Announcing the winners of Kinks Goldmine Giveaway, week three

Congratulations to the following winners of week three of our final week of the Kinks Goldmine Giveaway! They have each won “Kinks Kontroversy” Deluxe Edition.

The band’s second album of 1965 transitioned from R&B rave-ups such as “Milk Cow Blues” and the pop beauty of “Till The End Of The Day” to indications of the future direction of Ray Davies’ songwriting with the laidback garage punk of “The World Keeps Going Round” and “I’m On An Island.”  The Deluxe Edition adds 17 more selections, highlighted by the band’s first single of 1966, “Dedicated Follower Of Fashion.”

Here are the winners and their posts on why they love The Kinks and “Kinks Kontroversy” album:

I’ve refrained from trying to win the previous two albums because this is the one I really want. It points the way to the glorious period ahead for my favorite band of the ’60s. Some of their finest moments are here!

Chris Malis
The Kinks deluxe CD giveaway is a great way to place some of the best music ever written – and never sufficiently heard – into the hands of someone who can truly appreciate it … me!

I have been a Kinks fan since the 70′s. To me they are the epitomy of English rock. This album is a perfect example of how Ray can look at everyday situations and turn them into endearing rock ballads. I would love to win this extended version!

Jeff Coyle
I remember as a young boy seeing the Kinks perform “You really Got Me” at a shopping center in the Sacramento, CA. area. I would like to win the album because I’m a Kinks fan. Thanks.

Phil Grabar
Why I want to win the re-issue of “Kink Kontroversy” – I’ve always wanted to have matching KK initials, and if I win I promise to change my name to Khil Krabar!

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  1. Thank you very much Goldmine Magazine for the “Kinks Kontroversy” Deluxe Edition album. My address is:
    Jeff Coyle
    773 Harding Ave.
    San Jose, CA 95126

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