Beatles: Abbey Road price guide

by  Tim Neely

NUMBER, TITLE (A Side/B Side), Year, Near-Mint Value

Beatles | 12-Inch Singles

2654, Something/Come Together, 1969, 10.00
—With “Mfd. by Apple” on label

2654, Something/Come Together, 1969, 100.00
—Original: With small Capitol logo on bottom of B-side label

2654, Something/Come Together, 1975, 20.00
—With “All Rights Reserved” disclaimer

2654, Something/Come Together, 1976, 6.00
—Orange label with “Capitol” at bottom

2654, Something/Come Together, 1978, 6.00
—Purple label; label has reeded edge

2654, Something/Come Together, 1983, 6.00
—Black label with colorband

2654, Something/Come Together, 1988, 5.00
—Purple label; label has smooth edge

S7-17698, Something/Come Together, 1994, 4.00
—Blue vinyl

S7-17700, Here Comes the Sun/Octopus’s Garden, 1994, 4.00
—Gold/orange vinyl


SO-383, Abbey Road, 1969, 20.00
—With “Mfd. by Apple” on label; “Her Majesty” is listed on the label

SO-383, Abbey Road, 1969, 20.00
—With “Mfd. by Apple” on label; “Her Majesty” is NOT listed on the label

SO-383, Abbey Road, 1969, 40.00
—With Capitol logo on Side 2 bottom; “Her Majesty is listed on both the jacket and the label

SO-383, Abbey Road, 1968, 75.00
—With Capitol logo on Side 2 bottom; “Her Majesty is NOT listed on both the jacket and the label

SO-383, Abbey Road, 1975, 25.00
—With “All Rights Reserved” on label, either in black print or in light pint along label edge (both versions exist)

SJ-383, Abbey Road, 1984, 30.00
—New prefix; black label, print in colorband

SO-383, Abbey Road, 1976, 12.00
—Orange label

SO-383, Abbey Road, 1978, 10.00
—Purple label, large Capitol logo

SO-383, Abbey Road, 1983, 15.00
—Black label, print in colorband

SEAX-11900 [PD],  Abbey Road, 1978, 40.00
—Picture disc; deduct 25% for cut-outs

C1-46446, Abbey Road, 1988, 25.00
—New number; purple label, small Capitol logo

C1-46446, Abbey Road, 1995, 12.00
—Apple logo restored to back cover on reissue

Mobile Fidelity
1-023, Abbey Road, 1979, 50.00
—Audiophile vinyl

by  Tim Neely

8 thoughts on “Beatles: Abbey Road price guide

  1. I have a question about a miss-stamp on an abbey road album. On side 2 instead having Abbey Road, The Beatles, and then the listing of the songs, on a apple label; my album has Space, Modern Jazz Quartet, and 1. dilemma and 2. adagio from concierto de aranjuez, also on the apple label. I don’t know the year of print because I don’t have a sleeve/jacket (I’m not sure of the term, but I’m referring to the paper that album slides into). On side 1, which is correctly printed- SO-383; and at bottom of the label “produced by george martin, recorded in englad”. On side 2, the miss-print side- STAO-3360; at bottom of label-“produced by john lewis, supervised by peter asher, then recorded in englad; and at the very bottom of the label-mfd. by apple records, inc.”. The imprint on the vinyl is SO| 383 F42 #1(it looks like #1 at least). My question is that I didn’t see this album listed in your listing of all the different prints of abbey road: is this album rare?

  2. Sounds interesting. Are you willing to make a trade for this album?

    Mark Shapiro

  3. i have the Beatles abbey road and i am selling it to the person with the highest offer

  4. I have an Abbey Road picture disk album. I opened it to look at it but never played the vinyl. It’s in A-1 condition. I will sell it to the highest bidder.

  5. I also have Beatles albums that were sold in the sixties and early sevemties that are still factory sealed, never opened and never played.

  6. I have an Apple SO-383 Abbey Road album unopened, still in it’s original cellophane. Do you have any idea what it’s worth?

  7. I have an unopened SO-383 Abbey Road album. It has a Capitol logo on the back cover, but Her Majesty isn’t listed on the jacket.

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