Want list wishes range from Annette to Rare Earth

What’s on your want list? Whatever it is that rocks your world but continues to elude your grasp, we want to know. Send us your Top 5 Want List of the records you seek (and a sentence or two about why each one is on your list and how long you’ve been looking) so we can share them with fellow Goldmine readers.  Send e-mails to goldminemag@fwmedia.com, attention Top Five Want List; or, mail letters to Goldmine, Attention Top Five Want List, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54990.

If you’re game to hear from other readers who have the record you seek, please let us know when you submit your list; we’ll print your contact information and others can reach out to you. Otherwise, we’ll pass along any leads we get. Happy hunting!


Annette Buena Vista 436Here you go with five long-time maddening want list items. I could easily dredge up 30 more of equal importance, but I know you have other readers to please and a magazine to run!
1. Annette, Buena Vista 344.
2. Annette, Buena Vista 436. I have been after these two for 15 years or so. For most of that time, I thought they were erroneous price guide entries only.  Then I saw them both listed in an Oldies Unlimited advertisement in your magazine.  I was too late and have never seen them again.
3. Fats Domino, Imperial 5999. This goes back about 20 years for me. The price guides say it’s out there. I don’t believe it.
4. Frankie Ford, Ace 8009. Another long-timer. This one I have yet to encounter and believe, at least for now, that it does not exist.
5. Everly Brothers, Warner Brothers 5151, gold title sleeve. WB issued three of their big ones on gold vinyl and each of these was provided with a special promotional sleeve.  They had the typical arrows-around-hole design, but were covered over entirely in gold ink so that the pattern showed through.  Imprinted on the sleeve were the titles, Cathy’s Clown/Always It’s You and the record number.  I have had this gold vinyl record for years, as well as the other two and their respective sleeves.  The missing gold sleeve would complete the set. Feel free to print my e-mail address if you wish. And congratulations on turning your good magazine into a great one.
— Tom Likai, via e-mail, tommieflipper@comcast.net


I was just viewing the Want List in the January 2011 issue of Goldmine, and I have one of the items in the first list by Gary Kahn. I have item 5:  BEATLES, “Watching Rainbows.” Both the record and cover are in VG+ condition.  He may contact me at this e-mail (scap@yahoo.com).
— John Scarpelli, via e-mail


Bang albumHere is my want list:
The Smiths 45, “Now I Taste the Tears.” Not the group from the ’80s. Late ’60s pulled after 2 weeks on air.
Bang, album that contains the song “Future Shock.”
People, any albums. Group that featured Larry Norman and did the song  “I Love You.”
Larry Norman, any albums or CDs.
Looking for any recording of the song ”DON’T THROW STONES.” This is the song that the band is playing in the opening of the movie “Road House.”
— Phil Black, Mattoon, Ill.

Editor’s note: “Don’t Throw Stones,” which is included on the “Road House” original motion picture soundtrack, is performed by The Cruzados. The band only put out two albums during its brief career: 1985’s “Cruzados” on Remedy Records and 1987’s “After Dark” on Arista, according to Allmusic.com. We didn’t find “Don’t Throw Stones” on either of those albums’ listings — only the “Road House” soundtrack; you can find it easily on amazon.com.


Rare Earth Live in ChicagoRare Earth, ”Live In Chicago,” RS 547L, Motown. A double live set, recorded at in Chicago in 1974. “Live in Chicago” was pressed. Copies have been circulated; they exist but obviously it is mega rare. The original master tapes are in the vaults of Motown and have been catalogued.
The album was recorded at the Arie Crown Theater, and the track listing is on the discography page on rareearthworld.co.uk. One source that has heard these recordings suggest the quality is far better than the official “poor quality” excuse.  It was more than likely withdrawn from release due to the political goings on rather than the quality.
Eric Lynch, Connecticut

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  1. I am a long-time subscriber to Goldmine. I have been trying to locate these 20 or so 45s for a long time. About a third of these are British releases, and never saw the light of day in the U.S. These are the ones I’m looking for:

    Mel Carter — What Will I Tell My Heart — MERCURY 71998
    Gene Cotton — I Will Teach God’s People/Sunday School Teacher — DR 8049
    Elopers — Union Man — RLW Productions 1287
    Paul Evans — I’m Gonna Build a Girl/Two Different Things — KAPP 567
    Fortunes — Just Another Dream/Sunday Night — UNITED ARTISTS 25074
    Fortunes — There Are the Good Old Days/Your Song — PINK ELEPHANT 22133
    Fortunes — Dangerous Games/Romance — DURECO BENELUX 4793
    Four Winds — Let it Ride/One Face in the Crowd — BT PUPPY 555
    Bobby Freeman — I Tell the Truth — SND-O-RIFIC 1
    Gerry and the Pacemakers — The Rose/You Are My Everything — PACER 100
    Herman’s Hermits — Train/Ride on Water — BUDDAH 700
    C.L. and the Pictures — I’m Lonely Tonight/Mountain Mama — SILVER BULLET
    Leapy Lee — Boiled Beef and Carrots/My Mixed-Mind — CBS 3131
    Phil Phillips — Please Forgive Me/Beware — CLIQUE 100
    Phil Phillips — Confusions/My Love is so True — CLIQUE 105
    Phil Phillips — You Don’t Want Me Anymore/I’m Alone Because — TAMM 2004
    Bobby Pickett — Wake Up My Mind/Have Broken Heart Will Cry — ATMOSPHERE 101
    Freddie Scott — Running Home to You/Turn the Lamp Down Low — J&S 1760
    R. Dean Taylor — Cheerleader — JANE 5013
    Thomas Wayne — Don’t Come Running/Kiss Away — RACER 3131
    Sheb Wooley — I Gave at the Office/Thank God and A.A. — PORTLAND LTD 039

    I would prefer to have the record but if you are reluctant to part with it, I would be happy to pay for a burned CDR of the song. If you have any information on these 45s, I can be reached at bburatti@rcn.com. I appreciate any help on these.

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