The Cars with “Shake It Up”

By Carol Anne Szel

Well, sometimes ya just gotta.  Shake it up that is.

In 1981 The Cars album “Shake It Up” hit the Billboard Pop Album chart at #9, with the single of the same name charted at #2 in Mainstream Rock.  This obviously punk alternative band made the crossover in those early 80s days, since their roots are certainly far from the categories of either pop or what would have been seen as mainstream.

With Ric Ocasek on vocals,  Elliot Easton on lead guitar, Greg Hawkes  on keyboard,  Benjamin Orr on bass, and David Robinson on drums,  The Cars had an offbeat quirkiness backed up by music that transitioned the era of definitive punk music of the 70s bled into the era of alternative-rock music, much the same way as the 1950s Rockabilly melded into the early mid 60s Rockers like The Beatles and Stones. The Hair Metal music of the late 80s grew into the Grunge music of the early 90s which took musicians from lipstick and spandex to garages and flannel.

The cars had over a dozen Top 20 hits and gave us six multi-platinum album offerings in the span of their career to date.  Ever changing, ever evolving, ever-expanding.  The big question is…

How have you shaken up your musical era today?

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