Album review of ‘ZZ Top: A Tribute From Friends’

Various Artists
ZZ Top: A Tribute From Friends
Show Dog/Universal Music (B0015359-02)

By Christine Ellis

Many times when there is a tribute album for an artist, that artist’s fans are left disappointed by the creative license taken by those paying tribute with the songs. This is not one of those tributes. The songs don’t stray far from the original instrumentation and overall sound that makes them identifiable as ZZ Top’s.

ZZ Top A Tribute From FriendsThe artists featured on this tribute, who range from country to heavy metal, pay tribute not only to the band ZZ Top but the original ZZ Top sound. While they add their own styles to the songs, none change the arrangement to make it unrecognizable.

All in all, this is a well-done tribute. The highlights include Grace Potter & The Nocturnals’ rendition of “Tush;” Duff McKagan’s Loaded’s version of “Got Me Under Pressure;” Wolfmother’s “Cheap Sunglasses” and Wyclef Jean’s “Rough Boy.” The eclectic mix of artists in and of itself is a highlight, and it shows the reach of ZZ Top’s music. Each artist brings a piece of himself to the song he performs; Wyclef Jean’s track is heavy on synthesizers, and Filter’s track is heavier than the original.

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