Fix damaged CDs, DVDs, games and more with Skippy Disc

Don’t toss your favorite tunes, movies, games or data just because the discs got scratched up.

Skippy Disc offers the fast and easy way to restore your favorite movie, music, game and data discs to brand-new condition for a fraction of what you’d pay to replace them!

Skippy Disc doesn’t just clean your discs. The company’s professional-grade process actually restores the play surface, making your expensive discs like new again!

With advanced equipment, it’s possible to restore the play surface of CDs, DVDs, data and game discs to virtually flawless condition.

After repeated use, the polycarbonate plastic on discs can become damage, resulting in annoying interruptions or a complete loss of laser detection. While commercial disc cleaners may help eliminate minor skips and freezing, you may need more to get your disc working properly again.

Obvious scratches and marks to the bottom of the disc mean you’ll probably need to have the disc resurfaced. Once these flaws show up, no cleaning kits or polishing waxes can return your disc to working condition. The play surface of the disc now requires resurfacing and polishing to operate as intended.

That’s where Skippy Disc comes in!

 Skippy Disc can eliminate the scratches and marks from virtually every disc format — music CD, software, multimedia CD-ROM, CDR, Playstation, Playstation 2, Xbox, Wii, Gamecube, Sega Dreamcast, video game disc, karaoke CD+G and single-sided and double-sided DVDs. As long as the label side on the CD, DVD, game or data disc isn’t damaged, it can be repaired to play as intended.

Skippy Discs’s high-speed automated precision equipment uses material specifically tested and proven effective on CDs, DVDs, game discs and more. The severity of the damage on the disc determines the level of repair needed.

Skippy Disc’s repair technicians inspect each disc to determine the severity of damage and repair it using the appropriate number of refinishing stages. If your disc is badly damaged with deep scratches, it will go through several refinishing stages and one polish cycle.

The initial stage is done with precision sanding that effectively grinds the shiny surface to the depth of the deepest scratch. The subsequent stages are basically the same, but with finer sanding grades that begin to smooth and re-shine the surface of the disc.

The final polish cycle gives your disc the brilliant, shiny look that allows for optical clarity needed for uninterrupted laser detection.


Skippy Disc
will repair the disc to "virtually brand-new condition." The original polished appearance will be restored. Some virtually undetectable hairline scratches may remain. Any damage done to the disc’s top or label side cannot be repaired.


No. There can be a number of reasons other than a scratch on the play-side that prevents a disc from playing. The data foil may have top damage, a manufacturer defect or some other anomaly. Skippy Disc’s service removes imperfections to the disc’s play-side of the disc that are the result of accidents or abuse.

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