songwriter, producer and music executive.

    The Marvellettes should have happened during the first run. Is it possible since they don’t have iconic rock ‘n roll hits like “Heatwave” and “Dancing in the Streets”, they do not rise above ordinary vocalists.

  2. t’s a SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS when, on Motown’s 50TH ANNIVERSARY, THE LABEL’S FIRST GROUP AND first recording act CAN’T GET INDUCTED into the RRHOF,DUE TO POLITICS and STUPIDITY, while dozens of less-deserving acts with FAR FEWER HITS, and far less influential,are getting inducted every year. There’s NO WAY that you can convince me that ONE-HIT WONDER PERCY SLEDGE, THE RONETTES (8 HITS) , AND GRANDMASTER FLASH (??!!) DESERVE INDUCTION over the MIRACLES .The MIRACLES were THE ONE ACT WHOSE SUCCESS OPENED THE DOORS for EVERY MOTOWN ACT THAT FOLLOWED THEM….With over 50 chart hits, 4 songs in the GRAMMY HALL OF FAME , 3 SONGS in ROLLING STONE’S LIST OF THE 500 GREATEST SONGS OF ALL TIME,AND EVEN 3 songs in the Rock and Roll Hall’s OWN list of the 500 Songs that helped shape Rock and Roll,inductees into the DOO WOP HALL OF FAME, THE VOCAL GROUP HALL OF FAME,…and even the HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME, where they just got their star this past March 20th, THE MIRACLES ARE AMONG THE BEST OF THE BEST . They are by NO MEANS “sidemen” or “Backups”!! Even WITHOUT SMOKEY, they had a Platinum album (“City of Angels”, a Gold single, “Do It Baby”, and and a multi-million- selling #1 Platinum single ( Love Machine) Smokey hasn’t had a Platinum album OR a #1 Pop Hit was a solo artist… but The MIRACLES HAVE HAD BOTH !!! They are also THE MOST COVERED MOTOWN ACT OF ALL TIME… with more than 50 of their songs covered by literally HUNDREDs of other every different musical genre: POP, SOUL, COUNTRY, REGGAE, MOR, JAZZ, …EVEN RAP & HIP-HOP !!! They were JOHN LENNON’S favorite group: several Beatles songs, such as “Ask Me Why” and “Sexy Sadie”, were DIRECTLY INFLUENTED by Miracles songs…and that’s a fact you can CHECK !! Not only that , but The MIRACLES were the ONLY Motown group during the sixties that wrote their OWN MATERIAL…. ALL OF THEM…NOT JUST SMOKEY !! The Temptations didn’t, The Supremes didn’t , nor did the Four Tops… But THE MIRACLES DID . But, those other acts get inducted… while The Miracles DON’T ?? The RRHOF’S Ill- advised attempt to honor Smokey apart from his group, while other artists, such as CURTIS MAYFIELD, MICHAEL JACKSON, and ERIC CLAPTON ,WERE HONORED SEPARATELY, and WITH THEIR GROUPS , smacks of unfairness .Even Motown founder BERRY GORDY said… at the groups’ HWOF induction on 3/20/09 …”Without THE MIRACLES. Motown would NOT be the Motown it is today”
    He ought to KNOW.

    (PS…you forgot about original Miracles member MARV TARPLIN…pictured on this very album cover…top right with guitar.)

  3. If THE IMPRESSIONS can be inducted, and CURTIS MAYFIELD separately,


    THE BEATLES and 3 of their individual members separately,


    and ERIC CLAPTON 3 times….

    why can’t the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME induct THE MIRACLES as a group…

    whether SMOKEY is inducted or not ??

    ….After all, we’re not just talking about any garden variety group here, we’re talking about THE MIRACLES , one of the greatest groups of ALL TIME .


    The MIRACLES are listed in ALL 3 lists of the Top 100 artists of ALL TIME: ROLLING STONES’ , VH-1’S ,and BILLBOARD’S.

    Their million- selling song, “THE TRACKS OF MY TEARS” has even been entered by the UNITED STATES LIBRARY OF CONGRESS into the NATIONAL RECORDING REGISTRY.

    They have no less than 3 SONGS in ROLLING STONES’ list of the 500 GREATEST SONGS OF ALL TIME …

    And their 1965 Gold Album, “Going To A Go-Go is on their list of the “500 GREATEST ALBUMS OF ALL TIME.”…

    And they just got a STAR on the HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME on March 20th , 2009….

    And they were the ONLY Motown group during the Sixties that WROTE and PRODUCED their OWN MATERIAL…


    So why is HE ALONE INDUCTED…

    ….And ,how can the RRHOF Induction committee justify inducting NUMEROUS LESS-DESERVING ARTISTS over a 25 Year period …while leaving THE MIRACLES OUT, not inducting them, or , even NOMINATING THEM for 25 years ???

  4. The 3 “M”‘s (Miracles, Mary Wells, and Marvelettes) are not the ONLY deserving Motown artists not currently inducted . Jr. Walker & The All-Stars also deserve induction.

  5. Thanks for the enthusiastic response Topkat…I did fail to include Marv Tarplin in the story, though he is the guitarist pictured on the cover shown and was a member of the group until Smokey and Claudette left. He also helped Smokey compose “The Tracks of My Tears,” “My Girl Has Gone,” “Going To A Go Go,” and “The Love I Saw In You Was Just A Mirage,” among others. He also contributed writing on several Marvin Gaye sides – “Ain’t That Peculiar” for one – and the Four Tops’ “Still Waters Run Deep.” He even helped Robinson write his solo hits “Cruisin'” and “Being With You”

    I didn’t forget Jr. Walker & The All Stars. Though one of my favorite bands, I didn’t feel their career was of Hall of Fame status. Topkat disagrees. Any others out there like to weigh in on Jr. Walker’s merit as a Hall of Famer?

  6. It’s weird the first “Ms” of Motown can’t get inducted but the Supremes and Temptations get in before them and Smokey Robinson alone. That induction should be revoked and FIXED! Smokey’s solo career, while it had its great moments between 1973 and 1980, was mainly a fluke IMHO, he’s just riding on the success of his former group, that’s all.

  7. Tim, I totally AGREE with you !
    the MIRACLES’ omission from the RRHOF has to be one of the most GLARING displays of BIAS and POLITICS that this organization has EVER COMMITTED…and , to make matters WORSE,over the last 25 years, they have been JUST FINE with leaving their decision just as it is, shutting out original Miracles BOBBY ROGERS, PETE MOORE,MARV TARPLIN,CLAUDETTE ROGERS ROBINSON, and the late RONNIE WHITE…and BILLY GRIFFIN from induction into the RRHOF. They were wrong then…and even MORE wrong now….simply because they’ve made NO EFFORT WHATSOEVER to fix this.
    Smokey also was wrong, he shouldn’t have accepted solo induction once he discovered that it was on the basis of The Miracles’ collective works that he was being inducted…he now recently stated that he feels “regret” that the other Miracles weren’t inducted with him…but why didn’t he speak up back in 1987 ? Martha Reeves did, when the RRHOF offered her a solo induction. She stated that ALL of the Vandellas , past and present (at the time) should share in the honor.Why didn’t Smokey do the same ?

    Same with the O’Jays.

    Original O’Jays member BILL ISLES was shut out of RRHOF induction…despite the fact that he sang with the group for the first 7 years. Original O’Jays member BOBBY MASSEY protested this decision , but was voted down by Eddie and Walter.But they inducted SAMMY STRAIN, who was NOT an original member…he was one of the original IMPERIALS…and got inducted with THEM in 2009. The O’Jays should have looked out for their OWN.

    Now 25 years later, THE MIRACLES are all in their 70’s , or close to it ,and MIRACLES and MOTOWN fans the world over are still asking WHY? and when,if ever, is THE RRHOF Induction Committee going to correct this mistake.
    It’s LONG PAST TIME that they were honored as such.

  8. Mary Wells The Marvelettes and The Miracles should all be inducted. Mary Wells should be because she helped break the “color barrier” and make it on the pop charts on a regular basis. She also had a very impressive record on the R&B charts. I also beleive she had the most 2 sided hits on the label. She was the “Janet Jackson” of her decade. She may have not written alot of her hits but she helped put Motown on the map big time.

  9. No question all three should be inducted.Other deserving Motowners are the songwriting teams of Whitfield and Strong and Ashford and Simpson.The Commodores also deserve the honor.

  10. I never understood the logic of inducting Smokey Robinson without the Miracles that was totally a SMH moment. And it is way overdue for Mary Wells and the Marvelettes to get their shine from the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame C’mon voters !!!

  11. ***THE MIRACLES in 2012***

    *****WE NEED YOUR HELP****

    Jeanne Sorensen of The Miracles Organization, and I are working on a joint plan of attack to get The Miracles inducted in 2012. She has started a 3rd Miracles website, available HERE:

    We need as many people as possible to go to this site to add names and brief comments to endorse THE MIRACLES for RRHOF Induction in 2012. Tell the Committee why YOU feel the Miracles should be inducted. All of the groups surviving members are at , or over 70 years of age, It’s now , or NEVER!!!

    Once we get all of the names together, we have the websites of several members of The Rock Hall Nominating Committee, and we will send your names and endorsements TO THEM.



    01. William “Smokey” Robinson (ALIVE)
    02. Warren “Pete” Moore (ALIVE)
    03. Robert “Bobby” Rogers (ALIVE)
    04. Ronald “Ronnie” White (DEAD)
    05. Claudette Rogers Robinson (ALIVE)
    06. Marvin “Marv” Tarplin (ALIVE)
    07. William ” Billy” Griffin (ALIVE)

    Again, please respond ASAP. The Rock Hall Nomination Committee meets in just 3 months, and we want to be ready with an official endorsment BEFORE they meet. Again, the site is:

    We want to see ALL of the Miracles inducted , including Smokey (again), Marv, Claudette,Bobby,Ronnie, Pete and Billy Griffin. No more piecing out of the members,or inducting some , while ignoring others.

    Before you make your comment, it is recommended that you go to Wikipedia , and read The Miracles main article, and the bios on each individual member, along with giving YOUR PERSONAL reasons why YOU think The Miracles should be inducted.

    Before you contact them, it is recommended that you read the The Miracles’ Wikipedia site, and the bios on each individual member:



  12. Send your votes in favor of THE MIRACLES’ induction to THIS SITE:!cast-your-vote

    Please cast YOUR VOTE ASAP….along with reasons why YOU THINK that THE MIRACLES SHOULD BE INDUCTED INTO the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME. Include YOUR personal reasons , along with a PERSONAL experience on what their music means to YOU . Make SURE that you specify that you want THE MIRACLES INDUCTED INTO THE “MAIN PERFORMERS” category (NOT the “sidemen” category), and that ALL members of THE MIRACLES should be included : SMOKEY ROBINSON, BOBBY ROGERS, PETE MOORE, RONNIE WHITE,CLAUDETTE ROBINSON, MARV TARPLIN, and BILLY GRIFFIN. Again, the site is :!cast-your-vote

    please vote SOON… The Nominating Committee meets in about ***1 MONTH*** and we need as many names as possible on the list…then we’ll present it to THEM. Thank you.

    ****THE MIRACLES in 2012****

  13. For the first time EVER Smokey, on July 15th 2011, at THE ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME…has given his offical endorsement for THE INDUCTION of ALL of THE MIRACLES into the Hall Of Fame. This is significant. Due to the advanced ages of THE MIRACLES…this may indeed be our LAST CHANCE to honor one of the greatest groups of all time…while the majority of it’s members are still alive. again, the site is:

    Send your votes in favor of THE MIRACLES’ induction to THIS SITE:!cast-your-vote

    Please cast YOUR VOTE ASAP….along with reasons why YOU THINK that THE MIRACLES SHOULD BE INDUCTED INTO the ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME. Include YOUR personal reasons , along with a PERSONAL experience on what their music means to YOU . Make SURE that you specify that you want THE MIRACLES INDUCTED INTO THE “MAIN PERFORMERS” category (NOT the “sidemen” category), and that ALL members of THE MIRACLES should be included : SMOKEY ROBINSON, BOBBY ROGERS, PETE MOORE, RONNIE WHITE,CLAUDETTE ROBINSON, MARV TARPLIN, and BILLY GRIFFIN. Again, the site is :!cast-your-vote

    please vote SOON… The Nominating Committee meets in about ***1 MONTH*** and we need as many names as possible on the list…then we’ll present it to THEM. Thank you.

    ****THE MIRACLES in 2012****

  14. For the first time EVER, Smokey has given the induction of ALL of the MIRACLES his official endorsement.This is significant.It’s NOW OR NEVER. Due to the advanced ages of THE MIRACLES ,this may indeed be OUR LAST CHANCE to honor one of the GREATEST GROUPS OF ALL TIME … while the majority of it’s members are STILL ALIVE.

    Smokey and Bobby Rogers are 71.
    Claudette Robinson is 69.
    Marv Tarplin is 70.
    Pete Moore is 72.
    Ronnie White, sadly, is no longer with us.
    Billy Griffin is 61.

    Please help to get the Miracles on the ballot as MAIN PERFORMERS…NOT “SIDEMEN”…and please express this to the Nominating Committee. SEND YOUR COMMENTS AND ENDORSEMENTS TO THIS SITE:

    Thank you.

    ***THE MIRACLES IN 2012***

  15. The MARVELETTES have had over 3 TIMES THE HITS of the inducted Ronettes…so why are they in…while the MARVELETTES are not ?? Probably for the SAME REASON that DARLENE LOVE is in , while MARY WELLS is not !!! Neither of these minor-level PHIL SPECTOR artists have had even a HINT OF the SUCCESS or THE INFLUENCE of the 2 MOTOWN ACTS.Phil Spector (convicted felon or not), has friends on the Nominating Committee.It all goes to show….IT’S NOT WHAT YOU KNOW….but WHO you know !!

  16. I wholeheartedly agree that all of the remaining Miracles, Bobby Rogers, Pete Moore,Claudette Robinson, Marv Tarplin, Billy Griffin and Ron White (posthumously) should be inducted into the The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. It is a travesty that only Smokey Robinson has been inducted, totally discounting the rest of The Miracles contributions to Motown as well as music as we have come to know it. The Miracles were the first group signed to Motown and along with Smokey helped write a lot of songs. They were definitely pioneers in their field and to exclude them from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is shameful.

  17. Thanks , Paula. Please go to the links above your comment to cast your vote on the Miracles’ RRHOF site.Thanks Again

  18. I wish more people would write sites like this that are actually fun to read. With all the garbage floating around on the web, it is a great change of pace to read a site like yours instead.

  19. As long as Mary Wells, The Miracles,and The Mighty Marvelettes are not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame I will never go back. And tell anybody I know to stay away. Shame on Mr. Robinson. I will never go to your concerts either!!! PS and Neil Sedaka. Give me a break!!!

  20. R.I.P. to original Miracles member Marvin “Marv” Tarplin (June 13, 1941 – September 30, 2011)

  21. No one would die if The Miracles were nominated and inducted in the main performers category and Smokey Robinson was inducted a second time. So what! No laws are being broken! Do not induct The Miracles in the Sidemen category and without Smokey Robinson. Lots of people would be very angry if this happened and wouldn’t consider it a legitimate induction. Do the right thing and nominate and induct The Miracles in the main performers category where they belong!

    Do not give the Award for Musical Recording Excellence to The Miracles! Do the right thing and nominate The Miracles in the main performers category.

    If The Miracles do get nominated in the main performers category, they will be inducted on the first try!! All inductees would vote for them! They are a shoe-in! Get them in the right way and get it over with!

    If an artist can be inducted more than once in the main performers category, than I guess that means Smokey Robinson can be inducted in the main performers category and then inducted again in the Award For Musical Excellence category with The Miracles, but I really hope it doesn’t come to that. I really hope the Rock Hall doesn’t do something stupid like inducting The Miracles without Smokey Robinson as a Miracle.

    The Supremes, The Temptations, The Four Tops were all inducted into The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame! Why not The Miracles?

    The Miracles should have been nominated and inducted in 1987 as the Miracles, not as Smokey Robinson. To this day, still no Miracles in the Rock Hall.

    The Miracles started out as The Miracles. They were the Miracles for 8 years, and charted as The Miracles for 8 years, and then they became Smokey Robinson and the Miracles for 7 years, and then they became The Miracles again for 5 more years. The Miracles were Motown’s first group. Claudette Rogers of The Miracles was called the First Lady of Motown. The Miracles have to be nominated and inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as The Miracles, (in the main performers category; not the sidemen category) and Smokey Robinson should be inducted with them as well. Inducting the group as The Miracles (not Smokey Robinson & The Miracles) would also allow for the induction of Smokey Robinson’s replacement, Billy Griffin.

    The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame inducted 12 members of the Grateful Dead in 1994, including Robert Hunter, the lyricist for the band! That’s right, they inducted the lyricist as a member of the band! They inducted a non-performer in the performers category! So, the Rock Hall better induct Marvin Tarplin with The Miracles. Marvin Tarplin was a member of the Miracles. He was not a sideman. He was their guitarist and songwriter.

    The people responsible for not nominating and inducting The Miracles as The Miracles in 1987

    You would think these people would know what to do

    The 1986 Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Nominating Committee

    Ahmet Ertegun
    John Hammond
    Bob Hilburn
    Bob Krasnow
    Kurt Loder
    Norm N. Nite
    Nile Rodgers
    Seymour Stein
    Jann Wenner
    Jerry Wexler

    In an interview with SOUL PATROL Claudette Rogers Robinson of THE MIRACLES stated the following:

    The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame may feel that The Miracles are in the hall of fame because of the fact that Smokey was inducted in 1987. Robert (Bobby) Rogers (a member of the Miracles) has spoken to some of the board members of the Hall of Fame, and they said The Miracles are already in there, and Bobby said no we’re not! Maybe Smokey was inducted because of his songwriting. There is no envy. We’ll have to wait and see what happens.

    Smokey was interviewed on On Saturday, June 18, 2011, at the Roll Hall of Fame Museum’s Foster Theater. During the interview, Smokey said that he has been actively campaigning for the induction of ALL of the Miracles into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.The video was streamed live on The Rock Hall website that day. 3 members of the Nominating Committee were in attendance, and 1 of them, Dr. Lauren Onkey, the Rock Hall’s Vice President of Education and Public Programs, actually conducted the interview. Her response to Smokey was : “I second THAT emotion “.

  22. Big announcement from the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame today… Stay tuned!

    Email from Tom Meros of Rock And Roll Universe

    The Miracles will be given an automatic induction in the main performers category as “The Miracles” in 2012. Smokey Robinson will be given a second induction. It will probably be Berry Gordy who gives the induction speech, if not, then they could bring back Hall & Oates to give the induction speech again to poke fun at the first induction of 1987. All 7 members of The Miracles will be inducted.



    01. William “Smokey” Robinson
    02. Warren “Pete” Moore
    03. Robert “Bobby” Rogers
    04. Ronald “Ronnie” White
    05. Claudette Rogers
    06. Marvin “Marv” Tarplin
    07. Billy Griffin


    THE 1983 HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME (Smokey Robinson)
    THE 1987 ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME (Smokey Robinson)
    THE 1990 SONGWRITERS HALL OF FAME (Smokey Robinson)
    THE 2001 VOCAL GROUP HALL OF FAME (Smokey Robinson & The Miracles)
    THE 2006 KENNEDY CENTER HONORS (Smokey Robinson)
    THE 2009 HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME (The Miracles)
    THE 2012 ROCK AND ROLL HALL OF FAME (The Miracles)
    THE 20?? HIT PARADE HALL OF FAME (Smokey Robinson & The Miracles)

  23. Tha nominating committee should be disbanded and a new committee installed,because this current lot do NOT have a clue.I was the first DJ in Oz to play Motown and today it is still my passion.I get annoyed with these morons who do the “selecting’,they truly are a clueless bunch.Go Motown.

  24. ALONZO TUCKER has been left OUT of THE MIDNIGHTERS’ induction. ALONZO was not only an ORIGINAL MEMBER, but he was actually the FOUNDER of the MIDNIGHTERS. How can the RRHOF leave him out of the group that HE FOUNDED ??

    BILLY GRIFFIN has been left out of THE MIRACLES’ induction. He sang lead on the BIGGEST SINGLE and ALBUM the group EVER HAD…THE 2 MILLION SELLING #1 SMASH “LOVE MACHINE”. and the Platinum Album from which it came, “City Of Angels”. Billy also led on the million-selling hit single “DO IT BABY”, And the Top 10 R&B smash, “DONT-CHA LOVE IT”.In all, Billy recorded 7 albums with THE MIRACLES, 5 on Motown , and 2 on Columbia, BETWEEN 1972 and 1978. He was also honored when the group recieved their star on the HOLLYWOOD WALK OF FAME IN 2009. why wasn’t Billy included in the Miracles’ induction ?

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