Ask The Expert: Mr Mojo Risin CD mispressing

Are CD mispressings, like the Jim Morrison “An American Prayer” (above), any different than vinyl mispressings as far as value?

Q: I have Jim Morrison’s An American Prayer CD that I bought at Sam Goody years ago. It plays Metallica’s And Justice For All album. Wondering… any value?

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A: Sorry to be the bearer of bad tidings, but…

CD mispressings are certainly encountered a lot less frequently than their vinyl counterparts, so you definitely have an interesting conversation piece on your hands. Unfortunately, in terms of value and collectibility, the same caveats apply — a specialist collector of one artist or the other might well be interested, but in general terms, it’s just an printing error. And, unlike our cousins in other hobbies (stamps, baseball cards, banknotes), the majority of record collectors just don’t care.

— Dave Thompson,
Author of the 45 RPM Records Price Guide, 8th Ed.

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