Modest Mouse releases “The Moon & Antarctica” on vinyl on it’s 10th Anniversary

by Gary Fletcher

The highly acclaimed 3rd release, “The Moon & Antarctica” from Modest Mouse was re-released on April, 17th, 2010. The album had been out-of-print for the past 5 years and has been remastered and pressed as a double-record on 180-gram vinyl. Available at record stores across the country or from the artist’s website here.  I ordered one for my collection and you better do the same before they are all gone.

Side 1
1. 3rd Planet
2. Gravity Rides Everything
3. Dark Center Of The Universe
4. Perfect Disguise

Side 2
1. Tiny Cities Made Of Ashes
2. A Different City
3. The Cold Part
4. Alone Down There

Side 3
1. The Stars Are Projectors
2. Wild Packs Of Family Dogs
3. Paper Thin Walls

Side 4
1. I Came As A Rat
2. Lives
3. Life Like Weeds
4. What People Are Made Of

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