Spin Cycle

Deborah Bonham – the Blues with Spirit


Classic Rock magazine glows over her warm and fulsome voice”; Blues Revue describes her as “the Duchess of Blues-Rock”; Firework calls her “amazing woman”; and when Blues Matters caught her duetting with Dan McCafferty, it was “a vocal marriage made …

Here Comes the Ski Patrol!


Of all the bands that hovered around the UK punk and post-punk scene at the tail end of the seventies, so many of whom trailed away having left barely a mark on the popular consciousness, one of the most invigorating …

Mike Oldfield – Man on the Rocks


Talking to Goldmine this time last year, Mike Oldfield warned, “The new album is totally different to [his then-current] Tubular Beats.  There’s no software at all and everything is live backing tracks. “I have a coproducer called Steve Lipson, who’s …

Behold the bounty of early Fleetwood Mac in a vinyl box set

Fleetwood Mac Then Play On vinyl Rhino

Anybody with an ear for post-1960s rock has a favorite era of Fleetwood Mac. For some, it’s the classic blues-breaking albums that introduced the band to the world. For others, it’s the unicorns and weirdness of the late 1970s; for others still, it’s the sleek beasties that stirred in the aftermath of “Tusk.” But for anyone who sallied forth as often as possible to catch the likes of Foghat and Humble Pie, it’s the post-Green, pre-Buckingham, pre-superstardom era of the big Mac.

Randall and Hopkirk and the Little White Bull


It was one of British television’s most legendary creations.  Between 1968-69,  Randall & Hopkirk (Deceased) told the tale of a down at heel London detective agency whose staff of two full-time gumshoes was tragically halved in the very first episode, …