iHaveIt music collecting platform is the subject of episode 36 of the Goldmine Magazine Podcast

iHaveit is a brand new music collecting/trading platform for vinyl records, CDs, cassette tapes and other formats (plus music memorabilia), enabling collectors and traders to search, sell, buy, review and report on their individual music collections.

A screenshot of the iHaveIt website.

Goldmine speaks to founder Michael Veenswyk on the Goldmine Magazine Podcast about what makes iHaveit unique. Listen to the podcast below. Then go to iHaveit.io to test it out.

EXTRA: To learn more about being an integral part of iHaveIt in the future, click here for an outstanding opportunity.


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2 thoughts on “iHaveIt music collecting platform is the subject of episode 36 of the Goldmine Magazine Podcast

  1. I Have It has a long way to go. The listings have pictures of completely different records and the descriptions are useless in trying to find a particular copy.

    ‘The images presented in iHaveit are for reference purposes only, and may not be the same image as the item being sold’.

    You can’t even search by the Label!

    Very underwhelming

  2. “As part of the iHaveit platform, launch, iHaveit has commenced this Crowdfunding offer, selling Class B shares enabling people that love Music to be part of the journey and success, enabling music lovers to become owners and shareholders, to benefit from the success of iHaveit and to help support and influence the business success by involving friends, family and networks to use iHaveit.

    Our goal is to sell 2million items annually within three years. While there is no guarantee of future values of iHaveit shares, if iHaveit does achieve our commercial goals the iHaveit shares “could” become worth a lot more in the future, a wonderful novelty gift that may keep giving.”

    Pump & Dump………………..and Goldmine not only supports it but is actively pushing it…………………sad

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