Collector’s Corner

Labels, artists announce Record Store Day 2013 releases


It’s time to start making your Record Store Day list and checking it twice. Here’s the latest list of exclusive releases planned for 7-inch, 10-inch and 12-inch vinyl formats (including picture sleeves and picture discs) that will be offered for Record Store Day on April 20, 2013.

Auction puts T-shirts, backstage passes in the spotlight

Van Halen 1980 T-shirt

These days, it’s almost unthinkable to go see your favorite band in concert or hang out at a music festival without taking at least a little bit of the show home with you, be it a T-shirt or a baseball cap. But the items we see today in artists’ online shops and at their merch tables weren’t always so readily available, says Jacques van Gool of Backstage Auctions.

Picture sleeves keep teen idols’ legacies alive

Ricky Nelson picture sleeve

The elusive nature of picture sleeves — which had limited press runs, were tacked to bedroom walls or thrown away by parents when their kids moved out of the house — has made the sleeves a hot property among collectors. In fact, many of the sleeves have become far more valuable than the discs they once held.