The Moody Blues…Voices in the Sky, but not in the Hall of Fame

The Moody Blues

The Moody Blues put themselves into their own Hall of Fame with this release

(No. 18 in a continuing series on artists who should be in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, but are not)

By Phill Marder

“No major band has so relentlessly purveyed nonsense…were it not for their titanic success, in fact, they might easily be dismissed as an odd and overlong joke…it’s the artiness of their symphonic rock that’s truly crass, their self-importance offensive. Gods of 70s FM radio, they invented a sort of easy-listening psychedelia that resolutely combined the worst of both worlds.”

So wrote Paul Evans in the fourth edition of “The Rolling Stone Album Guide,” which then proceeded to rate the band’s big seven albums, the first getting a respectable three stars, the next six getting one and one-half stars, except for one which got just one star. The rating guide lists one star as “DISASTROUS: Albums in the range of one star or less are wastes of vital resources. Only masochists and completists need apply.”

Folks, now you know why the Moody Blues are not in the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Now you also know why I stopped reading “Rolling Stone” about 40 years ago. My son-in-law, knowing my love for music, picked up this dribble in a bargain bin and gave it to me (it‘s the thought that counts), otherwise I never would have known just how wrong I was about the Moody Blues. All these years, I thought they were terrific, one of my favorite bands. Bought every album they made. Loved them all.

I know I’m not a completists, so I must be a masochist. Lots of you must be, too. After all, you bought these albums. Bought enough of them to push each of the big seven into the top 25. Bought enough to get four into the top 10. Bought enough to lift the seventh, aptly titled “Seventh Sojourn,” into the No. 1 position. Since each album did better chart wise than the previous, I must assume you liked the previous enough to want to buy the next. Either that or you all enjoy wasting vital resources.

Shame on you.

The Moodies magnificent string of seven gems began with “Days Of Future Passed,” which paired the group with The London Festival Orchestra and was followed by “In Search Of The Lost Chord,” “On The Threshold Of A Dream,” “To Our Children’s Children’s Children,” “A Question Of Balance,” “Every Good Boy Deserves Favour” and “Seventh Sojourn.” There were very few hit singles to buoy sales, “Nights In White Satin” being the biggest when it was re-released four years after its original appearance. Still, the albums dominated the U.S. charts.

On the British charts, the band had even more success, “Threshold,” “Every Good Boy” and “Question of Balance” all hitting No. 1.

You Brits. Such gluttons for punishment.

Spearheaded by guitarist Justin Hayward and bassist John Lodge, with drummer Graeme Edge, Ray Thomas on flute and keyboardist Mike Pinder, the Moody Blues produced a stream of magical, mystical, musical moments guaranteed to float you away. All five wrote and contributed vocals. Crass, offensive and an odd and overlong joke? Millions of fans certainly don’t think so. In fact, after the eighth album, “Octave,” became the first to show signs of a popularity slippage, 1981’s “Long Distance Voyager” brought the group back to the peak of the LP charts. And five years later, “The Other Side Of Life” reached No. 9.

Each of those two albums received an improved two-star rating from “Rolling Stone,” described as “FAIR TO POOR: Albums in the two-star category either fall below the artist’s established standard or are failures in and of themselves.” These two actually improved on the “artist’s established standard,” according to “Rolling Stone,” so one must conclude they “were failures.”

Every good group deserves failure.

It seems extremely unfair to have someone such as Evans reviewing a group or artist so beloved by so many. You don’t need to find a homer, but at least the reviewer should be fair and open-minded. After all, so many people can’t be that wrong, can they? And the same goes for the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which uses a small group of industry insiders to decide who gets in and who doesn’t, the only criteria being a career that began at least 25 years ago.

The dichotomy of who is great and who isn’t is never so clear as the contrast between Evans and the “Allmusic Guide’s” Bruce Eder, who described the Moodies as “…lush, lyrically and musically profound,” with “In Search Of The Lost Chord” “sublimely beautiful” and that LP and the follow-up “On The Threshold Of A Dream” “magnificent achievements.”

One critic calls them “crass and offensive,” another calls them “profound and magnificent.” It’s time the Hall of Fame criteria was altered to at least give some credence to the views of the public. Rock & Roll is our music, we say who we love by buying the music and paying for the concert tickets. Few bands have been as popular over the years as the Moody Blues. They belong in the Hall of Fame.

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71 thoughts on “The Moody Blues…Voices in the Sky, but not in the Hall of Fame

  1. Thank you for this article on the Moody Blues. They have been looked over for many years and it’s nice to see that someone else besides the “hard core” of Moodies fans think they should be more acknowledged than they have been in the past. Great article!!

  2. The reason why the Moodies are not in the Hall of Fame is because they never had a gimmic. Their music speaks for itself — no nonsense, excellent quality, understandable lyrics. It is, as Graeme Ede once said, “music for the head and heart”. If the band members had been featured in some rag showing them strung out on some drugs or causing some disturbance, they would be a shoe-in. Who the hell needs the Hall of Fame? When Parliament Funkadelic got in, well, that was the nail in the coffin. I haven’t supported this organization and never well. The Board has no clue. To hell with them!

  3. This is the BIGGEST reason I NEVER bother with awards shows, et., al.!!!! It’s ALWAYS somebody else’s opinion of what’s good!!!! Things that are VERY good get pushed to the side and ignored while pure garbage is praised and worshiped. I’ve loved the Moody Blues since at LEAST the late `70’s!!! I’d heard of them way back in `64/`65, but never paid much attention to them until the `70’s.

    First, I was at some kind of picnic where some girl brought a record player and her entire Moody’s collection and there were at least a dozen people sitting in the one room of the grove listening to those records all day long. I liked what little I stuck around to hear, but wasn’t exactly interested in buying any of their stuff just yet.

    Next, somehow, I ended up with an 8-track tape of “Days Of Future Passed” and played it a few times and loved it!! Shortly after that, I was going through a cut-out bin in a stereo store and found a cassette of, “Go Now!”, so I bought it. Not as good as “Days…”, but I still liked the hit title track that I remembered hearing about 10 or 12 years before.

    Around `76 or `77, my local progressive rock station (which hasn’t progressed at all in the past 30 years!!!) had a show called, “The Midnight Album”, they’d pick one album to play in it’s entirety at midnight. One of those nights they picked, “On The Threshold Of A Dream”. I had some kind of portable radio at the time and went out for a walk and listened to the album outside. It was SO cool to hear that opening under the night sky filled with stars!!!! Somehow, the opening track sounded SO MUCH longer than it really was!!

    In `78, they’d just released, “Octave”, and I got a job working at Cedar Point. I lived in the building right across the street from the park entrance. Just down the hall from me a guy had his stereo in his room and a bunch of records. The ones that he and his friends loved to play most were the Moody Blues albums!!! I started to pay more attention to the music and, even though I really don’t even remember hearing them in Cedar Point, either by the time I got home 2 months later or shortly afterwards, I’d bought every album of theirs I could find!!!! Once I made it back home, I committed their records to cassette tapes on my new stereo cassette deck, the first one I ever had, I bought it in Cedar Point.

    One day, I got the idea to listen to all of their albums from start to finish from “Go Now!” up to “Octave” in the correct release order all in one sitting. I picked a night to do that on, got a bag of pretzel rods and a large glass of root beer, went to my room, turned out all of the lights except for a very dim one above my chair, and, around 7:00, just before the sun started going down, I started playing, “Go Now!”. That was a great time to start, because, by the time that album was over, it was dark enough outside to enjoy the rest of them in the dark, the way they’re supposed to be listened to. The ONLY times I stopped tape were if I had to get more root beer or if I had to go to the bathroom. They don’t have a LOT of non-album stuff, so, playing everything I had of theirs in one sitting only took about 6 to 8 hours. But I had a BLAST doing it!!!! So much so, that I did it again at least 3 or 4 more times after that in the following years, usually when a new album came out.

    Now, that room is very cluttered with records (about 49,000), thousands of tapes (cassette, VHS and open reel) and a few hundred books and my bed is where the chair was. I’ve had the urge, plenty of times, to go up and do the Moody Blues thing again, but, so far, haven’t done so in at about 25 years. But, suffice to say, even though I love that kind of music (I call it night music, because it feels as though it should be listened to at night), and I have a lot of it by other bands, now, I’ve NEVER done that with ANY other band!!

    In `91, I got a new girlfriend who was from India and was also heavily into music, especially “night music”, and she LOVED The Moody Blues, too!!! Although we never actually did “the Moody Blues thing” together, we DID listen to LOTS of their stuff together over the 10 years we were together and they were one of her most favourite bands!!!!

    Two days ago, this guy I know in Canada who is 19 years old and heavily into Pink Floyd and The Beatles was just introduced to The Moody Blues and wrote me asking me all sorts of questions about them!! He LOVES them!!!! And flame continues to get passed to a new generation!!!

    Anyway, do yourself a HUGE favour and don’t pay ANY attention to media that thinks they know who’s good and who isn’t, for; 9 times out of 10, they OBVIOUSLY know not their hole from an ass in the ground!! 😉

    I never actually read Rolling Stone, but, I saw one of their record books back in the early `80’s and saw that they put down a LOT of REALLY GREAT albums!!!! That was enough for me to stop paying attention to what they thought!! Actually, I think they stopped being a magazine worth paying attention to in the mid to late `70’s!!!! As Bobcat Goldthwaite once said back in the `80’s, it used to be a magazine to respect, it was for the people, it stood for something, now it’s corporate!! You open it up and go, “Oh! Look! New CD ads!!”.

  4. Dang,I’ve always loved the Moodies, since I first heard ’em in the early 70’s!

    Steve C.
    old oldies lover

  5. As far as I’m concerned, I have forgotten more about good music than the infamous Rolling Stone rag knows. I’m sorry to be so bold but for God sake? The Moody Blues not in the Hall…???


  6. Anybody that does not adore the Moody Blues, needs to re-evaluate their lives. Their pretty much the only band I’ve ever listened to that isn’t full of crap. And I’m old. LOVE THEM for ever!

  7. Of course, the Moody Blues are not in the R&R Hall of Fame. The HOF is run by idiots like the reviewer you quoted. The Moodies and other great artists such as Donovan, Jethro Tull, Yes, Cat Stevens and numerous others should hope they never get voted in so they aren’t associated with so many crappy artists that HAVE been voted in. The HOF is a total embarrassment and an idiotic concept that is doomed to failure. It has been ruined so why care? Inevitably it comes down to a popularity contest. It has nothing whatsoever to do with TALENT. Unfortunately, many great artists will be forgotten because the ignorant pigheads in the media who refuse to give them their due. This is tragic because so many fantastic songs have been created by these wonderful musicians that transcend time — to use the Moody Blues example, songs like Question, The Story in Your Eyes, Isn’t life Strange?, just to name three. Bruce Springsteen is a nice guy, but (in this writer’s opinion) he has done nothing but one mediocre album in his career – compared to people like those I’ve mentioned above, his talent is tiny indeed. But remember it’s just a popularity contest, what sounds like greatness to one person’s ears is total crap to another’s. To the editor of Rolling Stone, Springsteen is a God. And there are a gazillion far worse no talent nothings honored in the R&R HOF than him.

  8. Dave –

    You had me until you started ripping Bruce. There are a lot of inductees in the Hall of Fame whose credentials are questionable (sounds like an upcoming “Great Blogs Of Fire” entry, huh?), but certainly I would not include The Boss in that category.


  9. My apologies for picking on Bruce, but I just don’t see him as a great artist. I could have named dozens of people instead of him (in the HOF) I consider overrated. The point is what’s great to one person is mediocrity (or worse) to someone else. Bruce is in the HOF – I can accept that. But I have one CD of his (Born in the USA) that i can sort of tolerate listening to on rare occasions. Meanwhile, I have about 25 CDs of the Moody Blues (not in the HOF) that I love listening to. You can guess who to me is the HOF artist among the two.
    We all have our favorites.

  10. How many times did Yes sell out Madison Square Garden without advertising? Word of mouth would sell out Cobo Arena 2 nights in a row in Detroit. It’s shockingly insulting not only to the musicians but to those of us who LIVED rock and roll! It seems that Jan at Rolling Stone has an attitude that rock must be blues-based and any attempts to take it other directions is distasteful to him. Also, it takes an effort to understand something more complex than the banal roots-based blues idiom. I cannot abide the history of rock being rewritten by the unenlightened at Rolling Stone. Let’s see if Jan is ruining RS’s reputation more than the neglected band reputations!

    I also think that influence on subsequent rock is important. Dream Theater’s Jordan Rudess lists Yes’ CTTE as one of the 10 albums that changed his life. How many people say that same thing?

    His words:

    “YES Close To The Edge

    When I think of Yes’ music, I think of laser lights flying by my head and astral visions from another space and time. I’ve spent more time tripping out to “Close to The Edge” than almost every other album ever created. I’m a big Jon Anderson fan, and his voice always was my ticket out to a magical musical zone. I would stack this album up with some of the others on this list and keep it right next to my turntable, so it was never far from my reach. I guess it was the combination of all the amazing musicians, mixed with a touch of wizardry, that kinda blew my mind.”

    What is WRONG with RS? They seem to have a vindictive, stubborn streak when their personal favorites aren’t involved. I am thoroughly disgusted.

    Reality check is in order.

  11. I too am a Moodies fan. I have enjoyed their music for many years.Some of my best acid trips were accompanied by their music. I think they are one of the best live bands I have seen.
    They do deserve to be in the Hall of Farm.

    I believe that not only have they been overlooked but such amazing musicians as Yes, King Crimson, Emerson, Lake and Palmer, Renaissance and others of this genre have been completely bypassed for crap such as rap musicians, and pop musicians and I use the term musicians sarcastically!
    It is totally political and a bunch of nonsense.

    The real measure of a band is the PEOPLE THAT LOVE THEM! Not a bunch of industry morons who are only interested in money!

  12. The so called writer for RS, is probably still in the Punk Rock scene.I too stopped reading RS, which promotes no talent, Tabloid Druggies……The Moodies are way above the RRHF…who cares….

  13. Here’s a quick A to Z of HOF artists. I just meant to pick one per letter. There’s trillions of others for most of the letters and these are not necessarily the top choices in every instance, but include many of my favorites. I couldn’t come up with a viable “X” however. Anyone want to try a similar list but with different artists per letter? I would be game. Would like to see these artists and many others featured in Goldmine (many have been I’m sure but I’m a new subscriber).
    A- The Association
    B- The Beatles
    C- Chicago
    D- Donovan
    E- Melissa Etheridge
    F- The Faces
    G- Genesis
    H- Jimi Hendrix
    I- The Impressions
    J- Jethro Tull
    K- King Crimson
    L- Led Zeppelin
    M- The Moody Blues
    N- Ricky Nelson
    O- Roy Orbison
    P- Elvis Presley
    Q- Queen
    R- Rolling Stones
    S- Cat Stevens
    T- The Temptations
    U- The Union Gap
    V- The Ventures
    W- The Who
    X- I’m at a loss
    Y- Yes
    Z- The Zombies

  14. Hear, Hear, well said. As read this years ago around 2006..when the saw this on the website of now finished Higher & Higher magazine, that there was a controversy over the Moody Blues being amongst music artists, not in the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame because of Rolling Stone, editors and the board which a lot of them are from or something like that. Ok it does come to personal opinion as we all can’t be the same, and yes they may not be always the most commercial of the old bands. Sure they are in the popular section and aren’t as popular as they once as their popularity has declined but maybe not on the touring side as they continually tour every year without a proper full length original album since the millenium album 1999s Strange Times, which at the time saw on a site which said it was independantly produced and first in years.and Shortly after with inclusion on 2001’s Imax film shortly on Journey into Amazing Caves and 2003’s December a Christmas Alburn which finally got to listen to in 2010 Christmas and it wasn’t too bad. Their top 7 albums, and out of the British Invasion..they still aren’t in the Rock N’Roll Hall of Fame. Always say that Denny Laine who went onto more fame with Paul McCartney and Wings. Sure you can have your Beatles but common, their good songs but been played to death..and sure like the less clean cut Rolling Stones had more hits too and are still going and just about 2/3 year before them, the Kinks, Yes even have kept getting back together..Common the inconsistancy of the rules of who should be in there, over 25 years, well they had already had that with as Graham Edge put it in Legend of a Band Doco in 1990 in that limo saying the real moodies started with Justin and John joining the band,as Denny and Clint it was like their early bands. So even though around May 1964 in Birmingham was their formationn, late 1966 around October/November that Justin Hayward and John Lodge joined which became the style of the Band of today when 1967’s Day of Future Passed and Red Rocks with an big orchestra with Larry Baird conducting launched a magical night with the 25th Anniversary of that album which was their stage show.. All artist or bands play their initial album on stage or their 2nd with John and Justin. So with Dvds providing success and live acts..even Justin admited the interest of the Dvds and the internet in 2005 when after 18 years on the east coast of Australia, saw them in Melbourne at the Palais Theatre, since the 80s since they toured finally in 1984 and 1987 despite being asked back all the time which was their last world tour. And sure they may not tour as big with their original country in Uk and Us being their main tours, as the saying goes, If you can make it in America you make anywhere. I mean success in the America, what more do you want, and even if people don’t follow them most have usually heard of them, bit like my other love Doctor Who because of my Uncle Russell, despite sports and Blues music because of Dad, and my partner,, sometimes too, that’s life. So anyway to wrap this up, i mean, it all come down to will say again to opinions and when the whole board can’t agree..but it’s who they like..bit like Hollywood and the Oscars at the Academy, it can be bit arty farty films that win usually sometimes too..But i mean my Dad wont like them too much as they aren’t true Blues, but that’s ok as Graham said on the Isle of Wight Festival Dvd that they started out as and R&B band(original R&B not the modern equivalent) which is fine, some of us like a bit of everything but wont go out of our ways for good music. But anyway, hey we all have some things from our childhood that we cling on and grow up and never completely get sick of and The Moody Blues is one of them for moi. The definately deserve to and with hopes of a New Album with John saying one thing and Justin on The Moody Blues Today, an fan club of sorts as an official fan club?! well unlike Metallica start of 80s they started being my fiance, her favourite band, they still have an official fan club , but hey heavy metal isn’t always so mainstream or played either like The Moodies, who lke the other M band Metallica aren’t always played. As the usual maybe more accessable standard commercial hits always get played, even todays music..which is fine some of it..But the Moody Blues continue to do good music live continually touring in Us & Uk and maybe they don’t play as loud as they used to or do as bigger crowds at concerts on the most part as more intimate audience and they’ve gone back to having a break with an intermission(like at the Astor Theatre here also in St Kilda in Melbourne). I mean they may be veterans, considered old hat to most youth of today wouldn’t listened to them but it always comes to upbringing too..Anyway, as this is a bit longwinded and long, and not quite straight to the point but to finish have said before hopefully they will put in the Hall of Fame on their 50th Anniversary of their formation in 2014 or even 2016 of the Anniversary of Justin and Johns joining the band, even if it’s 2017 of the Days of Future Passed is considered where it really happened and they hit it big time since their cover of Go Now, when Night’s in White Satin and Tuesday Afternoon(Forever Autumn) were hits, i mean how many bands have had not just 1 but 2 or 3 albums on the charts at the same time in their popular era of late 60s, 70s and 80s, and come back in the 70s from solo efforts and hiatus for 4 years and come refreshed…with Mike Pinder going after formation on Octave and not touring and Patrick Moraz of brief off Yes (who still go too and reform)was a replacement for Mike a member but not a fully fledged member as a extra contract member like others who continue to come and go..nice to know why Gordon Marshall, my dads a Gordon too that he came in 1991 because of Graham Edge getting injured and him slowing down a bit…So to wrap it up, hopefully they will be in that Rock n Roll Hall of Fame like their live Concert Dvd with their own there and in of Monkeys fame Davy Jones has them in his own Hall of the meantime will vote for Goldmine to win, hopefully they’ll have another new album (like Metallica who still vinyl their records good to see Isle of Wight was Vinyled since a limited run of 1991’s Key of the Kingdom minus aptly named Once is Enough,1 left off the vinyl(can anyone help me find that and what was on John Lodge’s site by his son filming Behind the scenes of this Hall of Fame Royal Albert Hall Concert in 2001 and also like Muse who also seen both bands live have ho greatest hits, as Moody Blues are old of course they have several my fiance pointed out) Anyway may the continue to rock and hopefully our wishes will be fullfilled to see them tour on occasional world tour or go to Uk or Us to see Dr who Conventions or even a behind the scene VIPs which good management and some marketing goe well to give the fans what they want too..So 1 day with them getting in the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame is what some of us, what we want, as they should be someday hopefully sooner than later..better late than never..

  15. might that maybe they’re not straight out what is considered just straight out Rock N Roll and maybe their style is too easy listening or might be too nice at times but they still Rock! Bring it on!!

  16. I’ve been a fan of the Moody Blues since a HS friend turned me on to them back in the early 70s. They and Steely Dan are my all-time favorite bands.

    And I love the blog — keep on preachin’ brutha!

  17. The Moody Blues do not need to be in the Hall of Fame – They already are in my book. This is a band that is still going strong and in 2011 are touring across the USA… I only hope that they come to the Boston Area – Please! For them not to be in the Hall is just totally wrong… Moody Blues – Rock and Roll Hall of Fame needs to happen!

  18. As with Ronstadt, Judith Durham & Jimmy Webb, there’s a logical reason why the Moody Blues are not in the Rock&Roll Hall of Fame. They don’t play Rock’m’Roll!

    Apart from their brilliant first album, the Moodies veered away towards a genre that’s hard to define. They were hugely successful and occasionally seemed to touch upon rock instincts, but the major body of their work isn’t rock.

    They have as much claim to be on the roll as the above artists … or Andy Williams!

  19. Jens –

    I’m glad someone has the definitive definition of what Rock & Roll is. Now do you mind sharing it with the rest of the world?


  20. That’s very easy, Phil, you just reverse the words of John B. Sebastian:”It’s like trying to tell a stranger about magic” … actually it’s not that easy, but I’d still venture by stating that rock’n’roll is not symphonic, whereas Moody Blues are, at great lengths, and with great success. The words: I’m just a singer in a rock’n’roll band does not change that.

  21. Thanks Jens –

    I looked up the definition of “magic” and one of the accepted was “A mysterious quality of enchantment.” Sounds like a definition of the Moody Blues to me.

    As far as R&R not being symphonic…Maybe a lot of it isn’t. But that doesn’t mean it can’t be. And a lot of it is.

  22. The ONE main problem with the RRHOF is old Rolling Stone himself-Jann Wenner who has all the pull.His position with the Rock Hall should be relinquished.His magazine has been unreadable for at least 2 decades. How can anyone take that rag seriously when Yoko Ono albums throughout the years get 3 stars or more-ARE YOU SH&*^@%G ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There are so many artists who should be there who are not and ones who are that shouldn’t be! Too bad Mike Smith (Dave Clark Five) did not get to enjoy his induction to the Hall when he should have.
    There has to be a NEW election process before it is too late—-OUTENZEE to Jann Wenner and his Cronies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Phil, The “But that doesn’t mean it can’t be” is of course a great set of double negatives, who knows what it means… as for magic, well the reference to Sebastian was a joke, but now that you have looked up, I’m not disinclined to agree with you. A song like “Isn’t Life Strange” is completely magical, one of my favorite songs … but it isn’t rock’n’roll.

  24. I give up Jens – “It’s like trying to tell a stranger about rock & roll.”

    But I will add that “Honey Pie” or “Til There Was You” probably don’t fit your definition of Rock & Roll, whatever that is, but the Beatles are in the Hall of Fame. “It’s Now Or Never” probably doesn’t fit your definition, but Elvis is in the Hall of Fame. “Backstreet Girl” probably doesn’t meet your qualifications, but the Stones are in the Hall of Fame.
    I could give you example after example. Rock & Roll groups are not confined to one strict set of rules they must follow to produce Rock & Roll. If you think that way, you weren’t there at the beginning when Connie Francis and Bill Haley stood side-by-side as rockers.
    Any Rock & Roll artist, group or solo, has experimented with all forms of music or else they get real boring real fast.
    Even if Kiss does “Beth,” it’s still rock & roll to me. So any band that can do “Question” or “The Other Side Of Life” is a rock & roll band to me. And if they can play something like “Isn’t Life Strange” all the better.

  25. The fellow that wrote the article is a LOT smarter than I am. He stopped reading the Rolling Rag 40 years ago. I stopped a mere 20 or so. They kept calling me for a while and I kept telling them that I did not LIKE their magazine and did not wish to receive it any more. Then they had the cheek to send me a “free” copy a few years ago that was merely a slick looking ad to promote their political agenda at the time (it was an election year after all). I called them one last time and insisted that they remove my name from all of their contact sources. Forever. They have not darkened my door since.

    What they have failed to realize for all of the years is that great MUSIC is still great. When the Moody Blues do get into the Hall of Fame, which I believe they will, RS will fall in line and suddenly the Moody Blues will be GREAT. Mark my words!

    Do yourself a favor. If your are unfamiliar with the music of Moody Blues beyond the singles, cancel your subscription to RS, and use the money to buy “This is the Moody Blues”. It is the best place to start, then you can go back and pick up the individual albums as you find them. Do you like vinyl? GREAT, since alll the original LPs are very easy to find in good condition. If you don’t like them, go back to RS and listen to whatever garbage they are jamming down your throat thhis month.

    Then renew your subsrciption to Goldmine.

  26. Phil, of course Honey Pie doesn’t disprove the Beatles as rnr artists.

    It’s got to do with the overruling consistency of their body of work. I gave the example of Andy Williams above. He has actually recorded a couple of songs with a decidly rock beat, but the majority of his work cannot be described as rock.

    If Moody Blues had disbanded in 1966 and not reinvented themselves, they would go down in history as one of the great English r’m’b groups, true rock artists.

    But they did create the mellontronic symphonic thing and it has become their signature – and it doesn’t rock. Great music, definitely.

    If symphonic music is to dbe defined as rock, then it makes no sense whatsoever to have genres. Then Tony Bennett would be next in line or Ken Dodd …

  27. Jens, I think you need to go to a Moody Blues Concert! Not Rock and Roll my A$$! And they are still Rockin’!!! Touring as we speak to sold out concerts!

  28. But she has gone to a Moody Blues concert, has heard what they play, and doesn’t like what she heard. There’s no need to insult her, or say that she’s lacking something because she doesn’t believe the Moody Blues are rock & roll.

  29. I didn’t discover the wonders of Phsyko rock till about mid 1980. The first time I ever heard the Moody Blues it was the song Knights in White Satin, and thought it was the greatest song I ever heard untill I heard Pink Floyed the Wall. I was immediately addicted and (still) have every one of Moody Blues albums on cassette tape that was available around 1980 so I could play them every where I went in my car and at home(I still do).I bought one record, “Octave” on Blue vinyl(not blue cloud vinyl 5000 released). Searching for how many Moody Blues Limited Ed. Octave blue vinyls were released I found everything but what I wanted. I am glad to find a spot like this I can express I never had the money to go to a concert but that is ok I love them and am ok with buying CDs or tapes. Does anyone know how many “Blue Vinyl Limited editions” of Octave were released? It is on the front cover and not a sticker. Decca 1978.
    The only thing I could add on that list was P= Pink Floyd

  30. I guess I’m just a diehard of weired rock, some R&R mostly R&B and weired soft sexy music to think with and dream. A natural high with sound taking you to places you never will go.let it engulf you in the path it takes you down or winds you up. I dream in color and listen in waves.


  32. Thanks, Neville … but actually she is a he 🙂

    Jens is a Germanic/Scandinavian male name

  33. The various institutions carrying the moniker HALL OF FAME are simply museums and repositories for critics and fans to canonize performers they like. Sports lends itself to measurable criteria, but even those casting ballots can’t get it right. To me, music is very personal, connecting artists and bands to events transpiring in my life at a given point in time. The affection is emotional, whether it’s Mott the Hoople, The Sex Pistols, Neil Young, The Moody Blues, The Runaways, Magazine, House of Love, The Muse, or Porcupine Tree. My vinyl and sports collections represent my values and tastes. I don’t need self-appointed “experts” or personal managers to sanction or endorse the music or players I value.

  34. Too funny @ Neville…didn’t know Jens was a guy, yet you know “she” has gone to a Moody Blues concert. Please. For your information I did not insult Jens….I just stated that IN MY OPINION, The Moody Blues are rock and roll… If I recall at my recent concert on May 21st 2011 when they played “Story in your Eyes” ,”Peak Hour” and “I’m Just a Singer in a Rock and Roll Band” we were on our feet and the place was ROCKIN’!! Sorry Jens did not experience that at “his” concert.

  35. ahh, and i agree with rere, to hell with the hall of fame, we dont need them, this is music for the head and heart, not some drugged up #&^#……. i love you guys, and will never forget making eye contact with john lodge just as he pointed at me and said thank you….. really?, no john….THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  36. I think the issue here is the bigotry by the powers that be…towards alternative rock…Jens is saying he likes The Moddies, but they are not Rock, others say they are…everyone sites the unique sound…to make their point…AND THAT is just the point: Alternative rock has always suffered the stigma of not being rock..because it’s not Blues enough, or there is no guitar only bass or keyboards only…etc etc …Jeff Beck gets insulted as not being rock because he tries many new, daring things!! It’s getting silly: This is the MO of alternative rock…YES it’s rock and no it’s not regular rock…yes, it’s different …using VERY different ideas BUT that is the alternative part: YES suffers from this stigma as much as the Moodies…But rock it is…the ALTERNATIVE kind. The problem isn’t a person here & there who, like jens, might like The Moodies but think they are not rock enough for him: it is the so-called industry experts, that wallow in their millions of dollars, & in a tightly controled, media style-fascistic way…demand that their narrow, often one-man-runned empire…be the first 7 last word on what defines rock: of course there are other forms of music: but then there is indeed ALTERNATIVE ROCK: the critisicm of the Moodies by rolling stone etc says it all they admitt they hate alternative rock by constantly demeaning it as self-important, high browed, self involved etc: they make no bones about it. Yes the Moodies have a sound which is hard to define…in rock we call that ALTERNATIVE sound: Critics of the Moodies don’t talk like Jens…they insult the music as horrible: they do this to almost exclusively alternative bands: READ THE ARTICLE we comment on: ALMOST NO alternative bands get in: THAT says it all. WE all agree there IS a thing called alternative rock: well then, look at how almost NONE of these bands EVER get in : THAT says it all. This is infact about ROCK taste & politics & images they want to pander & those they want to bully & stigmatize: This is what makes music awards etc so damn silly 7 lame: After all the original Fleetwood Mac & most of guitar legend Danny Kirwan would NEVER have gotten in if not for the HUGE love affair rolling stone has with the later Mac & Nicks: Fine: but Danny gave them the winning formula that they ran with after kicking him to the curb & the new members [Nicks later on etc] went on to be beloved of the rock press: it’s a popularity contest based on the opinion of a few rich people at the top of an INDUSTRY: Sadly alternative rockers are not on their snobbish list of favs: The Native americans often teach that you are often what you accuse other of being: The Moodies & Yes too self important, self loving, self involved?? mmmmm sounds like rolling stone and the hall of fame to me :))

  37. ps I’m sorry my number 7 kept showing up when I hit the AND …&.. O! NOW it shows up !!! :)))

  38. Of course The Mood Blues belong in the Hall of Fame. I will not visit Cleveland until they do. It took them 3 years to put in the Beatles! How stupid!!!

  39. The thing about “rock and roll” is the same as the thing about “counter-coulture.” For many of us, it meant freedom from defined norms. Before long however, rock and roll became defined by the powers that be, especially media powers. Of course the Moody Blues have some heavy roll and roll cuts on their recordings over the years. And lots of their music was experimental, adding new sounds, new ideas. That was what we wanted and for many of us, that is what we still want. Rolling Stone lost its edge a long time ago. As for the RRHF, it is an attempt to archive music for future generations just like any museum. It succeeds in some ways and fails in others. If you want musicians in the RRHF, do something about it. Action is what matters. Otherwise you become just another critic, spouting words but making no positive difference. Music has been a cornerstone of my life, from James Brown to the Moody Blues, the Beatles, Steve Earle, Black Eyed Peas, you name them and I love them. Buy their recordings, write to Rolling Stone and tell them when their reviewers are crappy, speak out!

  40. Fascinating read here. Until I saw all these postings I thought it mattered that the Moody Blues weren’t in the RRHF. In the end they can and do stand on their own. As for RRHF distorting history….. History is a distortion, a few snapshots of a very complex reality. I am just pleased to actually experience their music, whatever label is put on it.

  41. Rolling Stone loves to pretend that they have always loathed the Moody Blues. Somewhere in my R&R clippings from various articles, I have at least 2 from Rolling Stone magazine dating back to the early 70s. Each is a really positive review, one was a rave!, of a new album released by the Moodies. That kind of hypocrisy makes me unable to take any of their opinions seriously. While the design and visual layouts are excellent, the content of the magazine has been a joke for at least 20 years.

  42. I don’t know why the Rolling Stone magazine thinks they’re the authority on music! Their magazine writers are very ignorant with music. I’d much rather read Goldmine or Classic Rock anyday! The Moody Blues belong right up there with the Beatles, Stones, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, etc…. Naturally, everyone has different tastes but their track record speaks for itself. I too have have followed them since the beginning and always will! Maybe there is some jealousy against their great, beautiful music!

  43. Some people are very narrow-minded when it comes to “Rock and Roll! Originally rock and roll started with Bill Haley type music! It grew and grew into different types of rock, hard rock, symphonic rock, soft rock, classic rock, etc….. So you can either just put the fifties groups like Haley, Holley, Elvis, Jerry Lee and others into the RRHF or expand your nerdy view and accept the fact that rock and roll music has evolved including groups like the fabulous Moody Blues!

  44. Why does John Lodge sing “I’m just a singer in a ROCK & ROLL BAND”? if the Moodies aren’t Rock and Roll?

    That alphabetical list above says it all……..the Rock N Roll Hall of Fame is a joke.

    The only HOF groups are my albums, cassettes and CDs. WHO CARES if others like the Funkadelics (is THAT Rock N Roll?).

  45. While I now find their music unlistenable, I was a record buyer during the Moody Blues heyday & have to agree with their absence from the HOF being ridiculous. They were hugely successful over a long period of album releases, and as a 15-16 year old I thought of them as one of the great bands out there. In fact, artistically, we considered them far above other Progressive bands such as Yes, ELP, etc. (not above King Crimson, though!)

  46. I will never tire of the Moodies music. They were ahead of their time, yet part of their time. They made my College Years bearable and actually taught me about love. EVERY song on every album was magnificent, which is what you get when everyone in the group writes a winner.

    Like the writer of this piece, I never knew there were folks out there who hated them.

    Moody Foo

  47. Very great post. I simply stumbled upon your blog and wished to mention that I have really enjoyed surfing around your blog posts. In any case I’ll be subscribing in your rss feed and I hope you write again very soon!

  48. hm.. i did not agree with some of the things, however i do appreciated the article overall… this post was actually suggested to me by a good friend at myspace and he was right. really good read! Take care!

  49. The Moody Blues should definately not ever be in the rock and roll hall of fame. Their contribution to music is so far superior to anything else in their time, to me it would be an insult to the genius of thier music to be lumped in with the Rolling Stones.

  50. My wife and I witnessed again one of the great rock n roll bands last night in Clearwater, the Moody Blues. They are on tour again to celebrate 45 years. They brought the house down as they have done everytime I have seen them over the many years. After seeing many of this years rock and roll hall of fame inductees and contrasting their careers, music ( I consider lyrics a profound element of the bands essence) I find the decision to not include the Moody Blues silly, but then again I feel the same about the academy awards and grammys. I must be lost in that 60s, 70s and 80s period.

  51. No words to discribe them! We have been with them for over 4 Decades!
    They are #1 in our eyes! That it!!!

  52. The Moody Blues are everyone’s guilty pleasure. To not include them is truly a joke. If you compare them with some of the non-acts that have been inducted recently simply shows how stupid the selection process really is. Stop stalling HOF and get on with it.

  53. To have the Small Faces inducted into the R n R HOM today, April 2, 2012 must be a day late April Fool’s joke! To still not have the Moody Blues in and a one hit wonder band like the Faces is tragic! Is there a web site we can visit to sign a petition to have the Moody Blues inducted? Someone please start one!
    Roy – try this link…

  54. I agree with David on this one. It is a slap in the face to millions of world wide fans that the Moody’s are not in HOF, but then look at the other bands that are neglected such as Yes, Rush, ELO, Jethro Tull!!! Its a joke club just like the Academy Awards, etc.
    I have seen 100’s of concerts and just about every band that has ever toured. (missed the Beatles I was slightly to young when then made the the rounds), but the Moody Blues rank right up there with always the best show’s year after year. Their music is interesting, ground breaking, rocking, socially conscience, pure.

  55. I just attended my 6th Moody Blues concert Monday April 2, 2012. They still sound as great as ever ! They should have been inducted into The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame long ago . They have a long recording and live performance history. This current tour is in celebration of their 45 th anniversary. No they are not at the top of the billboard charts but they have sold over 70 million records and have a loyal following. DJ Berexa PGH, PA

  56. The Moody Blues have always been my favorite band since the first time I heard them. I’ve listened to other bands and some of them suck. They are excellent singers and musicians period!! I can actually understand the words they are singing. Their sound isn’t brash and offensive. They should have been inducted into the R & R Hall Of Fame a long time ago. You have some bands you have inducted that are terrible. Apparently you like junk bands that don’t have substance.

  57. I have every album they did in vinyl and all 7 of the SACDs.
    I also had the quad reels to boot.

  58. I know that my post will mean nothing, but it won’t stop me from trying. I grew upwith the Moody Blues. They defined my collge years and after. I have seen them many times in concert, and they are always great. I guess they aren’t loud enough or crude enough to get into the hall. As long as they are not in the HOF, then the validity of others in the Hall is very weak. Every year I vent about the snub, but some jerks don’t get it. It is so very frustrating. They were good 40 years ago, and they are good now. It is time to right the wrong!!
    Your post means a lot. It means you have great taste. Keep an eye on the Goldmine Hall of Fame. We have great taste too! – Phill

  59. I am sad that the best band to come out of the early days of rock and roll are still not in the HOF. Their music made me sad,happy,laugh and cry. I saw them last in Atlantic City and they brought me to tears with Knights in White Satin. After reviewing some of the inductees it makes me sad and mad that they have been ignored. I listen to their music every day of my life it brings me great joy

  60. The R & R H of F is a bad joke.
    The Moodys are one of the greatest bands of all time.

  61. Your assessment of the Moody Blues is right on. Since their very early breakthrough with “Knights in White Satin” to the last album “Strange Times” the Moody Blues have graced us with music in a style rarely achieved by modern bands. I feel they deserve to be named in the legendary category with the Beatles, Rolling Stones, Elton John and many others to numerous to name. I have seen them many times in concert and always enjoyed their artistry.

    Because the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame has disrespected their breakthrough music, I for one will never support this Hall of Shame and regard it as not relevant.

    Progessive Rock music has taken a large hit not only with the Moody Blues but also with such great legendary bands as Yes, Rush, and or course early Genesis.

    I hope someone from the Hall of Shame reads this and maybe someday they will become the true Hall of Fame by including the Moody Blues and other progressive rock bands.

    Thanks for allowing me to express my opinion on this very important issue.

    Carl Hardy
    Good Times Entertainemt
    DJ Business
    Thanks Carl – Keep an eye on the new Goldmine Rock Era Hall of Fame, where the truly great artists are sure to be recognized – Phill

  62. Innovative, Influence, longevity (nearly 50 years), a very dedicated fan base, and a musical style that is uniquely their own. That’s is quite a resume. The Moody Blues are LONG OVERDUE for the honor.

  63. Jann Wenner, Jon Landau and Dave Marsh haven’t a clue about Moody Blues music. If it’s not about sex or blues based, they haven’t the ability to get past their own narrowness. The Moody Blues classic 7 albums from 67-72 are all great. After that, besides Long Distance Voyager, their recordings have been average at best. But any of the “progressive goups” that came after the Moodies were all influenced by them in some way. I mean Yes, Genesis, Jethro Tull, King Crimson, Kansas, ELP were all influenced by them. Rock N Roll is not just about sex, and there is a spiritual dimension as addressed in all Moody Blues albums. They are the atchetype of what they do, and they did it as well as anybody for 5 years. They deserve to be in there, no question.

  64. There is something very wrong with the way that the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame does the voting. It seems like they want to attract fans of a wide age span rather than give credit to the most deserving in some kind of order. The Moody Blues should have been inducted years and years ago. Those who would vote against them please listen to “I’m Just a Singer In a Rock and Roll Band”, “Story in Your Eyes” “The Voice”, “Ride My See Saw” or a host of other songs. The Moody Blues were not a pop singles group during in the late sixties early seventies. They were a cool, album rock, college crowd band who pushed the envelope with their poetry, inventive melodies, creative instrumentation, and originality/uniqueness. To see bands from the 80
    s get in ahead of them is ridiculous

  65. The Moody Blues are simply too good for the Hall of Fame – they don’t need it and they don’t need to prove anything in my mind.

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