It’s tea time for Ozzy Osbourne

The clay-animation version of Ozzy Osbourne that appears in a new Brisk Iced Tea Web film

Brisk Iced Tea announced Jan. 6 that it is working with Ozzy Osbourne to present a new tongue-in-cheek Web film in which a clay-animation version of the Black Sabbath legend promotes the brand.

In the clip, which will launch Jan. 14, the clay puppet Osbourne offers tips for “normal” living, such as taking a cruise and decorating your cubicle. Following a belt of Brisk, Osbourne “is transformed back to the risk-taking rocker we all know and love,” according to a Brisk Iced Tea news release that was issued Jan. 6.

“From rock star to reality TV presence to author and advice columnist, Ozzy is always creating and doing new things,” says Mary Barnard, vice president and general manager of the Pepsi Lipton Tea Partnership, which produces Brisk. “People love him for that—and that’s what Brisk is celebrating in this Web film.”

The Osbourne clip can be seen on the Brisk Facebook page starting Jan. 14.

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