Jason Liebman performs at Goldmine sponsored Record Store Day in NYC

It was a feel good experience all around at Goldmine’s sponsored Record Store Day yesterday at Academy Records’ 18th street location in New York City. Local singer/songwriter Jason Liebman performed two great acoustic sets, which were mostly songs from his latest album, “Sweet Sacrifice.”

Customers continued to shop for their vinyl and CDs as Jason played on (at one point a customer asked Jason’s keyboardist to hand him a stack of classical guitar CDs), pausing in-between songs to clap.

The hardwood floors and confined space of Academy Records complimented Liebman’s sound, making original songs like “The Stars Above” and “God Bless The Aliens” wonderfully colorful and clean. Topping off the last set was Liebman’s musical dedication to recently deceased musician Alex Chilton.

For a download of Jason Liebman’s “The Stars Above,” go here.

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