The Libertines’ Carl Barât publishes memoir and releases first solo album

By John Curley 

Carl Barât, who is back performing with The Libertines, has written a memoir about his time with The Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things. Titled Threepenny Memoir: The Lives of a Libertine, the book discusses the demise of both bands as well as Barât’s working relationship with fellow Libertine Pete Doherty. The book was released on September 30th by the London publisher Fourth Estate, an imprint of HarperCollins Publishers. An excerpt from the memoir can now be read online.

In addition to the memoir, Barât has also completed his first solo album. The self-titled solo album, which is being released on Monday, October 4th in the UK, follows the two albums each that Barât did with The Libertines and Dirty Pretty Things. 

The album’s first single, “Run With The Boys,” has received a decent amount of airplay on music radio in the UK. To watch the video for “Run With The Boys,” click below: 

Barât’s UK tour starts on October 15th in Brighton, England.

Carl Barât of The Libertines is releasing a memoir (the cover of which is pictured above) and a solo album within days of each other.

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