Check out Topps/Motown record cards circa 1967

By Michael Cumella

Every kid knows Topps as the famed sports-card manufacturer, but it also had many forays into other worlds of card collectibles.

Four Tops Motown In 1967, Topps released a series of 16 card/records each with a different hit song by a popular Motown artist.Topps Motown record

These were sold at newsstands, candy stores or anywhere else that kids could be tempted to part with 15 cents. The front featured a colorful picture with a record sheet embossed on the front and the back had playing instructions and a bit of biographical information about the artist.

They came in a paper sleeve, and I imagined that they were issued with a stick of gum, but I have never gotten verification of that fantasy.

(Go behind the scenes of Motown’s Supremes.)

Michael Cumella is the curator of the Internet Museum of Flexi / Cardboard / Oddity Records. He is also the host of The Antique Phonograph Music Program heard weekly on WFMU featuring disc and cylinder records played on period crank-up phonographs. Records from magazines, cereal boxes, product inclusions, give-aways and more are quite rare and valuable, due to the limited distribution of these records. Information is limited for many of these items, so we welcome your input, feedback and “reco-rd-olections!”

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