Rare ‘New York Punk Scene collection’ for sale

Dig Gallery is offering an ongoing sale of rare punk memorabilia from the Collection of Eileen Polk, photographer and close friend of many of the legends of the New York Punk scene.

Ramones" t-shirt, owned and worn by Dee Dee Ramone in 1976. Accompanied by a photograph of Dee Dee Ramone wearing an identical t-shirt. Dee Dee is also seen wearing an identical t-shirt in the documentary "Johnny Ramone: Too Tough To Die", 1996.

Included in the collection is an original vintage Ramones t-shirt (at left) owned and worn by Dee Dee Ramone (Sale price: £3000). Eileen Polk was dating Dee Dee in 1976 and he gave this t-shirt to Eileen before the Ramones went on tour in the Summer of 1976. Another highlight from Eileen’s collection is a scarf worn by Jerry Nolan of the New York Dolls (Sale price: £500) – Nolan can be seen wearing the scarf on the back of the New York Dolls’ first LP from 1973 “New York Dolls”. Also for sale is a drumstick used by Jerry Nolan of the New York Dolls, complete with tape applied by Nolan to prevent splinters.

Eileen has decided that the time has come for her to give the fans the opportunity to treasure some of these iconic pieces from her collection. Other pieces from her collection, including personal items of Sid Vicious, will remain on display in the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame Museum, Cleveland, Ohio.

Helen Hall of Dig Gallery says on the collection: “We are thrilled to offer Eileen’s collection for sale. Eileen Polk is a name known by many Punk aficionados as she was there on the scene when Punk arrived in New York. The items in her collection are from some of the biggest icons in the New York Punk scene, such as the Ramones and the New York Dolls, and document an important watershed in the history of Popular Culture”

You can purchase online at www.diggallery.com.


More about Dig Gallery: Dig is a retail photography and memorabilia gallery where you can buy any of the items you see on their Web site. Dig Gallery was founded by Helen Hall, a former Auctioneer and Vice President at Christie’s Auction House. Having spent years dealing with the most thrilling and iconic artifacts in the history of 20th Century Popular Culture (John Lennon’s Guitar anyone?), Hall launched Dig to offer affordable and accessible rock and roll memorabilia and photographs, film and fashion photography and Pop Culture artworks.

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