Rock Hall of Fame poll shows little support for any of this year’s nominees

Guns N' Roses

Guns N’ Roses leads Hall of Fame poll in spite of barely receiving 20% of the vote

By Phill Marder

 The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is running a poll on this year’s nominees for induction and you’re invited to vote at this link…

As of Friday morning, November 4, 268,803 votes have been tabulated, which each voter choosing five of the 15 nominees. I believe each voter can cast just one ballot.

The results so far seem to back my assertion several weeks ago that, overall, this is a pretty weak group, as only one nominee has been chosen by over 20 percent of the voters and that act – Guns N’ Roses – is barely eclipsing it at 20.3 percent. That means just one of five voters puts them in the top five of 15 choices.

It also supports what I believe is the generally held assertion that the Hall of Fame is way out of touch with public sentiment. Could you imagine the percentage The Beatles or Elvis would be racking up in this poll? I’m not a gambling man, but I’d bet The Monkees, The E-Street Band, Rush, and plenty of other candidates would be chalking up better than 20.3 percent after a quarter million votes.

Of course, it doesn’t matter. The Hall of Fame voters don’t pay any more attention to the public than does the nominating committee, which is why you get such confounding selections year after year.

But, let’s look at the poll results so far even if they are for naught.

1. Guns N’ Roses – (54,554 votes – 20.3%) – I listed them as a shoo-in in my original article on this year’s nominees and I maintain that prediction. I’m not a fan, but a lot of you are and they’ve left a mark.

2. The Red Hot Chili Peppers – (50,424 – 18.76%) – This band was one of my picks. They’ve had a long, successful career with much notoriety. If you’ve never listened to them, I think you’d be surprised at just how good they are.

3. The Cure – (39,492 – 14.69%) – Another one of my choices and a group that garnered a lot of support from Great Blogs Of Fire readers. Consistently interesting on record and a concert favorite.

4. Heart – (24,744 – 9.21%) – A major disappointment here. I would have expected this group to be running around 75 percent. But, hopefully, they’ll still make it.

5. Joan Jett & The Blackhearts – (21,768 – 8.1%) – They’re not getting much support, but for them to be as close to Heart as they are and ahead of Donovan, Donna Summer and The Spinners is hard for me to explain.

6. The Beastie Boys – (19,025 – 7.08%) – Again, don’t look at the standings, look at the percentage of those who agree they are Hall of Famers. Just seven percent. Would Todd Rundgren have seven percent?

7. Donna Summer – (10,221 – 3.8%) – Now here’s the real chasm. The disco queen is just one notch behind the rappers, but has only about half the votes. She deserves induction, but she’s in danger of becoming the HOF’s version of Susan Lucci.

8. War – (7,910 – 2.94%) – Another big drop here. I said this group should make it some day down the road, but there are many more deserving. Would Chicago or Electric Light Orchestra be running at less than three percent?

9. The Spinners – (7,827 – 2.91%) – One of my choices making a real disappointing showing in this poll. They should be waiting about another 10 years, but they’re one of the strongest entries of this group.

10. Donovan – (7,415 – 2.76%) – My biggest disappointment in this poll. Didn’t get in last year, and if it was up to this group of voters, wouldn’t make it this year, either.

11. The Small Faces/Faces – (7,000 – 2.6%) – I was confounded at the support this band received in the Goldmine poll. This is more like it. Would the Moody Blues be running less than three percent?

12. Rufus with Chaka Khan – (6,989 – 2.6%) – I was confounded this group was nominated, and evidently I’m not alone.

13. Freddie King – (5,817 – 2.15%) – The blues guitarist isn’t picking up much support.

14. Eric B. & Rakim – (3,336 – 1.24%) – You can’t get much lower than this.

15. Laura Nyro – (2,348 – 0.87%) – Ooops! Yes you can. I must apologize because I wrote Nyro only composed two memorable songs. I remembered a third – “He’s A Runner” is my favorite Blood, Sweat & Tears song. Now, if I can come up with about 147 more, she’ll get close to Burt Bacharach & Hal David. Or maybe just 100 more and she’ll be approaching Jimmy Webb or Bob Crewe. For the reader who said “my taste is in my mouth,” evidently that goes for over 99% of these voters, too. Perhaps that explains the obesity epidemic.

Well, there you have it. My top five remain Donovan, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, The Cure, Heart and Donna Summer with Guns N’ Roses listed as a shoo-in and The Spinners my next choice.

5 thoughts on “Rock Hall of Fame poll shows little support for any of this year’s nominees

  1. Ah, but is the poll reflecting apathy for the nominees, or for the hall itself? Maybe people aren’t voting because they know their votes don’t count and are just jaded by the whole thing.

  2. The premise of your entire column is flawed. The Rock Hall poll results list the percentage of total votes cast, not a percentage of ballots. So, if everyone voted for five artists, Guns N’ Roses are essentially on 100% of the ballots. That’s hardly apathy. What is likely happening, is there are a lot of people only voting for a single artist. This throws off the usefulness of the percentages.

    The poll we have on our website requires voters to vote for five artists and lists the percentage based on the ballots cast. Our results show Guns N’ Roses getting roughly 70% of the vote — a much more accurate polling number.

    Though I consider Guns N’ Roses a shoo-in, I would find it hard to swallow that they’re running around 100 percent. Maybe, but I would agree with your poll number being much more accurate. However, if, as you speculate, a lot of people are voting only for one artist out of the 15 nominated in the HOF poll, isn’t that a clear indication that the field isn’t that strong? By the way readers. If you haven’t checked out this web site, it’s very interesting and well done.

  3. Guess you shouldn’t have been so “confounded” by the Goldmine support for the Small Faces. They’re in.

    Perhaps you should give them a listen? Their body of work is really quite remarkable and they are a stated influence on many great British artists that followed.

    and no other bands much more successful and with bodies of work that continue to stand the test of time were? Don’t presume I haven’t listened to them. I have…plenty. They’re a fine band. I just don’t believe their credentials for Hall of Fame membership match up with many, many other eligible bands. And the Goldmine Poll support wasn’t that strong, especially considering the overall weakness of the field.

  4. 1) How are you defining “credentials”? and;
    2) Who are these many, many, other eligible, overlooked bands whose credentials match up so much better?
    Credentials can be defined as record sales and concert tickets sold. These are facts, “influence” is nothing but opinion. For the many, many bands, go to the blogs category, look up “Great Blogs Of Fire,” and you’ll find a year’s worth of articles on artists who should be in the Hall of Fame. You may want to begin with the fourth article down “For Rock Hall of Fame, Supposed ‘Influence’ More Important Than Mass Popularity?” You also may want to check the “most popular” column to the right, which has four pieces, including “10 bands snubbed by the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame”

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