Monkees top banana in race for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

The Monkees

The Monkees should be on the next train to the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

(No. 47 in a series on artists who should be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but are not)

By Phill Marder

Just about one year ago, this column/blog made its Goldmine debut.

Most of the articles have been dedicated to profiling artists who should be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but are not. And in each column I have tried to give the reasons why I support those profiled.

As promised, you haven’t read “Big Star should be in the Hall of Fame because I like them” or “The Small Faces should be in the Hall of Fame before The Monkees because I think so.” Not unless you read the comments, that is.

The list of those profiled is extensive:
Jack Scott; Burt Bacharach & Hal David; Chubby Checker; Donovan; Bon Jovi; Donna Summer; America; The Guess Who; Jeff Lynne; Neil Sedaka; Chicago; Cher; Kiss; Hall & Oates; Mary Wells; The Miracles; The Marvelettes; Todd Rundgren, Heart; Jan & Dean; Linda Ronstadt; The Moody Blues; Rush; Jay & The Americans; Jimmy Buffett; The Cars; Bob Crewe; Paul Revere & The Raiders; Deep Purple; The Smiths; Connie Francis; Johnny Rivers; Jethro Tull; Def Leppard; Cliff Richard; Tommy James & The Shondells; The E-Street Band; The Crickets; The Comets; The Pet Shop Boys; Freddy Cannon; Gary US Bonds; Yes; Glen Campbell; Duran Duran; The Cure; The Monkees; Paul Anka; Bobby Vee; Foreigner; Lionel Richie & The Commodores; Brook Benton; Bobby Day; Gerry & The Pacemakers; Herman’s Hermits; Manfred Mann; The Searchers; The Troggs; The Zombies.

Quite a list and, believe it or not, there’s still a few I haven’t gotten to yet. In my mind, they all should have been in the Hall of Fame already. But which ones do Goldmine readers agree with – at least so far? It’s time to sum up as the HOF nominating committee should be busy making its choices for the next class, if it hasn’t already.

So just who has garnered the most support over the year and who do Goldmine readers think should be on this year’s list of nominees? Clicking the “thumbs up” symbol at the close of each article, I assume means you agree with the piece. Either that or you confused it with another finger.

So we’ll take the 10 profiled who received the most “thumbs up” and presume these would be Goldmine readers’ choices.

But first, under my favorite rule – “it’s my blog & I’ll do what I want to” – we can induct Bob Crewe and the team of Hal David & Burt Bacharach as non-performers, since they were primarily writers and we can add Bon Jovi, Donovan and Donna Summer because they were nominated last year and didn’t get in, though their credentials were much more substantial than almost all those who did. And don’t start crying “Bon Jovi sucks” and “Donna Summer isn’t Rock & Roll.” A zillion fans have a different opinion of Bon Jovi and Donna Summer rocks a lot harder than many already in the Hall of Fame, disco beat or not.

The E-Street Band, with 544 recommendations, ranks second on the list of “thumbs up” from Goldmine readers, but should receive automatic induction to rectify the previous, unjustified slight which saw them passed over when Bruce went in. Likewise, The Miracles (with Smokey Robinson), The Comets (with Bill Haley) and The Crickets (with Buddy Holly).

Linda Ronstadt and The Moody Blues got their fair share of “thumbs up,” but really connected with comments, most of which were positive. So they qualify for “Goldmine recommendations.”

So there’s seven new inductees (Bacharach & David counting as one) and four corrections. Then, toss in one shoo-in from the newly eligibles, Guns N’ Roses, and that makes 12.

Now for our top 10. Yes, this would make a big induction class, but who cares? Twenty-two went in the second year, 16 the first. And what’s fair is fair. The object is to get those who truly deserve to be inducted inducted.

For Goldmine readers, these 10 truly deserve, according to the number of “thumbs up” received:

(1) The Monkees (1149) – The pre-fab four easily outdistanced all competition, getting more than twice as many “thumbs up” as the runner-up E-Street Band…so far. If you don’t like them, try to keep an open mind. They represent everything a Hall of Fame should be about…massive popularity, massive success, instant recognition.

(2) The E-Street Band (544) – Goldmine readers pretty much proved Bruce Springsteen’s backup band was recording more than the required 25 years ago.

Todd Rundgren

Loyal followers made Todd Rundgren No. 3 in this list of Rock Hall hopefuls

(3) Todd Rundgren (404) – Though Todd was one of the earliest selections and I certainly believe he belongs in the HOF, I must admit I was surprised at the strong support he received. No question, he’s an obvious choice.

(4) Deep Purple (234) – The English veterans have piled up impressive stats over the years and their immense and faithful fan base pushed them near the top of the list.

(5) The Smiths (232) – Right behind Deep Purple – and this order could change at any minute – is Morrissey’s cult favorites and critics’ delight. But unlike most favorites of the critics, The Smiths demonstrated legitimate talent and, consequently, sold records.

(6) Duran Duran (201) – Speaking of selling records, few bands have sold more worldwide than the Fab Five. Proved long ago they’re not just a bunch of pretty faces.

(7) The Cure (201) – Tied with Duran Duran because they’re in the same article, The Cure’s following no doubt contributed mightily to their strong showing on this list.

(8) Jethro Tull (176) – One doesn’t think of Ian Anderson’s various combinations as mainstream, but years after their peak they still command a lot of love, respect and admiration. And their accomplishments merit Hall of Fame recognition.

(9) Yes (157) – The story of Yes finished ninth in the “thumbs up” category but drew a large number of passionate comments – most positive. In fact, the Yes story was in the Top 5 most popular stories until just recently.

(10) Jimmy Buffett (152) – When I included Jimmy Buffett in the series, I wasn’t sure what to expect. The response was heartening. Longevity and quality does count.

Just missing the top 10 – or “Bubbling Under” in musical jargon – was Heart which garnered 135 “thumbs up.” I had the pleasure of seeing them this summer, and they remain an incredible band and should be inducted soon. Cliff Richard (94) and Jeff Lynne (79) also posted respectable numbers and should receive careful consideration.

The Guess Who

Canadian supergroups The Guess Who & Rush have gained surprisingly little support

A friend who recently stopped by looked at the list of those profiled and his first response was, “The Guess Who’s not in?” The Guess Who received support, but not what I expected, and Rush was a big disappointment, considering the fanaticism of their fan base. Maybe Goldmine doesn’t reach Canada. But Kiss also limped in with a very low number, only about half of that received by The Cars.

Early selections, those whose careers peaked in the ’50s or early ’60s, are at a distinct disadvantage because there are fewer followers left alive and most are at the age where internet use isn’t a priority. Of those, Connie Francis easily drew the strongest support and Jay & the Americans had their share of backing. Glen Campbell, Jan & Dean, Johnny Rivers and Jack Scott each hit double figures but were nowhere near the leaders.

Does your opinion mean anything? Maybe, maybe not. But I do know at least some members of the nominating committee have been reading “Great Blogs of Fire” the past year, which means they’re also privy to your comments. While we’ve been critical of the Hall of Fame, I hope we’ve also been fair.

Some of you have given up on the Hall of Fame, but Rock & Roll is my music, thus the Hall of Fame is my Hall of Fame. So, in the words of the immortal Curtis Mayfield, I’m gonna keep on pushing.

Tadwashere left this comment on Facebook – “Just curious… What are you going to write about when you are done working through the list of people who aren’t in the hall of fame?”

Well, there’s still a few more HOF entries to go, and then a couple other topics I think Goldmine readers will enjoy. Stuff such as the “Goldmine’s 20 Greatest Doo Wop Groups.” It’s not listed under “Great Blogs of Fire,” but can still be found under “Articles” if you scroll down a few hundred times (not that many, really). That ranked in the Top 5 most popular list for quite some time.

I have had some requests…but I’m gonna keep writing, anyway (badaboom). If you’d like to add your requests or thoughts, feel free to submit your comments.

80 thoughts on “Monkees top banana in race for Rock & Roll Hall of Fame

  1. What about Journey? What are your opinions on them? But I totally agree on the Monkees. I have been a fan since I was 9 when Nick at Nite was airing the show and have seen them twice in concert.

    Nicole –

    As stated, there are a few I haven’t gotten to yet. Keep reading !!


  2. Why NOT The Monkees?! It seems to me that with all of the no-talent that is already in the Hall, The Monkees would be a shoo-in. They took a TV show and made it their own. No-one else has been able to accomplish it despite the fact that so many have tried. And look at Nickelodeon! Kids all over it – singing and dancing and ripping off the schtick without much success. It’s time to bury whatever grudge the Hall founders have and induct The Monkees.

  3. The Monkees have stood the test of time. All the arguments against them have fallen apart over the years. They deserve their spot in the Hall of Fame but whether they get it or not is moot. Their contribution is well documented and has not nor will not fade. Thanks Phil!

  4. It is amazing to me that the music establishment has held a grudge against the Monkees all these years. These talentd men have given their lives to the entertainment industry. It is easy to get caught up in the decades long blahdah that these guys didn’t play their own music, didn’t write their own songs, didn’t this, didn’t that, but that is all trash. Their amazing accomplishments have held up the test of time. They did play their own instruments, and write songs. Today their concerts are generational and sold out. So for a group who really hasen’t released anything new since 1970, the fact that there are fans that are under 16 shows that their sucess/music holds up against the test of time. I for one will always proudly proclaim that I am a Monkees fan.

  5. The5 Man Electrical Band ?The staccatos for Signs and Half Past Midnight ,Absolutely Right and many other tunes.

  6. I definitely agree on the Monkees. One of the main reasons they’ve been repeatedly passed over is the “they didn’t play their own instruments” bit. While this may have been at least partially true in the very beginning, they stepped up and were soon playing most if not all of their stuff. They had to, for the tours if nothing else. And most of the 60s bands had studio musicians, so the Monkees weren’t alone in that aspect. The same went for the song writing. Yes, they used other people’s songs at first, Carole King and Boyce & Hart coming immediately to mind, but since they didn’t start out as a band that shouldn’t make a difference. They soon started writing their own stuff, and by Headquarters five so-called studio musicians were brought in (Chip Douglas, who helped with bass and was also the producer, John London with bass on a couple songs, Jerry Yester and Keith Allison with extra guitar on No Time, and Vince DeRosa and Fred Seykora with French horn and cello respectively on Shades of Gray), 6 of the songs were written exclusively by the Monkees, with one being co-written by Peter (For Pete’s Sake). Of the remaining 6 songs, 3 were by Boyce and Hart, who ended up having a long-standing musical relationship with the band (see Dolenz, Jones, Boyce and Hart). And this was their 3rd album. 45 years later, neither of these arguments hold water. After all, even the Beatles used and recorded songs that they had not written themselves (a total of 12 on their first 2 albums) and had additional musicians while recording (starting with George Martin’s piano work at the very beginning and spanning their entire studio career), yet they’ve been in for years.

  7. The Monkees without Donnie Kirschner?!! Perish the thought! That’s like peanut butter without jelly… bagels without cream cheese… rum without coke… 🙁

  8. Jeff Lynne’s accomplishments, both as leader of the Electric Light Orchestra and his solo performing and production work, are legendary to say the least. His continued shunning is an embarrassment to the Hall.

  9. Although they are often referred to as the “Pre-fab Four,” the Monkees were just as good as (if not better than) many who have already been inducted. They were even able to stand up to Don Freakin’ Kirschner, for crying out loud! Not only that, but they can easily be said to be the first to utilize music videos. It is MORE than past time that the Monkees got some credit for their accomplishments. They may have been brought together for a TV show, but the show and the music wouldn’t have done as well as it had if they didn’t have the chemistry on and off screen that they did.

  10. What about The Replacements? and Husker Du?

    and Warren Zevon

    and finally please- Sister Rosetta Tharpe.

    P.S. The Monkees definitely.

  11. I think that The Monkees DESERVE to be in the RnR HOF! They have had such an impact and they STILL have a huge fan base! I love them with all of my heart, they are my favorite band! This talk of them getting in has gone on to long. So PUT THEM IN!

  12. Actually, most of the reasons stated (which I agree with) are irrelevant. It’s called the Rock & Roll Hall of FAME, not the Hall of Talent, Quality or even Authenticity. So even if you think the Monkees were awful, talentless fakes, you have no legitimate reasons for keeping them out of the Hall of Fame, because they unquestionably hit that mark. Same goes for other pop groups of the 60s with multiple hits like the Raiders, Hermits, Gary Lewis & the Playboys, Hollies, etc. I’d even support the inclusion of The Archies and The Partridge Family for no other reason than that they were notable stories in the history of rock & roll, which is supposed to be what the Hall of Fame is recognizing.

    So there.

  13. I have always been a huge fan of the Monkees and I still can’t understand all of the hoopla and criticism of this group. Although they were hand-picked for the TV show, it showed they were multitalented enough to sing and act, as well as play some instruments. Evenually they wrote some of their own songs and played their own instruments for their concerts. They were given some fantastic writers for many of their early songs which became instant hits and remained popular with different generations for decades. I definitely vote that they go in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame this year!

  14. Granted The Monkees started as a pure televison show. Theyb were not allowed to play their instruments. But Mike Nesmith decided they should be a real band and easily convinced Peter Tork of this. Micky and Davy soon agreed. They learned to play the instruments. The result: the first concert tour in 1967 (I was there) was a great experience. They went their own way after 1969, but came together again in 1986 for the 20th anniversary tour, and continued to get together again and again over the years. They just completed their 45th anniversary reunion. It was the best show they ever presented. They have stood the test of time, and, as Peter stated during the recent tour, “We do something that more than many of the enshrined band – play our own instruments”. They emphatically belong in the R&R HOF. In addition Mike belongs there on his own for his accomplishments, foremost the modern music video, “Rio” was the first in 1976!

  15. Paul and the Raiders arent in, either? Those jackasses are SLIPPING! You cited incredible groups, all deserving, Guess Who, Rush, Bachman Turner Overdrive, oh, hell, yeah, and Mark Lindsay is still great! His restaurant went down, but his radio show here in Portland goes, theyre still loved… GO, MONKEES, AND THIS LIST! ROCK ON!!!!!!!!!!

  16. I’ve always thought The Monkees deserve to be in the hall, but I am shocked at the list of other bands that have been denied as well (because of the same sill grudge, perhaps?) I guess they are in good company.

  17. The Monkees should have been in the RnR HOF a LONG time ago. They obviously deserve it. So what’s the question?

  18. It is a shame that the HoF carries around some grudge against the Monkees. It’s time to wake up and induct them.

  19. I think the main reason The Monkees have NOT already been inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame is nothing more than professional snobbery and jealousy. The Monkees were the largest musical influence on my generation, and the fact that FORTY FIVE years later, their reunion tour still sold out just about every venue at which they played is a clear indication of, again, petty professional jealousy. This “they didn’t play their own instruments” nonsense is just that: nonsense. Let’s not forget where the technology was in 1966. Using studio musicians and songs written by others was the standard at the time. The Committe is just wrong to deny The Monkees’ induction. I can’t respect any organization that fails to recognize their contribution to rock n roll.

  20. Loved everyone’s suggestions. May I add some more. Forgive me if these people were already mentioned & I missed it.
    Jim Keltner
    Waddy Wachtel
    Liberty Devitto
    The Wrecking Crew
    Johnny Rivers
    Sting (solo)
    Stephen Stills (solo)
    Phil Collins (solo)
    Ringo Starr (solo)
    Sammy Hagar (solo)
    Peter Gabriel (solo)
    Bad Company
    Huey Lewis & The News
    Dave Edmunds
    Scott Muni

  21. The monkees should have been in the RnR Hall of Fame years ago. Some the greatest songs of the 60’s where by the Monkees. Sure they didn’t start out like other bands, but in there case they met at “work” and decided to be a real band. Headquarters is still one of my favorite albums and its the monkees who played on every track. I would like to see the Monkees be inducted into the Hall of fall while all of them are still alive.
    Also, Michael Nesmith should be in there as a solo artist, for not only creating country rock, but for making the first actualy music video and help create MTV.
    I’m total disappointed by the number of artists that are in the hall of fame that aren’t even Rock & Rock performers.
    Enough said, let them in!

  22. Let’s break this down shall we?
    Run DMC, a rap act, was inducted into the ‘ROCK AND ROLL’ hall of fame in 2009. They don’t play instruments, they don’t sing vocally, and a considerable percentage of their work consists of what’s called “Sampling” whereby the music/vocals of other musical acts or artists were incorporated into whatever other synthetic sounds Run DMC added to form what they called “Hip Hop or Rap” One such example of stealing (i mean sampling-my bad) is on their album “Tougher Than Leather.” A track on that album called “Mary, Mary” not only steals (damn, sorry i meant samples, no really i did) the music and vocals of a Monkees song called “Mary, Mary” but they also used the actual title of the song. Yet this group, THE MONKEES can’t get into this “Rock and Roll Hall of Fame?” so what’s implied here is that the basically untalented, non innovating, scarcely original thieves are rewarded but NOT the source. Good job Jann Wenner! Kinda contradicts your pompous bs doesn’t it? F*** your “Hall of Fame”


    That was so good, I’m gonna steal (oh, I’m sorry…I meant sample…really, I did) some of it in future columns!!


  23. Have three of the greatest of the seventies been forgotten?There is no reason for Cat Stevens,Jim Croce and the Carpenters to not be in the HOF.Stevens scored nine straight gold albums and was easily the second most popular solo performer in rock[behind Elton]during the decade.Croce left three great albums before his untimely death,certainly a greater legacy than Ritchie Valens,who is in tht HOF.And the Carpenters had as many top twenty hits as the Everly Bros.And was there a better female voice than Karen?Hopefully these performers will not continue to be ignored.

    Nick –

    I’ll say it again…I’m not done yet. Keep reading!!


  24. The Monkees (who, despite their tour being cut short this year, put on an awesome show and sold out most all of the venues they played in), The Guess Who (Robert Plant has named Burton Cummings as one of his very favorite vocalists), The Moody Blues (a truly CLASS ACT) and definitely Todd Rundgren (one look at his body of work and the sheer number of great albums by other artists he’s produced should make it a no-brainer). Has Dave Edmunds been suggested by anyone? If not, he belongs in there too!

  25. Like being prefab is a crime? Like Elvis Presley and the Beatles weren’t equally nurtured by mastermind Svengalis? Like having someone else write the songs and play the instruments was a problem for anyone on Motown? The Monkees may have been invented for television, but their catalog is as gold-plated as any band from the 1960s, and their influence is staggering in both depth and scope: Michael Nesmith alone was responsible for helping to invent country-rock and MTV; they were the first pop band to use a synthesizer; and Jimi Hendrix made his American debut as their opening act in 1967. See Gorillaz for the most recent misspelled simian homage. And definitely Todd, too…okay, let’s overlook his amazing songwriting skills, his expressive voice, his killer guitar chops, his multi-genre musicality, his technology smarts, his bitchin’ hair, all things Utopia and his impressive jukebox of hits. Let’s talk about his curriculum vitae as a producer and engineer: Meat Loaf, XTC, Patti Smith, New York Dolls, Badfinger, Tubes, Cheap Trick, Psychedelic Furs, Hall & Oates, Janis Joplin, Jesse Winchester, the Band, James Cotton, Paul Butterfield, Foghat, Pee Wee’s Playhouse, Shaun Cassidy, Rick Derringer, Grand Funk, Alice Cooper, Pursuit of Happiness, Jill Sobule, Bourgeois Tagg, Bad Religion…and this is just a partial list.

  26. The Monkees, KISS (The original plus Bruce Kulick & (The late) Eric Carr, CHEAP TRICK…those are my main 3 but I could fill a list!

    Kevin & Just Me –

    Cheap Trick soon…promise.


  27. The Monkees were a huge influence on me and I bought all the albums faithfully without preview. I think the music is fantastic the energy and spirit of the group is positive. The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is a JOKE! It is an old farts club now and there are many heros of the 60’s and 70’s that have been rudely overlooked by the arrogance of Jann (Rolling Stone Magazine)…….The Moody Blues should have been in there asap, but sadly they are ignored because the band might not contributed to Jann’s charity? I have been a working musician for the last 33 years and I still play Monkees songs live. They go over great! I am also in a Moody Blues tribute band called Threshold and we have been very well received. This is because of GOOD SONGWRITING! Run DMC in ROF? Really? WOW! It truly is a travesty that The Moody Blues and The Monkees are not in. I’ll bet they couldn’t care less……

  28. The only other rocker that has followers in the league of the Monkees is Paul McCartney. Aside from their 45 year enduring concerts, the albums they produced early and then a few in the 80’s, and the cd’s that they all are still producing solo, the sheer number and loyalty of their fans ought to have put them in many years ago. They still do sold out concerts, and bring happiness to everyone who sees them. To keep them out is just to prove that the organization is biased and unworthy of any real attention.

  29. I agree that Donna Summer should be in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Put aside the common reaction is that she is Disco. Her contribution to music has been substantial and she paved the way for a lot of the popular pop divas of today (Madonna – who is already in, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Britney, and most recently Lady Gaga) I also know that Donna Summer can rock it with the best of them. (I hardly believe that Bruce Springsteen would write a song for Donna and play on her album if he didn’t think so.) Let’s give credit where credit is due.

  30. Stevie Nicks, Donna Summer, and Linda Rondstadt!!!! Until these three are inducted the ‘hall of fame’ has no respect from me.

  31. Of Marder’s “select” ten for HOF induction, fewer than half have the hits, influence, and popularity of the major female rock and roller of the 1950-60s–Connie Francis.

    And here are criteria for other writers: how many have visited the HOF and/or have a real desire and/or intent to visit (again)?
    My wife and I visited for much of three days, with thus obvious
    enjoyment, and we would like to return. (My apologies to those who can’t; otherwise, there is some cliche about one’s money and mouth.)

    Dear R. Thomas –

    I believe – if you read the article – you will see that this list is not my select ten, but, instead, the 10 who received the most thumbs up from readers. I suggest you also go back in this series and read the article on Connie Francis – and give it a “thumbs up!”



  33. I would like to see The Monkees, Kiss, Cheap Trick & Ringo Starr among just a few would should be in The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. They deserve it.

  34. If Ricky Nelson is in he Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, why aren’t the Monkees? Both acts had the benefit of a TV show promoting their records, the best studio musicians available augmenting the records, and tv network money behind them. If you saw the Monkees 2011 2 1/2 hour show, you’d probably agree!

  35. I’m okay with the Monkees and totaly agree that E Street Band should have been in there a long time ago. The screwup leaves me wondering how many more in the band will pass on before its fixed.

    My question is where is Grand Funk Railroard in this discussion. They sold over 22 million records and trully represent all those garage bands chasing the dream.

    Bruce –

    Grand Funk has not been profiled in this series yet…yet.


  36. Yes, The Monkees are overdue for the hall of fame, and even more so is Donna Summer. The fact that Madonna was inducted into the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame before Donna Summer, also proves that the rock hall owes Donna Summer an apology.

  37. As long as Jann Wenner is alive, The Monkees will never be inducted into the RnRHOF. Neither will Kiss, The Moody Blues, Chicago, Three Dog Night, or any of the other deserving groups out there. Meanwhile, here come Milli Vanilli, Vanilla Ice, Ace of Base, Kriss Kross, etc., all ready to kiss Wenner’s ass and get in there!

    We need a REAL RnRHOF!

  38. Singer-Songwriter and Pianist Elton John and his songwriting partner, Lyricist Bernie Taupin, were both inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 1992, but only Elton John was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in 1994. This does not make any sense whatsoever. If there had not been a Bernie Taupin, there would not have been an Elton John and vice versa. Their music was a collaborative effort. Bernie Taupin should have been inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame back in 1994 as a Lyricist in the Non-Performers category, the same year that Elton John was inducted in the performers category. We all know that Elton John gave his Rock Hall trophy to Bernie Taupin at the 1994 Rock Hall induction ceremony, but Bernie Taupin isn’t actually an inductee. Induct Bernie Taupin.

    Bernie Taupin didn’t just write lyrics exclusively for Elton John. Bernie Taupin also wrote the lyrics for songs recorded by Ringo Starr, Rod Stewart, Kiki Dee, Cher, Alice Cooper, Robert Palmer, Melissa Manchester, Rick Derringer, The Hudson Brothers, Olivia Newton John, The Motels, Starship, Heart, Animotion, Stray Cats, John Waite, Martin Page, Peter Cetera, Bryan Ferry, Tammy Wynette, Little Richard, Marianne Faithful, Courtney Love, John Anderson, Willie Nelson, Teddy Thompson, Emmylou Harris, Lee Ann Womack, Toby Keith, Brian Wilson, and Leon Russell, as well as for his own singing career, both as a solo artist and as a member of his own late-1990s Country-Western band, The Farm Dogs.

    Bernie Taupin’s biggest success outside from his work with Elton John was the 1978 album, From the Inside by Alice Cooper, which included ten songs with lyrics by Bernie Taupin and music by Alice Cooper, Dick Wagner, Steve Lukather, Bruce Roberts and David Foster. From the Inside spawned the Top 20 hit, How You Gonna See Me Now. In 1985, Bernie Taupin wrote the lyrics to two songs that would go on to hit number one on the Billboard 100 Singles Chart: We Built This City by Starship, and These Dreams by Heart, both with music written by Martin Page. Earlier on in 1974, Ringo Starr scored a Top 5 hit with Snookeroo, a song written for him by Bernie Taupin and Elton John. 2010 saw the release of The Union, a collaboration between Elton John and Leon Russell, which included lyrics by Bernie Taupin.

    Bernie Taupin and Elton John comprise one of the longest running and most successful songwriting teams of all time. Bernie Taupin’s 40 years of collaborative work with Elton John alone should qualify him for the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. Please induct Lyricist Bernie Taupin into the Rock And Roll Hall of Fame in the Non-Performers category. His induction is long overdue.

    The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees Who Recorded Songs With Lyrics Written By Bernie Taupin Before They Were Inducted

    01. 1994 Elton John
    02. 1994 Rod Stewart
    03. 2011 Alice Cooper
    04. 2011 Leon Russell
    05. 20?? Ringo Starr
    06. 20?? Willie Nelson
    07. 20?? Heart

    * OTHER

    01. 1988 The Beatles (Ringo Starr – Snookeroo)
    02. 1996 Jefferson Airplane (Grace Slick – Starship – We Built This City, Love Rusts, The Burn)

    The Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Inductees Who Recorded Songs With Lyrics Written By Bernie Taupin After They Were Inducted

    01. 1986 Little Richard
    02. 1988 Brian Wilson (The Beach Boys)

    Roy –

    While I agree with you on Bernie Taupin, I would add that there may have been no Bernie Taupin without a Bob Crewe or Hal David coming first.



    Bernie Lowe, Tom Dowd, John Simon, Arif Mardin, Phil Ramone, Quincy Jones, David Foster, Jim Steinman, Bob Crewe, David Porter, Richard Barrett, Robert Blackwell, Carole Bayer Sager, Diane Warren, Bernie Taupin

    Kal Mann and Dave Appell
    Bert Berns and Jerry Ragovoy
    Norman Whitfield and Barret Strong
    Burt Bacharach and Hal David
    Henry Cosby and Sylvia Moy
    Thom Bell and Linda Creed
    Boudleaux and Felice Bryant

  40. With Nick Ashford’s recent passing, I think the Rock Hall will induct Ashford & Simpson in the non-performers category. Their output as performers and non-performers is pretty even. Inducting them in the non-performers category would be okay, even more so now that Ashford has passed away. I don’t think Valerie Simpson cares how they are inducted. They are already in The Songwriters Hall of Fame. They wrote Ain’t No Mountain High Enough, Ain’t Nothing Like The Real Thing, I’m Every Woman, Solid, among others.

  41. And of course your list of “deserve to be in hall” artists skips over Procol Harum. Amazing…and duh.

    Patience Buddy – Procol Harum is on my list yet to come…


  42. I saw Peter Tork and his band play at Chan’s in Woonsocket RI last winter……..I met him recently at Mohegan Sun (while listening to Stephen Stills) and I thanked him for a GREAT show! Indeed, Mr. Tork is a great perfomer who (along with the other Monkees) deserves his due in the R&R Hall of Fame. In short, he has left a huge, huge lasting impression on Rock and Roll Culture which will never be duplicated…..

    JOHNNY RIVERS (LOOK AT THE LIST OF HIT RECORDS ALONE…and yet basic one hit wonder Percy Sledge is in there)

  44. Back in the day, it wasn’t cool to like The Monkees. Also, they were unfairly slammed for not playing their own instruments. Well, if that is the case, why not throw out all of the Motown artists who are in The Rock n Roll Hall of Fame. While you’re at it, throw out all the great artists who were backed up by The Wrecking Crew in LA. None of those artists played on their own albums either. Maybe the Monkees weren’t “cool” to the hip crowd but I sure did like those catchy tunes with all the great hooks, and you know what, 45 years later and two degrees in music, I STILL love listening to all those Monkees records. Just this year I have spent well over $100 on all the great Rhino multi-CD sets of the Monkees albums with extra tracks, mono versions and lots of new album notes and artwork.

    While I’m ranting, I’d also like to see one of my all time favorite bands: The Doobie Brothers inducted. I think their music has stood the test of time, maybe much more so than several of the other HOF members. And one more band: Emerson Lake and Palmer.

  45. I used to donate $$ to the Rock Hall. But then I realized that their selections were completely political, not at all transparent and that they were including acts that weren’t rock and roll by any definition. So I haven’t given them a penny for years. As for this guy’s blog, the E Street Band doesn’t deserve to get it unless they get in WITH Springsteen. If you want to amend Springsteen’s induction to include them, fine. But not a separate induction for a backup band. Monkees, in. Paul Revere and the Raiders, in. Guess Who, in. Jethro Tull, in. Moody Blues, in. Jimmy Buffett, in. But it is all political nonsense, no one knows how the voting works and why people are chosen and not chosen. All BS.
    Bruce is already in. Monkees & Jethro Tull (see “Great Blogs Of Fire.”) Jimmy Buffett’s there, also, but he’s not included here because he’s not a band!

  46. It’s not exactly true that no one knows how they vote. I do.

    And I can tell you that there is fierce argument inside the closed doors every fall about who will be in or not. And there are three members of the E Street band and several other key players who are on the nominating committee. And even THEY can’t get themselves in.

    This is a private party thrown by Jann W, FOR Jann W. and ultimately he just chooses who he wants to see there. Period.

    If he likes you and he feels like it, you are in. He has had a hard on for lots of bands like the Monkees etc for decades. If they ever do get in, it will be because Jann decides to let them in. Period.

    And as for donating to the HOF, you are insane. They have more $$$ at their disposal to throw these parties and keep the building in Cleveland for as long as they like.

  47. LINK WRAY…influence of fuzz and grundge

    DICK DALE…influence of SURF GUITARISTS…Heavy Metal with his SHOWMAN AMPS and Fender Guitar

    JOHNNY RIVERS should have been in there a long time ago…just his HITS alone and his producing, etc. Especially over basically a one hit wonder like PERCY SLEDGE

  48. The RRHoF became useless the minute Guns n Roses were admitted. I refuse to spend another minute contemplating a visit or even entering a discussion about its merits. A great idea completely meaningless; a rudderless ship piloted by fools.

  49. So you’re telling me that Donna Summer is in and the MOODIES aren’t?

    What a bunch of bull##@@ that place is.

    Still can’t believe the Beatie Boys are in, either. And, if the Monkees get in ahead of the Moodies, then it is REALLY a sham.

    I’m ashamed this HOF is in our country. But, then, it IS in Cleveland (just kidding)
    Donna Summer is NOT in

  50. I cannot BELIEVE how Paul Revere and the Raiders are so overlooked and unsupported. This band formed professionally circa 1961 and is still a performing entity! They have existed for 50 consecutive years! How many bands can make that claim? They made more television appearances than any rock band of the 1960’s. In the mid 60’s they were one of America’s top groups. Mark Lindsay wrote, co wrote and/or produced their records (many along side Terry Melcher,another music genius) Many,many of their tracks were written by band members,starting in 1966. They were always 100% rock and roll and never diverted into jazz,disco or any other non-rock format.Their records were so well produced and performed I am amazed to this day. But even more amazing than their talent and performance is their consistent lack of acknowledgement within the rock community. Along with The Monkees, I think this is one of the most obnoxious snubs!

  51. RNR Hall of Lame. It’s been that way since day #1. No historical perspective with weak/vague guidelines for induction. Here’s a clue-Wanda Jackson’s husband had to lobby,schmooz,handshake for 3 yrs to get her in. Influence, longevity, lasting influence, innovation/originality should play a much larger roll.(Sales and charting record a much smaller role). So Guns N Roses gets in with limited output? That means Boston get in next year. In my opinion, both relevant parts of rock history, but not induction worthy. Here’s a quick list in no particular order–Dick Dale, The Monkees, Heart, Chicago, Tower of Power, the Moody Blues, and Mike Nesmith . Congrats to all inducted, deserving or not. A friend of mine new it was flawed when Joni Mitchell got inducted before Gene Vincent. Until the induction process is viewed from an educational/historical perspective, the RNR HOF will be a minor player to the music FANatics.Ray – I cannot think of more vague criteria than “Influence, longevity, lasting influence, innovation/originality.” – Phill

  52. The Monkees,
    They should go into the Hall of Fame “ALONE” For that year in inducted
    They have giving more pleasure to more people around the world than any other. Long overdue. 4 number one Lp’s in 13 months These guys got alot more talent & not to say of each of their personalities. Personally if i were any one of the four and were offered the Hall of Fame. I think i would tell them that they had there chance & KISS MY ASS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Cause they should have been in 15 years ago. I’m not going to downplay any inductees whom have already made it but to have double the votes to get in this year and they did’nt. Watch when next year comes around and The Monkees triple it or more. Seriously , this is not right. Who’s next to get in before them now “The Wiggles”
    I am a fan of many bands in my lifetime, but i as do millions of other have a great affection for this one. Enough is enough~!

  53. Now that poor Davy, the king of all teen idols has died I suspect the Monkees will finally get the nod. The attention his death brought back to the Monkees’ music has been pretty incredible. Pre-fab or not, that half century old music has woven it’s way into the very fabric of our society. Plus Jann and MTV will probably see some ratings opportunity in bringing the surviving three together for induction.

    Ironically, thanks to all of the subsequent re-airings throughout the decades, that silly TV show has given them a perpetual exposure to young people the extent to which no other 60’s band – even the Beatles – has enjoyed. Everyone knows the Monkees. Need proof? Just start singing “Oh,I could hide ‘neath the wings of the bluebird as she sings…” in a group of people aged 10 to 70 and see how many start to sing along.

  54. And I’d just like to add that I’ve heard for years that Jann Wenner hated Steve Marriott for some reason and that the Small Faces would never be inducted into the Hall for that reason. Well, they’re going in. Granted, he made sure Rod Stewart and Ron Wood were inappropriately tossed in for the ride, but still, the amazing Steve Marriott is finally getting some respect. I’m thinking the advent of Youtube is what eventually did the trick.

    So take heart, Monkees fans. They’ll make it in soon enough.

  55. I can’t believe Todd Rundgren isn’t in the Hall of Fame. He has done more for the world of music than anyone. Something is very wrong about him not being in there.

  56. If the Monkees get in, then why not the Partridge Family???? In no way should they ever be in the R&R HOF. Maybe the TV HOF, but never the R&R HOF

  57. The Monkees promoted Jimi Hendrix when few others would, they were the first to use a moog on a pop song (Daily Nightly), they popularized the concept of music videos, invented alt-country and let’s not even mention liguid paper! Now, let’s talk about 10cc, XTC, Badfinger, Thomas Dolby, Ohio Express, Joe Walsh . . .

    Andy – The Classic Bubblegum Home Page

  58. first off, WHERE ARE THE NEW YORK DOLLS, DAMMIT! they should’ve been in when Iggy finally made it. The Monkees should definitely be in, Paul Revere & The Raiders too. but wth, why haven’t The B-52’s even been nominated? they’ve been around 30 years and their last cd, “Funplex” was a million times better than the lame last output of Guns & Roses, who had what, two great albums?

    the RRHOF is a miserable joke…

  59. Mountain should be in the HOF!
    Mississippi Queen is a rock anthem
    Leslie West is a legend who was there when loud guitar rock was born.

  60. Who is the IDIOT comparing The Monkees to The Partridge Family?? The Monkees outsold The Beatles AND Rolling Stones COMBINED in 1967 and although they were put together just for a T.V show they actually went on to do everything themselves. 20 years after the show first aired they had the biggest selling concert tour of 1986!! Not too shabby!!

  61. The Monkees, The Guess Who, The Moody Blues, Three Dog Night, Todd Rundgren, Dave Edmunds, Nick Lowe, Deep Purple, The Doobie Brothers, Chicago, Cheap Trick, Bachman-Turner Overdrive, Kiss, UFO, Scorpions…
    I could probably think of at least a dozen more that all deserve induction into the Hall of Fame but for no other reasons but politica, are not in there!

  62. I am all for the Monkees getting in, just like I was all for the NASH-ERA Hollies getting in. Two awkward moments: 1. Terry Sylvester, post-Nash cypher, being thrown a sop, crashing the stage uninvited and thenbashing poor Graham Nash for not having invited him there

  63. Second awkward moment: Don Kirshner getting in there before Davy, Micky, Peter and Mike.

  64. Please put the monkees in before mike nesmith Peter tork and Micky dolenz they pass and will be too late

  65. dear goldmine, as a true loyal fan of the monkees since 13 years old.they should have been inducted a loong time ago. it’s not about politics or agendas or any of that stuf. its about a band who starte the boy band craze waay before 98 degrees,nkotb, the back street boys i could go on and on all im saying is that its about freaking time people give them the freaking credit that they so deserve ty jp

  66. The Monkees should by in Rock “n” Roll Hall of Fame!! Great band and singers. They had #1 songs.

  67. The Monkees should have been in the RRHoF long ago and it is a puking shame that it didn’t happen in Davy Jones’ lifetime! If you look at the diversity of their music, it crossed over seamlessly: rockabilly (What Am I Doing Hangin’ ‘Round?), scat (Randy Scouse Git), ballads (Daydream Believer, I Wanna Be Free). It brought me as a 12 year old from Wisconsin to develop an abiding love for protest songs and psychedelic rock by easing me in from the comfort of my living room. I was too young to appreciate the stars of Woodstock at that time but I followed along with my beloved Monkees…and now I am aging as they are. If for no other songs than the haunting “Shades of Grey” or for songs as silly as “Auntie Grizzelda”, for taking bubble gum songs and infusing them with energy and even a little hint of sex, get them in the Hall ASAP. That is all.

  68. @Joe Russo: Paul Revere & The Raiders are a joke band that only became really popular due to overexposure by classic rock radio and appearances on later seasons of Solid Gold. I could name tons of people and groups more worthy than them.

  69. GRAND FUNK RAILROAD – A true rock band. THE AMERICAN BAND. Nine multi platinum selling albums. A #1 hit single in 1973. Grand Funk Railroad shatters each and every criteria for enshrinement into Cleveland’s RR Hall of Fame! For this American success story not to be there, is a shame, and a scam and not acceptable. GRAND FUNK RAILROAD, do the right thing.
    Ed – Grand Funk was profiled in this series at

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