PJ Harvey performs new song on BBC-TV’s Andrew Marr Show

by John Curley—PJ Harvey appeared on the Sunday, April 18th edition of BBC-TV’s The Andrew Marr Show to be interviewed and to perform a new track called “Let England Shake.” During the interview, Harvey discussed how being English factors into her music. She also talked about her changing styles with each album. In addition, Harvey described how the autoharp plays a big role in her new material. While the interview was done before the recent UK general election, Harvey discussed her keen interest in politics despite her songs not being political. To watch the interview, click below:

“Let England Shake” includes a sample of “Istanbul (Not Constantinople)” by The Four Lads. During Harvey’s performance of the song, the now-former British Prime Minister Gordon Brown is shown watching it on a monitor. (Brown was also a guest on the program.) To watch Harvey’s performance of “Let England Shake” on The Andrew Marr Show, click below:

Another new song of Harvey’s besides “Let England Shake” has found its way to YouTube. Last July at a festival called Bestival in her hometown of Dorset, England, Harvey performed a new song called “The Last Living Rose.” To watch that performance, click below:

Not bad, eh? That song actually sent shivers up my spine.

Harvey’s performance with John Parish in New York City last June in support of their A Woman A Man Walked By album was brilliant. I am very much looking forward to seeing what Harvey comes up with next. She is such a fantastically talented songwriter and performer and an absolute treasure in a music world that is increasingly filled with the detritus of the numerous TV “talent” shows on both sides of the pond.

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PJ Harvey performed a new song and was interviewed last month on The Andrew Marr Show on BBC-TV.

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