The Snake River Blues of Decker

snake-blues_Album-smHailing from Sedona, Arizona, Brandon Decker (aka decker.) is an artist who describes his most recent music as “psychedelic desert folk.” But that’s not the entire story of Decker’s latest six-song excursion called “Snake River Blues.” The emotional energy of the songs ride on the wonderful kinetic guitar rhythms that obviously embrace Americana but are more in-tune with indie rock with goth undertones — think Arcade Fire sprinkled with the melancholy of Jimmy Gnecco’s Ours or the beautifully tortured soul of Cursive. An example of this artful perfection is the prize of the release, “The Phantom” or the brooding, slow-paced anger of “The Black Widow” with its atmospheric guitar and haunting organ bits.

As the title track will show, when Decker gets closer to the blues it’s more in the Jack White contemporary slot than Muddy Waters — a psychedelic folk tinged with the influence of traditional blues.

Decker is no newbie. He has self-released six studio records in the last seven years and performs constantly. The sin is that not enough people have heard of him. I’ve been unfamiliar with his music until now and “Snake River Blues” is one of the best music releases that I’ve heard this year.

“Snake River Blues” is due to be out on September 23. For more information, go to

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