Check out some of Ruth Brown’s greatest efforts on this playlist

If you’re unfamiliar with Ruth Brown’s records — either hearing them or collecting them — check out our playlist to sample the superstar singer at her best.

Here are some of her most memorable performances, as selected by writer Mike Greenblatt, paired with collecting information courtesy of Goldmine’s database.

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Ruth Brown Wild Wild Young Men• “Wild, Wild Young Men”
Flip side: “Mend Your Ways.” Atlantic 933, 1953. 78 RPM: $30. 45 RPM: $30.

• “Lucky Lips”
Flip side: “My Heart Is Breaking Over You.” Atlantic 1125, 1957. 78 RPM: $25. 45 RPM: $25.

• “Lucky Lips”/“Mambo Baby”
Flip Side: “Smooth Operator”/“Oh What A Dream.” Atlantic 585, 1957. 7-inch EP with picture sleeve: $60.Ruth Brown Lucky Lips

• “Don’t Deceive Me”
Flip Side: “I Burned Your Letter.” Atlantic 2052, 1960. 45 RPM: $20.

• “So Long”
Flip Side: “It’s Been Raining.” Atlantic 879, 1949. 78 RPM red-wax promo with white label and red print: $500. 78 RPM: $50.

Ruth Brown Mambo Baby• “5-10-15”/“Teardrops From My Eyes”
Flip Side: “So Long”/ “Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean.” Atlantic 505, 1953. 7-inch EP: $100.

• “5-10-15”
Flip Side: Be Anything But Be Mine.” Atlantic 962, 1952. 45 RPM: $50. 78 RPM: $40.
Flip Side: “Itty Bitty Girl.” Atlantic 2015, 1959. 45 RPM: $20.

Ruth Brown Don't Deceive Me Atlantic• “This Little Girl’s Gone Rockin’”
Flip Side: “Why Me.” Atlantic 1197, 1958. 45 RPM: $25. 78 RPM: $50.

• “Mambo Baby”
Flip Side: “Somebody Touch Me.” Atlantic 1044, 1954. 78 RPM: $25. 45 RPM: $30.

• “Oh, What A Dream”
Flip Side: Please Don’t Freeze.” Atlantic 1036, 1954. 78 RPM: $25.

Ruth Brown Mama He Treats Your Daughter Mean• “Love Contest”
Flip /side: “You Don’t Want Me.” Atlantic 1018, 1954. 78 RPM: $25. 45 RPM: $30.

• “Mama, He Treats Your Daughter Mean”
Flip Side: “I’ll Step Aside.” Atlantic 2008, 1958. 45 RPM: $20.
Flip Side: “Hold My Hand.” Phillips 40056, 1962. 45 RPM: $12.
Flip Side: “R.B. Blues.” Atlantic 986, 1953. 45 RPM: $60.

Source: Goldmine’s Standard Catalog of American Records, 8th Edition.

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  1. I had the privilege of calling Ruth Brown a friend for the last 2. 5 years of her life. She was warm, wonderful and ultra-talented. I miss her so much! But, thankfully, she’s still with us through her wonderful recordings.

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