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Power Pop Plus: Kool Kat Musik Label Spotlight

Back in the early days of power pop’s near-renaissance (ie, the mid-to-late ‘90s), labels that specialized in those groovy pop sounds sprung up like so many weeds. (I won’t even try to list them for fear I’ll leave some out.) …

Album Review: “Wilkerson”

  Danny Wilkerson – Wilkerson (SpyderPop Records) Sometimes an album is just so good – so perfect in nearly every way – that I feel the need to shout it from the rooftop. So please excuse me for a moment …

Joan Armatrading, Beth McKee and Motel Mirrors kick off this month’s sound

So much sound this month, it’s hard to listen to anything else. When Joan Armatrading releases a new record, I sit up and take notice. John Wesley Harding sounds great doing other people’s material. Motel Mirrors are my favorite new band. Add jazz, a Pennsylvania power blues trio, the heavenly Beth McKee and some righteous jumpin’ rockabilly and we are, indeed, “Filled With Sound.”