Goldmine wants your input for the next Standard Catalog of Records

stack of records on turntableGoldmine is starting work on a brand-new, 8th edition of the “Standard Catalog of American Records,” and we’d love to have your input!

From 78s, EPs and LPs to 45s, picture sleeves and picture discs, this pricing and identification guide boasts listings for more than 100,000 records. Got a favorite artist whose records were overlooked in the previous edition? Looking for greater detail about a specific genre or topic that you’d like to have us cover in the next edition? Want to share photos of labels, picture sleeves or album covers in your collection? Tell us about it. Just post your comments with this article, or send an e-mail to

We look forward to hearing from you.


13 thoughts on “Goldmine wants your input for the next Standard Catalog of Records

  1. I’d suggest verifying your prices at or discogs

    I’ve sold 45s for hundreds of dollars that Goldmine Price Guide lists as a $25 item. See my point?

    Some of the low prices you utilize are simply not realistic.
    Some of the higher prices are too high, others way too low.

    I don’t envy the job you have. Some prices have gone down over the years. Some have gone up. You’ve got your work cut out for you.

    The discography information is nice. Keep up the good work, in that regard.

  2. I would like a one-page tear out grid with the Goldmine Grade Guide on it. One that I can put my fingers on and like “oh surface noise” and it will be on the grid for vg. Something like that.

  3. I agree on the pricing issue, there needs to be updates on artist like T. Monk and Miles Davis they are seriously undervalued. Try to find a NM copy of their early Columbia works. I also think you should move all Jazz artist to the Jazz guide and update that as well. This would create more room for other artist in the big (Rock) price guide.

    Speicfic descriptions are very helpful, ie labels, alternate covers etc.

  4. I would love some greater detail on records by bands like Sleater-Kinney and Ryan Adams. I know they may be too recent to cover but I love collecting their stuff and would love to have a reference point for their catalog.

    Just a suggestion.

  5. Thank you for taking time to share your suggestion! We’ll see what we can do on some of the newer acts, if not for this volume, perhaps in a future edition …

  6. Al Hirt is listed but not extensive enough… Also Henry Mancini. One other major problem with your pricing guide is that not a lot of Reggae artists are listed. There needs to be more reggae listed.

  7. Maybe several guides are needed. Rock, country/bluegrass/old time , jazz/blues, classical, etc. This way the book will NOT be 8 inches thick, high priced and smaller print. There are many well known artists in the bluegrass/old time field that are not even listed.

  8. I agree with previous comments about prices be unrealistic, however I generally find the higher prices to be this way, and not the lower ones. It’s all relative to your experience as a BUYER. I purchase most of my LP’s outside of record stores, so my bias is towards lower pricing. Some people believe that record stores are the only place to find top condition, but this has not been my experience.

    Also, I have dozens of LP’s by artists listed in your book that are not included in your listing, and I cannot understand why. I live in Canada, but the unlisted pressings are from the U.S. Also, you should consider starting a book for Canadian pressings. Not just Canadian music, but Canadian pressings, as I also have dozens of LP’s by American and UK artists that were pressed in Canada but never realeased anywhere else.

    Generally I do find your book useful. As another commentor pointed out, you have a hard job. You should consider selling online subscriptions with the book so that people can stay up-to-date on pricing.

  9. Just an update of music made during the heydays of digital that were released on vinyl and where mastered in analog ( or were they mastered in digital ? ).Also more of the audiophile pressings.

  10. Do yourselves (and us) a favor and LEAVE OUT all the crap nobody collects!! For instance, Johnny Mathis, Guy Lombardo, Henry Mancini, Lawrence Welk, etc etc. I vow never to buy another price guide that wastes so much space with these kinds of listings. Also, DO NOT be afraid to list promos and more promos. Ebay should tell you that that’s what collectors are after! (among other things). Stop being so conservative!! There, that’s my two cents. And, unfortunately, I don’t expect you to follow it. By the way, I am 64 years of age.

  11. Hi, just wondering! When do you plan on publishing this 8th edition? I would like to know an estimate if possible, because I was going to purchase a 7th edition, but I didn’t know if the 8th was going to be relatively sooner…

    Any information would be great!

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