Want lists include Beatles, Stones, Dylan, Doors and more

Juliana Hatfield God's FootWhat’s on your want list? We want to know! Whether you’ve got a line on these records or want to share your own list, send an e-mail to goldminemag@fwmedia.com, or write to us at Goldmine, Attention: Most Wanted Stories, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54990.


1. JULIANA HATFIELD would be at the very top of my  want list. Specifically, I’m looking for a clean copy of the (unauthorized) recording titled “GOD’S FOOT.” I’ve always loved Juliana’s music, and that’s one of her records that has been eluding me for quite some time now.Talking Heads Live
2.  TALKING HEADS — “Talking Heads Live on Tour” (1979) Warner Bros. Music Show
3.   TALKING HEADS — “Puzzlin’ Evidence” (1986 Promo Label)
4.  BOB DYLAN — “Great White Wonder”
5.  BEATLES — “Watching Rainbows”

— Gary Kahn, Michigan


JOHN LENNON original ( and not a re-release of John & Yoko’s green vinyl single) “Happy Xmas (War Is Over)” is on my Want List, as it was our Johnny’s 70th birthday last October and 30 years since we lost him.

— Paul, via e-mail


Jefferson Airplane After Bathing At Baxter'sI’m very much into mono pressings of records made at the time mono was being phased out. My top 5 finds reflect this.
1. THE MONKEES — “The Birds, The Bees & the Monkees.”
The Doors Strange Days2. THE DOORS — “Strange Days.” As I have the mono pressing of their first, I need this one to complement it.
3. JEFFERSON AIRPLANE  — “After Bathing at Baxter’s.” OK, so I have the Sundazed re-pressing … I still need the RCA original.
4. THE BEATLES — “Magical Mystery Tour.” I bought the mono pressing when it came out in 1967. I lost it in 1975. I haven’t had it since.
5. THE MOODY BLUES — “Days of Future Passed” The album cover says it should exist, but I’ve never seen one. Being a Moodys fan, if it does exist, I want it.

— Frank, via e-mail


The Birds The Bees and The MonkeesAs a long-standing collector of THE MONKEES records and the Colgems label in general, the holy grail for me has been the original U.S. mono version of “The Birds, the Bees and the Monkees.” Although I currently have digital copies of this album, which were sent to me by other record-collecting enthusiasts, I have never physically even seen the U.S. mono version of this recording, even though I know it exists. Years ago, I bought the U.K. mono version of this LP, but, alas, it features mono tracks, but from the stereo source. I have looked far and wide for the U.S. mono, but I haven’t come up with it yet. And I don’t know if I ever will.

— Larry Lapka, longtime subscriber, via e-mail

•••••Bob Dylan Highway 61 Revisited

1. BOB DYLAN — “Highway 61 Revisited” This is considered the best album Bob Dylan created. I found only one Dylan album “Bringing it All Back Home.” I have been searching for years, and there are not a lot of Dylan albums out there.

2. THE BEATLES — ”Yellow Submarine” Considered the weakest of The Beatles albums, but I have all the others and this would complete my collection. Because this wasn’t a big seller, I guess there were not a lot sold and therefore not a lot to find.

Rolling Stones Their Satanic Majesty's Request3. THE ROLLING STONES — “Their Satanic Majesties Request” Also considered the weakest of The Rolling Stones’ offerings. I have not been able to find a copy for one reason or another. This album was a real style-changer, and I would like to experience it!The Royal Guardsmen Snoopy and His Friends

4. JOHN LENNON — “Plastic Ono Band.” The debut single of John Lennon. Like Beatles albums, this is very collectible and hard to find a vinyl copy in good condition.

5. ROYAL GUARDSMEN — “Snoopy and his Friends” This album by the Royal Guardsmen is a guilty pleasure. The other albums are a more serious nature, and this is just for fun, what a record should be! Never found a copy of this album, period.

A Christmas Gift For You From Philles Records6. “A Christmas Gift for You from Philles Records” This is an album of Christmas songs, produced by Phil Spector (just in case Santa is watching.) This album came out at the same time that John Kennedy was killed, and I don’t think too many people were in the Christmas mood, making it particularly hard to find.

— Dave Sherman, Georgia

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  1. To Dave Sherman—- I have the Specter Christmas LP that you are looking for . It has the yellow label and is VG+ (Vinyl & Cover) $50 and free postage. Please contact me if you don’t already have it.
    Allan BluesImageArt@aol.com

  2. i’m looking for the bag records ‘lost lennon tapes’ series, volumes 14 thru 35 on vinyl. if anyone has these titles, please let me know the price and condition! thanks!

  3. To Dave Sherman–I have a copy of the Royal Guardsmen LP you’re looking for, “Snoopy and His Friends” on Laurie 2042. It is a stereo copy. The cover is in VG+ condition and the record is near mint. Price is $10 with $5 for postage ($15 total). Please contact me if you’re interested. … I’m also looking for 3 45s myself — “I Wonder” by Glen Campbell on CENECO 1356, “Little Lollipop” by Ron Dante on ALMONT 307 and “Jamaica” by the Twin-Tones on MONTE CARLO 006.
    Bruce Buratti

  4. I have so many of the 33 album’s on these list that people are wanting. The albums belonged to my parents. How do I find the value of these albums and sale them ? I will try and make a list and add them here if that is ok ? I just found this site and joined tonight, I was trying to find the value of my Mom’s Rolling Stone’s album “Through The Past, Darkly” . 1969. Most of these albums are like new. They bought them and then never played them. Also have Beatles albums, I have numerous 45 records also including Jackson 5, Elvis Presley, Johnny Cash (Sun Records label) 🙁 I can be contacted at DCrane8404@hotmail.com Help ?

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