Phil Collins “Take A Look At Me Now” set giveaway

Phil Collins - CD Boxset

Warner Bros. and Goldmine have partnered to give away a Phil Collins‘ “Take A Look At Me Now” CD box set as part of the artist’s 2016 ‘Take A Look At Me Now’ retrospective campaign.

Phil Collins, “Take A Look At Me Now” is a collector’s box set which includes four (4) CDs of “Face Value” and “Both Sides” as remastered audio of original albums and bonus tracks:

Track Listing
Original Album Remastered
1. “In The Air Tonight”
2. “This Must Be Love”
3. “Behind The Lines”
4. “The Roof Is Leaking”
5. “Droned”
6. “Hand In Hand”
7. “I Missed Again”
8. “You Know What I Mean”
9. “Thunder And Lightning”
10. “I’m Not Moving”
11. “If Leaving Me Is Easy”
12. “Tomorrow Never Knows”

Bonus Tracks – CD & Digital Formats Only
1. “Misunderstanding” – Live
2. “If Leaving Me Is Easy” – Live*
3. “In The Air Tonight” – Live*
4. “Behind The Lines” – Live*
5. “The Roof Is Leaking” – Demo*
6. “Hand In Hand” – Live*
7. “I Missed Again” – Live*
8. “….And So To F” – Live*
9. “This Must Be Love” – Demo*
10. “Please Don’t Ask” – Demo*
11. “Misunderstanding” – Demo*
12. “Against All Odds” – Demo

Track Listing
Original Album Remastered
1. “Both Sides Of The Story”
2. “Can’t Turn Back The Years”
3. “Everyday”
4. “I’ve Forgotten Everything”
5. “We’re Sons Of Our Fathers”
6. “Can’t Find My Way”
7. “Survivors”
8. “We Fly So Close”
9. “There’s A Place For Us”
10. “We Wait And We Wonder”
11. “Please Come Out Tonight”

Bonus Tracks – CD & Digital Formats Only
1. “Take Me With You”
2. “Both Sides Of The Story” – Live*
3. “Can’t Turn Back The Years” – Live*
4. “Survivors” – Live*
5. “Everyday” – Live*
6. “We Wait And We Wonder” – Live*
7. “Can’t Find My Way” – Demo*
8. “I’ve Been Trying”
9. “Both Sides Of The Story”
10. “Hero” – Demo
* Previously unreleased on CD

Goldmine is giving away one (1) “Take A Look At Me Now” CD box set. All you have to do to enter is put your email address in the box below by April 14, 2016, 11:59PM. You will be immediately entered into the Giveaway and as a bonus you will receive Goldmine’s informative, weekly eNewsletter (collecting news/tips and exclusive articles and interviews with your favorite classic artists), and then on April 16 we will randomly draw a winner from the entrants.

Good luck!

More about the 2016 ‘Take A Look At Me Now’ retrospective campaign:

Warner Music is celebrating Phil Collins’ solo career all through 2016 with the ‘Take A Look At Me Now’ retrospective campaign. During the year, the label are releasing deluxe, expanded, and remastered editions of all Collins’ storied solo albums. Each release includes a remastered version of the original album on audiophile vinyl, and expanded 2-CD sets with a bonus disc of select demos and and b-sides, and plenty of live versions of the featured songs – something Collins has said he hopes gives fans a chance to see how the music developed over time. Collins has updated the old album covers with contemporary photos of himself. In addition to the individual albums, there are also special LP and CD Collector’s versions, where fans can fill the boxes with the various releases as they are released all year.

The campaign launched in January with ‘Both Sides Now’ and ‘Face Value’ albums, followed by ‘Hello, I Must be Going’ and ‘Dance Into the Light’ in February. Remastered and expanded versions of ‘Testify’ and the 12 million-selling ‘No Jacket Required’ are due April 15.

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