What’s on your want list?

Goldmine wants to know: What’s on your want list?

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What's on your want list? Photo courtesy Shutterstock.

Is it a First State Beatles Butcher Cover? An original copy of The Sex Pistols’ “God Save The Queen” 7-inch single on A&M? Robert Johnson’s “Me And The Devil Blues” 78 on Vocalion? What about The Sweet’s “Sweet Fanny Adams” picture disc, or Pink Floyd’s “Live At Pompeii” colored vinyl? Or maybe you’re a completist who’s seeking one last record for your collection of all things Annette Funicello.

Whatever it is that rocks your world but continues to elude your grasp, we wanna know! Send us your Top 5 Want List of  the records you seek (and a sentence or two about why each one is on your list and how long you’ve been looking) so we can share them with fellow Goldmine readers.

E-mail your want list to goldminemag@fwmedia.com; be sure to include your name and the US. state or, for our international readers, the country you live in. For a blast from the past, pop your list in an envelope, add a stamp and mail it to us at Goldmine Magazine, Attention: Most Wanted Stories, 700 E. State St., Iola, WI 54990. We hope to hear from you soon!

11 thoughts on “What’s on your want list?

  1. Orignal ( + Not a re relase of John + Yokos Green Vinyl Single .
    Happy Xmas ( War Is Over ) on My Wants List …..As we are coming up to that time of The Year Again — And as it was Our Johnnys 70 th Birthday Last october And 30 Years since we lost him ….. Best wishes for New Year ..2011 .Paul

  2. Seeking old 78 RPM record from around 1950, title “El Senorita Schottische”. Have been searching many years. Once found someone
    looking for sheet music to same tune on The Record Finder website
    but could not get a response from that person.

  3. i’m very much into mono pressings of records made at the time mono was being phased out. my top 5 finds reflect this.

    1) the birds, the bees and the monkees

    2) strange days-the doors. as i have the mono pressing of their first, i need this one to complement it.

    3) after bathing at baxters-jefferson airplane-okay, so i have the sundazed repressing…i still need the rca original.

    4) magical mystery tour-the beatles i bougt the mono pressing when it came out in 1967. i lost it in 1975. haven’t had it since.

    5) days of future passed- the moody blues. the album cover says it should exist, but i’ve never seen one. being a moodys fan, if it does exist, i want it.

  4. “Baby It’s All Worth While” ARC (Canadian label)by Sonny & the Sequins. Have the 45’s on the rare “Blue Eyed Garage” comp with the exception of this great cut.
    “Ramrod” on Ford by Duane Eddy. Talked to this special person at this yrs. Ponderosa Stomp about this special 45. Takes little credit.
    “Son of A Son of A Slave” on Instant by Larry Darnell. Great voice & history on this tune.
    “Sweet Woman from Maine” on JOB by Robert Jr. Lockwood (Step son to Robert Johnson & learned guitar well from him)
    “Evil Hearted” on Event by Dick Curless. Al Hawkes sweet Maine label with Maine’s most remarkable voice on this record.
    “Rock & Roll Christmas” on Moon by Cordell Jackson. She started the Memphis label cause Sun would not record her but her folk art is on Sun Studio wall now. That’s perseverance! Rockin’ Christmas everybody!

  5. Cris Williamson – A Step at a Time (Avanti 1965)

    Cris Williamson – Cris Williamson (EP Kickback 1972)

    (I’m still a completist and these two early Cris Williamson recordings are proving to be elusive.

  6. Poobah “Steamroller”
    Left End “Spoiled Roten” I’ve Had A NrMt Copy A Friend Yalked Me Out Of & Havent Seen Another Since !

    Both Are Semi-Local Groups & As Many Lp As I Look At You’d Think I’d Be Able To Find

  7. My wants list is:

    Budgie – I Ain’t No Mountain / Honey MCA-40367 (MCA-1439) M.C.A. Records

    Queen – Liar (edit) / Doing All Right EK-45884 Elektra Records

    Thin Lizzy – Showdown / Nightlife VE-202 Vertigo Records

    Thin Lizzy – Wild One / For Those Who Love To Live 6059 129 Vertigo Records

    PS Last year I put an ad in Goldmine for the above American singles with no luck!

  8. Had some close shaves but still want Ricardo Marreros A Taste Of Latin on TSG and a few others on this mafia tax scam label. Spice Eric Dunbar Topics 1619 Bad Ass Band all wanted. Also Southern University Jazz Ensemble – Goes To Africa With Love on Jazzstronauts its a private press college jazz album. I live in hope.

  9. Hi

    I find it hard to believe that I am still looking for a copy of Thin Lizzy’s 45 called Showdown from America that I asked about here last year, I even placed an ad in the march issue of Godlmine and ever got any replies to it and that’s offering 25 times the value quoted in Goldmine. Does anyone have any ideas of why it’s so hard to find a copy of it?


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