Goldmine Video Premiere: “Old Enuff to Know Better” by the Pink Fairies

U.K. Psychedelic rockers Pink Fairies have returned with a new album, Resident Reptiles (at left), and Goldmine premieres their official music video for the track, “Old Enuff To Know Better” (see below).

Founding Fairy Paul Rudolph is now joined by former Hawkwind bassist Alan Davey and original Motörhead drummer Lucas Fox, who not only created a killer rhythm section for the album but added a bit of sizzling biker-rock to the mix.

Another Pink Fairies/Motörhead member, Larry Wallis, was with the band in spirit as they churned out an excellent version of his tune “Old Enuff To Know Better!” (Again, watch premiere video below!)

“I’d say this journey started with Nik Turner introducing me to Cleopatra Records,” says Paul Rudolph. “I was asked about the possibility of recording a LP under the Pink Fairies banner and thought – this would be a lot of fun. Get a few people together, turn the amps up to 10 and let ‘er rip.

“Larry Wallis wanted to be involved and Matt at Cleopatra suggested Alan Davey on bass and Lucas Fox on drums . It seemed like a good match considering the Hawkwind and Motorhead connections. Both Alan and I had been in Hawkwind and Larry and Lucas in the original Motorhead. We were all mates with Lemmy as well and the creative energy flowed as soon as we got to the studio in Austin. All of this helped by Jurgen Engler of Die Kruups behind the desk with Eric the engineer.”

Pink Fairies’ Resident Reptiles is on Purple Pyramid Records, available on both CD and pink vinyl in a printed inner sleeve.

Track List:
1. Resident Reptile
2. Old Enuff To Know Better
3. Your Cover Is Blown
4. Mirage
5. Lone Wolf
6. Whipping Boy
7. Monkey Chatter
8. Apologize

To purchase the new album:

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