A reader’s list of Rock Hall nominees from A to Z

The Association

The Association kicks off this reader’s A-Z list of Rock Hall of Fame nominees

By Phill Marder

Reader Dave threw out this challenge. Any takers?

Here’s a quick A to Z of HOF-worthy artists; some are in the Rock Hall already, but others are still waiting. I just meant to pick one per letter. There’s trillions of others for most of the letters and these are not necessarily the top choices in every instance, but include many of my favorites. I couldn’t come up with a viable “X” however. Anyone want to try a similar list but with different artists per letter? I would be game. Would like to see these artists and many others featured in Goldmine (many have been I’m sure but I’m a new subscriber).A- The Association B- The Beatles C- Chicago D- Donovan E- Melissa Etheridge F- The Faces G- Genesis H- Jimi Hendrix I- The Impressions J- Jethro Tull K- King Crimson L- Led Zeppelin M- The Moody Blues N- Ricky Nelson O- Roy Orbison P- Elvis Presley Q- Queen R- Rolling Stones S- Cat Stevens T- The Temptations U- The Union Gap V- The Ventures W- The Who X- I’m at a loss Y- Yes Z- The Zombies

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  1. So far, no one’s game enough for this challenge. But I’m dumb enough to try anything, so I’ll give it a shot. But, after trying it I realized some are almost impossible. How do you get an O with choosing Roy Orbison or a P without Elvis? So I’m changing the rules. You can use choices already named. With that settled, here goes…

    A – America; B – The Beach Boys (with apologies to The Beatles, The Bee Gees, Chuck Berry and James Brown); C – Creedence Clearwater Revival; D – Bob Dylan; E – The Everly Brothers; F – The Four Seasons; G – The Guess Who; H – Buddy Holly; I – The Impressions; J – Elton John; K – The Kinks; L – Jerry Lee Lewis; M- The Moody Blues; N- Ricky Nelson; O – Roy Orbison; P – Elvis; Q – Queen; R – The Rascals (with apologies to R.E.M., The Righteous Brothers and The Rolling Stones); S – Bruce Springsteen; T – The Temptations; U – Utopia (Todd Rundgren) (with apologies to Ultimate Spinach !!); V – The Ventures; W – Dionne Warwick; X – XTC; Y – Neil Young; Z – Warren Zevon.

    Ok. Who’s next??

  2. America 1996
    Bad Company 1999
    The Cars 2003
    Dire Straits 2003
    Electric Light Orchestra 1996
    Foreigner 2002
    The Guess Who 1990
    Hall & Oates 1997
    Iron Maiden 2004
    Journey 2000
    Kasem, Casey
    Lou Reed 1997
    MC5 1991
    Night Ranger 2007
    Ozzy Osbourne 2005
    Procol Harum 1992
    Queensrÿche 2008
    Rush 1998
    Scorpions 1997
    Thin Lizzy 1996
    UFO 1995
    Violent Femmes 2007
    Wolfman Jack
    X (blank)
    Yes 1994
    The Zombies 1989

    THE most glaring omittance are those of Casey Kasem and Wolfman Jack (non-performers, but still HUGE in the R&R scene)

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