Is Jimmy Buffett album cover a misprint or a work of art?

Question: Hi, I found a 1976 copy of Jimmy Buffett’s “Havana Daydreaming” LP with no songs listed on the back. I was wondering if this is a common misprint; I don’t know about the LP inside since it is still factory sealed. Thanks.
— Nick, via e-mail

Answer: This is less a misprint than a piece of deliberate art, although there are a number of collectible versions of this album out there… apparently.
According to Wikipedia, several rare versions of this album exist — or are rumored to. These have altered song ordering and contain one or more of the songs “Please Take Your Drunken 15-Year-Old Girlfriend Home,” “Train to Dixieland,” and “We’ve Been Taken to the Cleaners (and I Already Had my Shirts Done).”

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