In an era when more and more musicians rely on electronics and software to get their art across, it’s refreshing to discover an up-and-coming act that hasn’t forgotten the foundation that rock music was built upon – the electrifying, rip-roaring sound of a real, live band playing together. That’s the exact approach the Raleigh, NC quintet, The Stone Chiefs, adopt on their recently-released debut album, “Drive On” (via Grab ‘Em Records). A mixture of classic rock and southern rock, The Stone Chiefs recall the finer moments of the Black Crowes, the Rolling Stones, and Kings of Leon. Check them out.

Goldmine’s Download of the Week is the The Stone Chiefs’ “Vices” off of the new CD “Drive On.”

To download this .mp3 to your computer, right click the “Download” link and choose “Save As.” Or, Option + Click on Mac.

The Stone Chiefs’ “Vices”

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