Our Readers: Get to know Beatles’ collector Gib Robbie

THE BEATLES are collector Gib Robbie’s favorite band. This Swan blue-and-white label 45 is a prized possession. Photo courtesy Gib Robbie .

To say Gib Robbie knows Goldmine well is a bit of an understatement. The Medford, N.J., collector hasn’t missed an issue of this magazine since 1985.

Well, now it’s our turn to get to know Gib a little better. You’ve already met him — or his work, at least, when you picked up this issue. His depiction of Elvis Presley graces this issue’s cover. We hope you enjoy Gib’s art and his story.

What do you do for a living?
Gib Robbie:
Commercial illustrator. I have more than 40 images on a page at Art Bistro… www.artbistro.com/member/gib where people can see the diversified works I offer.

GIB ROBBIE enjoys using his natural artistic talents to portray his favorite rock and roll artists, as seen in this sketch of a young John Lennon. Courtesy of Gib Robbie

What are your passions besides collecting records?
Family, friends and Yankee baseball.

How did you get into music collecting?
Growing up with the Beatles…it just came naturally. In 1977, feeling nostalgic about my childhood…I sought to find the picture sleeves and 45s I never had as a kid on a small weekly allowance…that snowballed into LPs… then memorabilia.

As George Harrison once said… “It’s All Too Much” … and in collecting Beatles — when you start out, that’s how you feel at first. It was SO much fun finding out how much there is and learning about all the minutia that there is. It’s fascinating. I love the old labels: the Capitol rainbow, and the orange and yellow swirl 45s.

What’s your record-collecting motto/philosophy?
I never set out to be a “completist”… I just wanted to gather what I really thought was very visually pleasing, and in the best condition I could find.

What is your favorite musical act of all time?
The Beatles… hands down. All the years since… nothing can really hold a candle to their body of work… and “Abbey Road?” Show me a better LP (album).

What is the focus on for your collection (genre, band, era, etc.)?
I have collected other artists along with The Beatles. I love 1950s rock ’n’ roll, Elvis, Gene Vincent, Eddie Cochran, Buddy Holly, and Carl Perkins. Rockabilly/rock ’n’ roll are the genres… the Blues, also.

As far as era, mid-’50s, for me, had it all: the cars (’57 Chevys ); the clothes (Big E Levi’s ); old ballparks (Ebbets Field in Brooklyn). If I could base myself in any time period, that would be “aces” for me… to live in the mid-’50s.

A WELL-LOVED copy of “Meet The Beatles” is the record with the most sentimental value in Gib Robbie’s collection. He received the album from his father the day after The Beatles’ appearance on “The Ed Sullivan Show.” Photo courtesy Gib Robbie

What is your most-prized item (both in dollar value and sentimental value)?
Wow… tough question ! I think it would have to be either my Beatles “She Loves You” 45 on Swan — blue print/ white label, or my Stereo Butcher East-Coast pressing… a decent peel.

Sentimentally — although it has zero dollar value since it’s been trashed — my “Meet The Beatles” LP given to me by my Dad the day after “The Ed Sullivan Show.”

What is your method of collecting? Where do you usually find the best bargains?
Yard sales. But not so much anymore. In the ’80s, you could find all kinds of stuff… that’s dried up.

Ebay: You can find great items that occasinally fly under the radar.

Who’s your favorite record store operator/record dealer, and why?
In the ’60s, I lived in a small town called Glen Rock, in New Jersey. There was a 5 & 10 that sold records — they always had new releases. The elderly lady that worked the register sold me LPs such as “Abbey Road,” so thinking back, that 5 & 10 is tops. The excitement of walking home clutching that brand new LP — so excited to drop the needle on it !

For a “contemporary record Store” it’s Neptoon Records in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. I visit there twice a year and always make a point to “dig” whenever I’m in town. It’s a GREAT record shop — with good prices!

How long have you been a Goldmine reader?
Since April 1985 —25 years strong!

I have not missed an issue in the last 25 years.

What do you like most about Goldmine (print and online)?
The passion for the hobby. Record collecting is as diversified and fragmented as any hobby there is… there is something for eveybody— regardless of taste.
Goldmine is THE forum for people who share this fascinating passion.

What would you like to see in Goldmine?
More BEATLES! Well, sure, but also a feature on the career of Brian Setzer — for 30 years now he’s had an amazing run with the Stray Cats, solo and with his remarkable 17-piece orchestra. There’s quite a collection with his material.

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  1. I have almost every album performed by the Beatles….was offered 200 dollars for all………is it worth the trouble to try to sell them on ebay instead…..

    thanks ….

  2. I found Meet The Beatles and The Second Album at a flea market…how do I know if they are real?? They were hidden in a box…the meet the beatles has ST-X-1-2047 & ST-X-2-2047…the second album has ST 1-2080& ST 2-2080…also a 3 album Woodstock…also Fleetwood Mac Rumors signed by Stevie Nicks??? Can you tell me anything about these albums????Thank you…If I do have something what do I do next???

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