OUR READERS: Get to know fellow collector Richard Kaplan

THIS STOCK COPY of The Rolling Stones’ “Stoned” is the jewel —in value, at least — of Richard Kaplan’s collection of 45s on the London label. Photo courtesy of Richard Kaplan

London Records literally rock Richard Kaplan’s world. The collector from Metuchen, N.J., has been snapping up records since 1966, and the London label is particularly near and dear to his heart. We’d love to share your story, too! Please e-mail at goldminemag@fwmedia.com

What do you do for a living?
Richard Kaplan: Retired; had been a professional stamp dealer for a third of a century. Found previously unknown items in that field, too.

What are your passions besides collecting records?
Kaplan: Collecting picture postcards of ocean liners, rookie football cards of ex-N.U. Cornhusker and Rutgers, and most of all, memorabilia of the actor Judson Scott. Also amateur radio 2 meter county-hunting, which is very difficult with a modest station!

How did you get into music collecting?
Kaplan: Beatles fan, started a specialized collection of their records, spread to all U.K. artist U.S. pressing 45s, and the U.K. artist labels, such as London.

What’s your record-collecting motto/philosophy?
Kaplan: Try to have a want list with nothing left on it.

What is your favorite musical act of all time?
Kaplan: The Beatles. (Favorite genre for listening — psychedelic music.)

What is the focus on for your collection (genre, band, era, etc.)?
Kaplan: U.K. artists, U.S. pressing 45s with stock (catalog) numbers, and U.K.-associated labels, such as London.

What is your most-prized item (both in dollar value and sentimental value)?
Kaplan: Most valuable: London 9641 stock copy (“Stoned” by The Rolling Stones).

Most prized: Prestige 314 (Manfred Mann “Blue Brave” / “Brother Jack”), which was not supposed to exist, and I found not one but TWO promos.

What is your method of collecting? Where do you usually find the best bargains?
Kaplan: Searching eBay.

Who’s your favorite record store operator/record dealer, and why?
Kaplan: Frank Merrill, who gets many very unusual records and is a fellow Pythonesque looner.

How long have you been a Goldmine reader?
Kaplan: Decades.

What do you like most about Goldmine (print and online)?
Kaplan: The discographies, which I need for learning what I didn’t know about and DON’T have (and what I DO have that isn’t in them).

What would you like to see in Goldmine?
Kaplan: More discographies and fewer mistakes in listing auctions as set sales and set sales as auctions (the black side tabs on the pages, which are all too often inaccurate).

Additional comments?
Kaplan: I actually found a record on my want list in a GM auction this year! That’s a rarity, as my collection is extensive and my want list, except for post-1985, small. George Lockwood has erased about a third of the later ones.

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  1. I just want someone to come to my hous assess my collection nad buy it. I don’t want to sell on-line and I’m too old (65) to travel far. Is any one available

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